Westinghouse POR663 Oven

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Delivering great results for an affordable price, the Westinghouse POR663S offers a range of features all designed to make your life easier. Finished in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, this electric wall over is as easy to keep clean as it is to use. Plus it will make a beautiful addition to any modern kitchen. Because this is a Westinghouse BOSS™ oven, it has a large 80 litre oven capacity and it is also more energy efficient. The optimised cavity design keeps air circulating continually so that heat is distributed evenly, which means no hot or cold spots inside the oven. This is particularly good news for people who love baking, as there's less chance of your souffl?s sinking or your buns burning! Quiet to operate and fast to heat-up, this Westinghouse oven is reliable and built to last. And you'll love the anti-splatter grill inserts, which allow for safer, healthier cooking. Discover the many ways in which the Westinghouse POR663S can assist you in the kitchen, making it easy to prepare delicious dishes for the whole family.
Style of OvenUnderbench/wall
HeightNo mm
Width595 mm
Depth595 mm