LG WTH650 Washing Machine

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6.5kg Top Load Washer with 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty (WELS 4 Star, 67 Litres per wash) Key Features -10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty -Turbo Drum -iSensor -Fuzzy Logic -Delay Start -Child Lock -8 Wash Programs -19 Washing Options 1.10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty LG's Direct Drive Motor - When compared to LG's non-direct drive systems, gives less vibration, and less noise (38dB). Greater durability - and that's why you get LG's 10 Year Direct Drive Warranty comprising of 2 Years Parts and Labour + 8 Years on the Direct Drive Motor (parts only) 2.Fuzzy Logic LG Fuzzy Logic Washing Machines have a number of sensors. These sensors continually monitor the varying conditions inside the drum. These conditions are Water Level, Laundry Load, Unbalance and if the Lid is open. By continually measuring these conditions, the washer can ensure the best washing performance. 3.Turbo Drum LG's Turbo Drum allows the Drum and the Pulsator to rotate in opposite direction to each other. This improves the washing action, reducing tangling and most importantly gentler on your clothes. 4.iSensor The iSensor automatically adjust the wash program according to the amount of detergent, water temperature and even the water hardness. This gives the optimum washing performance in all circumstances Orange - 'Unfavourable Conditions' - the wash time & wash power is increased. Green - 'Normal Conditions' - no change to wash time or wash power. Red - 'Favourable Conditions' -the wash time & wash power is reduced.
Load TypeFront Load
Machine TypeWashing Machine
Capacity6.5 Kg
Energy Rating2
Height960 mm
Width590 mm
Depth606 mm
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