Panasonic HDC-SDX1 Camcorder

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- The World's Lightest at Approx. 185g You can take the compact, lightweight SDX1 with you anyplace you go. Grab it whenever a great shot pops up! - Multi Format (AVCHD, MP4 (including iFrame)) The SDX1 features multi-format recording to meet your shooting needs. Choose the conventional high-quality AVCHD format, or the MP4 format (including iFrame) for PC-friendly use. iFrame is based on standards, so it works with compatible Mac and PC applications. - HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilization) Hybrid POWER O.I.S.The newly developed HYBRID O.I.S. is an image stabilization system that provides hybrid optical and electrical hand-shake correction. In addition to our previous hand-shake correction, we've achieved a new 4-axis image stabilization function that compensates for movements of the entire arm. This produces beautiful images when you shoot while walking, or when zooming. - Works with Skype The SDX1 is compatible with Skype, the Internet video call service. Talk face to face with faraway family and friends. Go ahead, try some visual communication with the SDX1.
Optical Zoom16.8 x
LCD Panel Size2.7 Inch
HDD SizeNo info
Digital Zoom50 x
Recording SpeedNo info
Night ShotYes
Memory TypeSDHC,SD
Audio FormatNo info
Output InterfacesHDMI,USB,Multi AV Cable,A/V
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