Braemar TH5X32 Heater

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The Braemar TH5X23 Features: - 5.6 Star Energy Rating - 23kw Output - Airflow 695 litres/sec - Easy operation via (included) Spectrolink Controller - Natural Gas - Zone Heating Capable - Available for Internal/ External Installation - 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty - 10 Year Warranty on Heat Exchanger and Burner
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Braemar 32kW 5 Star Extra Air Ducted Gas Heater - TH5X32 only $2,100.00 from Best Price Air Conditioning
Best Price Air Conditioning
With a 5.6 Star Energy Rating, the Braemar TH5X32 Ecostar ducted gas heater is one of Australia’s most efficient ducted gas systems.Features & BenefitsWhole-of-home heating.Heat Output -32 kWExtra Air model - Airflow: 1070 Litres/second.Unprecedented zonal temperature control from the Spectrolink Multizone Controller.Unique energy-saving features.Engineering excellence that ensures maximum heat output for every gas unit used.Single-point ignition that eliminates the need for a pilot light.In-sho
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