Samsung SR8895 Vacuum

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Visionary Mapping Plus navigation system Using an onboard camera the NaviBot maps and memorises the most efficient cleaning path around your floor space Auto Home & Charging The NaviBot will go back to base when it needs charging 2 Virtual Guards Virtual guards puts up a virtual will to stop the Navibot from going into areas you don't want it to go 12 obstacle Sensors, Cliff Sensor and a Bumper Sensor These sensors makes sure the NaviBot doesn't get into any trouble Cleaning Modes Auto, Spot, Max, Manual, Scheduled, Weekly Schedule, Turbo Weekly Schedule Program your robot with the desired schedule and it will automatically do your weekly cleaning for you Ni-MH Battery: 2 Hour Charge Time Run Time : 90min Brush Depth: 160mm Height: 93mm Remote Control: Yes
Dust CapacityNo info
Consumed Power25 Watts
TypeRobotic Vacuum
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