LG XA63 Mini-System

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Model : XA63 This clever gadget complements today’s busy lifestyle where convenience is key. Its two way speakers amplifies iPod, radio, WMA, MP3, CD-R/RW playback. It also has 6 mode equaliser and XTS Pro Digital Amplifier to enhance sound at 60W output. Ipod Connection XTS Pro Digital Amplifier XDSS Plus Portable In (3.5pi Stereo In) 6 Mode EQ WMA/MP3/CD-R/RW Playback AM/FM Digital Tuner USB Port (MP3 Playback) 2 Way Speakers Total 60W Output Tuner Tuning Range - FM : (50kHz / 100kHz): 87.5~108.0MHz Tuning Range - MW/10kHz : 520~1720MHz Tuning Range - MW/9kHz : 522~1620MHz Station Preset : 50 Channels Clock : Yes Timer/Sleep : Yes Tuning Range - ORIT/100kHz : 65~74Mhz Amplifier EQ Mode : 6 Mode Dimmer : Yes XDSS(Extra Dynamic Sound System) : Yes Mute : Yes Sleep : Yes Power Output : Front: 2 x 30W
Disc CapacityNo info
CD Play ExchangeWith CD Exchange
With DVD PlayerWithout DVD Player
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