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Digital cameras, or digicams, encode images and videos digitally. A sensor, called the 'charged couple device' or CCD, records the image and the photograph gets stored on a memory card. The advantages of using a digital camera are plenty — you can take hundreds, even thousands, or pictures, delete any you don't want and, given most digicams come with an LCD screen, you can view your shot immediately. There are different types of digital cameras available in the market today, the most common ones being the compact cameras, designed for portability and for casual shooting; the action cameras like GoPro, which are rugged and small; and the DSLRs, which range from the entry-level to the professional. DLSRs and some compact cameras allow for interchangeable lenses. Canon and Nikon compete against each other in the digital photography market, but Olympus, Panasonic and Sony are not far behind.
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Panasonic Lumix DC GX850 Digital Camera
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Fujifilm X100F Digital Camera
$1639 - 1882
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Canon EOS 77D Digital Camera
$1259 - 1999
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Canon EOS M6 Digital Camera
$954 - 1899
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Canon PowerShot SX430 IS Digital Camera
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Pentax KP Digital Camera
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Panasonic Lumix DCFZ80 Digital Camera
$535 - 599
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Sony Cybershot DSCHX350 Digital Camera
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Fujifilm XT20 Digital Camera
$1054 - 1799
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