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Back Care homedics shiatsu massaging cushion

2 Shiatsu massage nodes travel up and down the back for a relaxing massage Soothing Heat enhances your massage… more info
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Percussion, kneading, rolling massage stylesSoothing heatZone controlConvenient easy-to-use hand controlSpot massage… more info
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Percussion, kneading, rolling massage stylesSoothing heatZone controlConvenient easy-to-use hand controlSpot massage… more info
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Homedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion Sbm125hau Only $99.00 from more info
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Homedics Shiatsu Cushion With Remote Control Only $118.59 from more info
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Homedics Dual Shiatsu Body Back Massager Cushion With Heat Pain Stress Relief Only $148.99 from more info
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Homedics Sbm-210h Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat Stress Relief Only $104.95 from more info
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Homedics Sbm-210h Shiatsu Relaxing Massage Cushion + Soothing Heat Sbm210h Only $99.95 from more info
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Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager With Soothing Heat Only $123.61 from more info
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Homedics Sp-5h Electric Shiatsu Pillow Massager Deep Massage Neck/back/shoulder Only $49.95 from more info
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Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager Fs110 Only $99.00 from more info
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Homedics Sbm210h Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Heat Only $129.95 from more info
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CinematographyFrom $24.42
Since its initial publication in 1973, CINEMATOGRAPHY has become the standard guidebook on filmmaking techniques that emphasizes the cameraman's craft. Now completely revised and updated to include today's digital technology, it clearly and concisely covers what today's filmmaker needs to know about camera structure and operation, lenses, film stocks, filters, lighting and light measuring, and accessory equipment. In addition it provides up-to-date information on sound recording, editing, video transfer, studio and location shooting, production logistics, and modern techniques of picture manipulation with optical printers - a subject rarely treated in such detail in existing film books. Building on the groundwork he lays, Kris Malkiewicz explores more advanced techniques of overall picture quality control - now the filmmaker can translate the envisaged image to the screen through coordinating all aspects of cinematography. As Malkiewicz explains, whatever concept is desired, the filmmaker must be in full control of the technology in order to ensure success.Illustrated with more than 350 updated photographs and drawings, this new third edition of CINEMATOGRAPHY will continue to prove invaluable to filmmakers, film students and film teachers.
Nikon D50 Digital Field GuideFrom $21.05
Whether you're a dedicated photographer on a budget or a serious hobbyist, the Nikon D50 will open new doors for you. You already know it's packed with features and reasonably priced; now learn to use all its tricks. This indispensable guide takes you step by step through everything the D50 can do. Better yet, it teaches you professional techniques for using lenses and lighting and taking top-quality shots. This is the book that belongs with you on every shoot.Use the Quick Tour to get familiar with your camera and start shootingLearn when to use each of the D50's seven DVP modesExplore metering techniques, ISO settings, and white balanceExperiment with exposure, lenses, and lighting effectsDelve into formulas for setting up and composing more than 25 different types of photographsTake the confusion out of downloading and editing your photos
The Digital Matte Painting HandbookFrom $43.75
The only how-to guide dedicated to mastering the technique of digital matte painting! Matte painting affords seamless integration between an artist's painting with live action film footage and allows for greater flexibility and creative input in the appearance of movie settings. This unique book reveals a variety of tools and techniques that are both industry and classroom tested and will enhance your existing skill set. Veteran author and instructor David Mattingly walks you through the process of creating a matte painting, starting with rough concept sketches, working out the perspective drawing, adding light and shadow, and texturing all of the elements in the painting. You'll gradually upgrade to using Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Maya in order to fulfill your matte painting vision.Escorts you through the process of creating a matte painting, starting with the initial concept sketch, adding light and shadow, texturing elements, and incorporating motion and depth Author is an experienced matte artist and teacher and shares a plethora of unique industry- and classroom-tested tools and techniques Features helpful step-by-step instructions accompanied by screen shots and photos to illustrate the process of creating a matte painting Whether you're creating a background for a studio production, independent film, TV commercial, or YouTube video, The Digital Matte Painting Handbook helps you successfully complete your project. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Canon EOS 30d Digital Field GuideFrom $27.87
Whether you're a professional or an advanced amateur, the Canon EOS 30D delivers outstanding performance and image quality. This guide is designed to help you get the most from your 8.2-megapixel EOS 30D, regardless of your shooting preferences and style. Packed with valuable advice from a professional photographer, it will help you make every shot memorable. Tuck this handy Field Guide in your gear bag and take it with you as a quick and insightful reference.Investigate all of the features of your Canon 30DLearn the various modes, view, play back, and protect images or erase unwanted shotsBrush up on composition guidelines and the elements of exposureExplore conversion programs for RAW imagesCompose the best possible shots with expert advice on lighting and exposureGet insider tips on shooting portraits, weddings, business and product photos, landscapes, and much moreVisit our Web site at
Nikon D200 Digital Field GuideFrom $27.87
You've been waiting for an affordable dSLR with the quality and versatility of the Nikon D200. Packed with great techniques and full-color examples, this book helps you take advantage of all the D200's features. From the Quick Tour on how to use your D200 to the intricacies of setting white balance, working with the flash, converting NEF, and shooting superb images in more than twenty common situations, it's all here—and it goes anywhere you and your Nikon can. Get a clear understanding of your camera's challenges and advantages Choose the right shooting, exposure, and focus modes for each type of shot Use extended ISO and noise reduction Explore how various lenses can enhance your work Work with different flash options and available lightVisit our Web site at
Canon PowerShot G10 / G11From $23.84
The Canon PowerShot G10 and G11 are powerful cameras that are the preferred advanced point and shoot cameras for professional photographers and hobbyists who want both the convenience of a compact camera with the capabilities of a DSLR. Key features include: the ability to shoot in modes such as aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual, as well the key distinction (among point and shoot cameras) of being able to shoot in the RAW file format. This book is for anyone who wants to get the best shots possible but isn't sure what to do next. There's the manual, as well as competing books, and while they all tell camera owners, often in 400+ pages, what the camera can do, none of them shows them exactly how to use their camera to create great images! Everything in the book is in service of creating a great image. The author carefully guides readers through the modes of the camera and gives practical advice from a pro on which settings to use when, shooting tips, and even end-of-chapter assignments so readers can test their knowledge.
The CinematicFrom $27.89
The cinematic has been a springboard for the work of many influential artists, including Victor Burgin, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Stan Douglas, Nan Goldin, Douglas Gordon, Cindy Sherman, and Jeff Wall, among others. Much recent cinema, meanwhile, is rich with references to contemporary photography. Video art has taken a photographic turn into pensive slowness; photography now has at its disposal the budgets and scale of cinema. This addition to Whitechapel's Documents of Contemporary Art series surveys the rich history of creative interaction between the moving and the still photograph, tracing their ever-changing relationship since early modernism.Still photography—cinema's ghostly parent—was eclipsed by the medium of film, but also set free. The rise of cinema obliged photography to make a virtue of its own stillness. Film, on the other hand, envied the simplicity, the lightness, and the precision of photography. Russian Constructivist filmmakers considered avant-garde cinema as a sequence of graphic “shots”; their Bauhaus, Constructivist and Futurist photographer contemporaries assembled photographs into a form of cinema on the page.In response to the rise of popular cinema, Henri Cartier-Bresson exalted the “decisive moment” of the still photograph. In the 1950s, reportage photography began to explore the possibility of snatching filmic fragments. Since the 1960s, conceptual and postconceptual artists have explored the narrative enigmas of the found film still. The Cinematic assembles key writings by artists and theorists from the 1920s on—including Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Victor Burgin, Jeff Wall, and Catherine David—documenting the photography-film dialogue that has enriched both media.
The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory, and PracticeFrom $48.39
The Technique of Film and Video Editing provides a detailed, precise look at the artistic and aesthetic principles and practices of editing for both picture and sound. Because editing is about more than learning a specific software program, this book focuses on the fundamentals of editing as art. Analysis of photographs from dozens of classic and contemporary films and videos provide a sound basis for the professional filmmaker and student editor.This book puts into context the storytelling choices an editor will have to make against a background of theory, history, and practice. This edition includes brand new chapters covering the goals of editing, including editing for narrative clarity, subtext, aesthetics, and dramatic emphasis, all showing how to evoke specific audience responses. Some of the new films to be discussed include A History of Violence, Atonement, The Departed, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, MIchael Clayton, and more.
Digital Compositing for Film and Video [With DVD ROM]From $62.33
essential, core VFX technique. This practical, hands-on guide addresses
The VES Handbook of Visual EffectsFrom $72.82
Wisdom from the best and the brightest in the industry, this visual effects bible belongs on the shelf of anyone working in or aspiring to work in VFX. The book covers techniques and solutions all VFX artists, producers, and supervisors need to know, from preproduction, to digital character creation and compositing of both live-action and CG elements. In-depth lessons on stereoscopic moviemaking, color management and digital intermediates are included, as well as chapters on interactive games and full animation authored by artists from EA and Dreamworks respectively. Written by 88 top leading visual effects practitioners and covering everything about visual effects from pre-production, production, and post-production. Simply a must-have book for anyone working in or wanting to work in the VFX industry. A Note on the Kindle Version: :There are several images throughout chapters 3, 5, 6, and 7 that are not visible in the Kindle edition of this book due to rights restrictions.: Special Thanks: The completion of this book required the efforts of many hardworking, talented and dedicated people in order to help it become a reality.Accordingly, the VES and Focal Press would like to offer very special thanks to all of our team Captains and Co-Captains: Chapter 1: Michael Fink, Captain Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Co-Captain Chapter 2: Scott Squires, Captain Mat Beck, Co-Captain Chapter 3: Bill Taylor Chapter 4: John Root, Captain Demian Gordon, Co-Captain Chapter 5: Rob Engle, Captain Lenny Lipton, Co-Captain Chapter 6: Marshall Krasser, Captain Chapter 7: Kevin Rafferty, Captain Chapter 8: Richard Taylor, Captain Habib Zargarpour, Co-Captain Chapter 9: Stephan V. Bugaj, Captain Lyndon Barrois, Co-Captain Chapter 10: Dan Novy, Captain Stephan V. Bugaj, Co-Captain Additionally, we would like to thank Ron Brinkmann and Lenny Lipton for the exhaustive efforts in compi