Philips HTB5150D 3D Blu-ray SoundBar Home Theater System

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Enjoy wide surround sound without the clutter. Philips SoundBar with Virtual Surround Sound incorporates a complete home theatre system, including high definition 3D Blu-ray disc Playback in a single unit! Key Features: - 550W RMS power delivers great sound for movies and music - Virtual Surround Sound for a realistic movie experience - Wireless subwoofer for clutter free placement - Dock included for convenient playback from your iPod/iPhone - Full HD 3D Blu-ray for a truly immersive 3D movie experience - Built-in WiFi to enjoy your connected media wirelessly - Smart TV Plus to enjoy online services & multimedia on TV - CinemaPerfect HD for clearer and sharper video playback - Skype ready to make high quality video call easily - Instant 2D to 3D conversion for a lifelike movie experience - Internet radio to enjoy the world of online radio channels Audio info: - Sound Type: Digital Sound - Speakers: Built in Speaker - Stereo Sound: Yes - Subwoofer: Yes - Surround System: Virtual Surround Sound Connectivity info: - Conversion: 2D - 3D Conversion - iPod Compatible: Yes Dimension info: - Packaged Weight (kg): 12 Functionality info: - BluRay Player : Yes Power info: - Power Output: 550W Screen/Display info: - 3D: Yes
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Surround SoundNo info
ComponentsOnly DVD Components
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