Brilcon GT540 Refridgerator

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The Brilcon GT540 is a state of the art refrigerator, and sets itself apart from the rest with not only high rating star energy efficiency, but also versatility, functionality and it’s modern good looks. Upholding its reputation, made in Europe, only the very best parts and materials are used in Brilcon refrigerators, and taking just one look into the refrigerator, you will notice the fine detail makes all the difference. Specification: - Gross Volume: 484lt - Refrigerator Gross Volume: 348lt - Freezer Gross Volume: 136lt - Rated Voltage: 220-240vac - Frequency Range: 50Hz - Energy Consumption: kWh/24h 1.28 / 469pa - Star Rating: 4.5 - Defrost system type: Automatic - Refrigeration Gas: R600a
Capacity484 ltrs
Door OpeningLeft and Right
Energy RatingNo info
Height1818 mm
Width760 mm
Depth687 mm
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