Motorola MB200 Mobile Phone

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If you like phones that uses skins you will be happy the MB200, it has customizable themes enabled. The gaming engine is based on Android Market, having cool little games to play with! Adding to that it supports MMS messaging to send all multimedia files! The predictive text system is based on the T9 technology, which is renowned as a good tool. Features:3G allows both voice and non-voice data to be transferred to and from your phone at high speeds; so cutting edge technologies such as video calling and broadband speed internet browsing are at your disposal. 5MP camera:Dedicated 5 MP camera technology keeps this handset in line with Digi-cam image quality making this the only photographic device you need. Android OS:With the Android OS platform, customize your mobile by downloading software applications, games, music and much more from the Android Market. Document Viewer:This document viewer allows you to view popular document formats on the go. QWERTY keyboard:A QWERTY keyboard allows for rapid input of data into your mobile device. Laid out in a fashion similar to your keyboard at home typing is made easy. Social Networking Sites:Get connected with people, friends and family from all around the world through social networking websites thanks to mobile services like email and instant messaging. Touch Screen:Interaction has never been closer between the user and the mobile device. Making decisions is made swift and easy by pressing icons on the touch sensitive screen.
Data CapabilitiesEDGE,HSDPA,Bluetooth
FeaturesVideo Recorder
ColourDigital Camera,MP3 player,MPEG4
Phone StyleSlide Phone Style
Storage256 GB
Operating SystemGSM 850,GSM 900,GSM 1800,GSM 1900
Screen Size3.1 Inch
Camera Resolution5 mp
Talktime6 Hours
Standby time324 Hours
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