Rinnai Enduro 13 Heater

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$705.00 - $799.00
Treat your family to a Rinnai heater, one of the top brands in home heating. This freestanding heater uses natural gas, so this product will be easy on your energy bill. It comes equipped with a heat output of 3.3 kW and is an indoor product, which enables warming up any room keeping you nice and toasty. With this quality heating unit, staying warm in the winter has never been so easy.
TypeLPG Heater,Utility / Portable
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FREE SHIPPING APPLIES TO SELECTED CITIES ONLY EN13SN Rinnai Enduro 13 Convector Silver Natural Gas
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Inbuilt 'Economy' mode reduces running costsAdvanced low emission technologyEasy to use countdown timersFully thermostatic operation for ultimate comfortAvailable White or Platinum SilverColour: White or Platinum SilverGas Input MJ/h Low: 6.0Gas Input MJ/h High: 13kW Output: 3.3Heats up to Capacity (m2): Very Cold: 28Heats up to Capacity (m2): Cold: 33Heats up to Capacity (m2): Cool: 45Heats up to Capacity (m2): Mild: 51AS4553 Efficiency Star Rating: 5.8AS4553 Emmissions Star Rating NG & LPG
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Ideally suited to smaller living areas or rooms, the Rinnai Enduro 13 Natural Gas Convector Heater has a maximum gas input of 13Mj/h, and features inbuilt ‘economy’ mode to reduce running costs. This product is not available in VIC, SA and TAS. Efficiency Boasting a 5.8 Efficiency Star Rating and Emissions Star Ratings of 3.6 (Natural Gas), the Rinnai Enduro 13 Natural Gas Convector Heater features a heating capacity up to 51m2, and an inbuilt 'Economy' mode which reduces running cos
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