Pacvac Superpro700 Vacuum

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The Superpro 700 is specifically designed for Airports, Commercial Premises, Department Stores, Offices, Resorts, Schools, Showrooms, Surgeries and Theaters. Free: Crevice Tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool. Extra cloth dust bag. Packet of 5 paper bags Ametek 1000 watt 2 stage motor. Clear Dome Lid – the offset inlet creates cyclonic airflow for stronger, more consistent airflow – more vacuuming power. Hypercone™ Activeair filtration maintains airflow from the top down to provide continuous airflow – the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. The Hypercone™ lasts over 200 hours depending on duty cycles. Ergonomically designed frame - new extended ‘bodymoulded’ frame for increased comfort and anatomically correct posture – a critical OH & S factor. Adjustable Harness - Thicker, padded and fully adjustable to fit all body types. Two piece wand and combination floor tool as standard. Double looped cord restraint - prevents accidental disconnection of power cord. Rated Power: 1000W Rated Power: 1000W Voltage: 120 or 240 volts. 50/60 Hz Motor Type: Flow-through Max Vacuum: -22kPa Air Flow: 37.1 Litres per second Noise Level: 74dBa Filtration: 4 stage, 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 micron Tank Capacity: 5 litres or 8.8 pints Weight: 5.0kgs or 11lbs (excluding powercord & hose.
Dust Capacity5 ltrs
Consumed Power1000 Watts
TypePortable Vacuum

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With a host of great features, the Pacvac SuperPro vacuum can help to increase your commercial cleaning efficiency. The clear lid allows you to see easily when the canister needs emptying, the super-strong cord restaint helps to protect you during operation, and the premium flow-through motors ensure great cleaning performance.
This Product: The Superpro Micron is specifically designed for Commercial Work Places, Office and Admin Spaces, Resorts and Accommodation, Department Stores, Schools, Showrooms, Surgeries and Cinemas. 2 stage 1000 watt flow through motor. This vacuum cleaner is NOT authorised for the removal of hazardous materials such as asbestos Hypercone and Activeair filtration maintains airflow from the top down to provide continuous airflow and the motor runs cooler and lasts longer. The Hypercone lasts ov
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