Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne 50ml EDT Women's Perfume

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One year after introducing Parisienne Eau de Perfume, Yves Saint Laurent will launch Parisienne Eau de Toilette in June 2010. Following in footsteps of Sophie Labbe and Sophia Grojsman, the Parisienne Eau de Toilette is inspired by the mysterious eroticism of Parisian woman. Parisienne Eau de Toilette maintains floral, timeless and feminine character. Top notes are surprisingly modern with vinyl reminding of lacquer, stilettos and high heels. Besides vinyl, top notes include aldehyde and gentle rose scent. Heart notes are composed of Damascus roses, lily of the valley and violet leaves. Musk and suede in the base leave a smooth and sensual trace, while iris assures a sophisticated powdery effect.
TypeEau De Toilette
Fragrance size1-1.9 oz (28-56ml)
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