IMAX LV is a liquid broad spectrum wormer amp; boticide.One 100ml bottle treats 10 x 500kg horses. Contains Ivermectin.6 bottle buy price equals 66/bottle. Click Information for more detail.
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Equitak Excel 30G Horse Wormer
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Equimax Lv Wormer Paste 7.49G
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Imax Gold 100ML
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Imax Gold 100ml
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Imax Gold 100ml
IMAX Gold horse wormer contains 10mg/mL Ivermectin and 75mg/mL Praziquantel. IMAX Gold liquid controls the following… more info
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Equimax LV paste contains: Ivermectin 18.7mg/g and Praziquantel 140mg/g. One tube of Equimax LV treats a horse of up… more info
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Equimax LV Horse Wormer
Equimax LV is a low volume version of Australia’s No. 1 horse wormer; treats up to 700kg. Kills all susceptible… more info
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Equimax LV horse wormer
Equimax LV A palatable low volume allwormer safe for use in all horses, easy to administer Composition Ivermectin… more info
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