Emilia EDW62SS Dishwasher

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3 Wash programs 4 Temperature settings Rinse aid indicator Electronic controls Aqua stop solenoid device Anti leak device Anti flood device Audible signal at the end of the cycle Concealed heating element Stainless steel microfilter Self cleaning microfilter Height adjustable upper basket Collapsible plate racks Removable top Stainless steel outer door Adjustable feet Energy Star Rating 2.5 Water Rating 4 Dimensions Height: 850 mm Width: 600 mm Depth: 600 mm
Control TypeRotary Dial
Wash Programmes3
Energy Rating2.5
Height850 mm
Width600 mm
Depth600 mm

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The Emilia 60cm freestanding dishwasher makes everyday chores quick and easy at an incredibly affordable price. It features an Aquastop valve that will immediately stop water flow if the water hose splits. Of course, it also comes with excellent features to get your dishes clean. There are 3 wash programs and 4 wash temperatures to choose from. The upper basket has adjustable height to fit taller items. Switch it on with the simple touch of one button.
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Emilia EDW62SS