Toshiba MQ01ABD100 1TB SATA Hard Drive

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Manufacturers part code: MQ01ABD100. Capacity: 1TB. Interface: Serial ATA, Revision 2.6 (ATA-8). Speed: 5,400 RPM. Average Seek Time: 12ms. Cache Buffer: 8MB. Size: 69.85mm (W) X 9.5mm (H) X 100mm (D)
Hard Drive Capacity1000
Spindle Speed5400

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Toshiba Storage Device Division offers a line of 5,400 RPM 2.5-inch HDDs in a new slim design optimized for industry-leading storage applications. The latest notebook HDD series, provides a wide capacity range from 320 GB to 1TB in a 9.5-millimeter-high design with a maximum of 2 platters. These drives target markets such as portable multimedia and gaming notebooks, mobile workstations and other capacity-hungry applications like external HDDs. In addition, the drives also feature very good power