Electrolux ZUP3862P Vacuum

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Say goodbye to dust forever. The versatile attachments of this canister vacuum will make it much more comfortable to clean stairs and draperies. This bagless vacuum cleaner has a 12-meter operating radius, made for large house with widely scattered power outlets. It weighs 6 kg, which enables cleaning multilevel homes effortlessly. With a cord rewind feature, you can quickly stow away this vacuum once you're done cleaning thanks to the handy cord rewind feature. Measurements: 304 width x 433 depth x 279 height.
Dust Capacity1.25 ltrs
Consumed Power2100 Watts
TypeBarrel Vacuum

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The Electrolux ZUP3862P is a powerful 2100W bagless vacuum with a motorised AeroPro floor tool to effectively remove deeply embedded dust and dirt from your floors. It has been designed to be easy to manouevre around the home, and includes fingertip power controls on the handle and bright LED lighting on the AeroPro tool to help illuminate darker areas like corners. Strictly available while stocks last!
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