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While this PS2 RPG isn't a new entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series (editions of Digital Devil Saga were released on the NES and MSX systems), it does borrow the look and feel of that series' world, adding many unique ideas to the mix. This latest entry places you in the role of Serph as you attempt to defeat five tribes and make your way to the paradise of Nirvana. You and your group encounter a pod which gives you the ability to change into demon form and suck up enemies. Use points that you've earned in battle to power up your character and his "Mantra," creating an original demon all your own. Also included is a "break" system that has you block enemy magic attacks, quickly gaining the ability to counterattack. Features: - Transform into a demon to devour your enemies and gain powerful abilities - Breathtaking cel-shaded graphics and special effects bring the world of the junkyard to life - Experience a fully voiced sci-fi fantasy story with over 50 hours of gameplay - Special Delux Box Set features -- Collector's Art Box for Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2, full color 40 page manual, and official soundtrack CD featuring 30 tracks from the game
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