Fujitsu fi-6000NS Scanner

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Network Linkage & Operation Supporting fi-Series Scanner Large color liquid-crystal touch display and built-in keyboard - The fi-6000NS is the world’s first network scanner to come loaded with a large liquid-crystal touch display (8.4 inch XGA) and built-in keyboard (US101 type). In addition to supporting easy usage, this touch display enables operators to verify fi-6000NS created image data prior to attaching it to an e-mail or sending it as a FAX. Furthermore, the built-in keyboard facilitates smooth client computer - free operation. Loaded with automatic time saving functions The fi-6000NS is loaded with the following time saving functions that reduce document placement and rescanning tasks: - Auto-deskewing, which properly aligns all images, - Auto-orientation, which shows images in their proper orientation, - Multi-feed detection, which detects whenever two or more sheets of paper have been simultaneously fed into the scanner, - Blank page detection, which removes blank images Remote operation and confirmation network management The fi-6000NS enables operators to easily perform the following tasks : - Attach scanned data to e-mail messages, - Send scanned data to a fax Server, - Save scanned data in a folder on the network. Included security features : - A user identification function enables administrators to limit scanner use to specific users, - Generate scanned data as password protected PDF files
Resolution600 DPI
Color Depth24 BIT