Smeg SIHP274S Kitchen Cooktop

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Automatic Pan Size Recognition Bevelled Ceramic Edging Delay Stop Timers Power Boost Touch Controls with Electronic Display Child Safety Lock Power on Indicator Residual Heat Indicators Spillage Auto-Stop Thermal Overload Protection
Number of burners4
Type of ElementCeramic

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FEATURES: capacity four zones — front left: 280mm, 2300W | boost 3000W rear left: 160mm, 1200W | boost 1400W front right: 200mm, 2300W | boost 3000W rear right: 160mm, 1200W | boost 1400W total power 7400 watts nine heat settings per zone 3 timers, simultaneous or separate operation independent egg timer ergonomic slider front control safety pan detection automatic cut-off touch-control lock residual heat indicators automatic spillage stop automatic pan size recognition black ceramic surface, be
Streamaster Australia
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