Giorgio Armani Armani Code Femme 75ml EDP Women's Perfume

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A fiesty and zingy combination of orange, ginger, honeyed florals, a touch of pear and a hint of Madagascar vanilla. Not too sweet, but not too soft, a delicious combination that is just right! Presented in a pretty, sexy bottle.
TypeEau De Parfum
Fragrance size2-2.9 oz (57-86ml)

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Giorgio Armani Code Femme 75ml EDP (L) SPHarmony between orange blossom, fresh spicy notes of ginger and warm sandalwood.A luminous opening captures the essence of two different oranges.In the heart of the composition Tunisian orange blossom absolute makes a magical floral fantasy in alliance with jasmine Sambac.Its sensual trail brings a sweet unity of orange blossom, vanilla and drop of honey
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Armani Code Femme is a designer Womens Perfume by Giorgio Armani. This fragrance is for the busy women of today. A few things about this fragrance: Armani Code is the feminine reflection of the mens scent of the same name. A modern elixir, a sublimely arousing perfume, Armani Code pays homage to womens magnetism.  The fragrance reveals the luminous, sensual glow of orange blossom, in a bottle with a nocturnal silhouette wrapped in a lacey Oriental pattern. A seductive and mag
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