AEG L16950A3 Washing Machine

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Removes even the toughest stains for perfect clothing By having a fourth compartment for dispensing stain remover, the powder is only dispensed once the wash is at 40°C making the stain removing treatment more effective. Perfectly clean clothes as quickly as possible With the ultra-short and intensive programmes on this appliance, you can be sure of great results as quickly as possible. Read more Large LCD display Provides clear feedback on the programmes and options selected Washing capacity: 8 kg Drying capacity: 6.00 kg A class energy efficiency A class wash performance MAXIMUM SPIN SPEED: 1600 rpm SIZE: 850 x 600 x 600 mm WEIGHT: 80,7 KG
Load TypeFront Load
Machine TypeAll-in-One Washer & Dryer
Capacity8 Kg
Energy RatingNo info
Height850 mm
Width600 mm
Depth600 mm
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