Dyson DC23 Motorhead Vacuum

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Radix cyclone technology and intermediary cyclone Telescope wrap system: Hose and wand compress and wrap for easy storage Hygienic and quick to empty, with no need to touch the dirt Powerful bristles spin at up to 90 times per second to remove dirt and pet hair from carpets Flexible steering: Cleaner head steers smoothly around obstacles with a turn of the wrist Designed tool for removing dust and dirt from stairs and carpets Long bristles to dislodge cobwebs and for delicate cleaning Ideal for cleaning skirting boards, picture rails and in between furniture
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TypeCyclonic Vacuum

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Radix Cyclone technology intermediary cyclone, Motorised head, Lightweight and compact, Lifetime HEPA filter, Fingertip controls, Sits on stairs, Hard floor tool, Combination accessory tool, Stair tool Make:DYSON, Model Number:15425-01, Type:Bagless, Colour:Grey, Dustbag Volume:1.2 Litres, Warranty:2 Years
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