LG GN422FW Refrigerator

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422 Litre Frost Free 2 Door Fridge from LG Electronics, Featuring a Manual Twist Ice maker and Bioshield protection. BIOSILVER: This liner is Inorganic Silver-Ion-Coated and prevents the growth of bacteria, fungus and yeast. Biosilver has been acknowledged by several authorities. MULTI AIR FLOW - Mutiple outlets on the back of the refrigerator pushes refrigerated air into every nook and cranny, ensuring that temperatures are constant throughout the fridge to keep all of your foodstuffs fresher longer. MANUAL ICEMAKER - Simple but effective, after the ice cubes are frozen simple twist the lever and they pop out into a handy storage container BIOSHIELD: The Gasket is made of an anti-bacterial agent that prevents gasket distortion caused by bacteria propagation ensuring door sealing is not compromised. MOIST BALANCE CRISPER: The special lattice type crisper cover controls the moisture levels to ensure fruits and vegetables stay fresher, longer. MANUAL TEMP CONTROL: Easy to use and very reliable.
Capacity422 ltrs
Door OpeningOpens to the Right
TypeTop Freezer
Energy RatingNo info
HeightNo info
WidthNo info
DepthNo info

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