Siemens HB23AB540 Oven

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Design Day/night glass and metal fascia White display with blue indicator lights Control dials with metal cap Bar handle Steel handle fixing blocks Separate fascia panel Full width door with side strip design Push buttons 2 retractable control dials Drop down oven door Key features Control panel lock Features ecoClean® back, roof and side liners Electronic oven clock timer Automatic on/off programmer 1 interior light Smooth enamelled oven interior Heat reflective glass 5 shelf positions in oven Full glass inner door Easy fit shelf support rails Programmes/functions 7 main functions: full width surface grill, hot air grilling, conventional oven, bottom heat Fast pre-heating function GROSS CAPACITY: 62L GRILL: Yes PYROLYTIC CLEANING: No SIZE: 595 x 595 x 515 mm WEIGHT: 30 KG
Style of OvenUnderbench/wall
With Self Cleaning?No info
Height595 mm
Width595 mm
Depth515 mm
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