Balloon Flight, Byron Bay - NSW
Hot air balloon over Byron Bay and the breathtaking Hinterland. Rise out of the misty morning to drift dreamily through sunrise skies, you will be overcome by the beauty of the 'Rainbow Region'.Soaring majestically over an ever changing terrain stretching out endlessly underneath, you will enjoy a birds eye view of Byron¹s famous headland and beaches, the massive volcanic rim surrounding Mt Warning, and far beyond to the Great Dividing Range. Hot air ballooning in Byron Bay is set in motion when a new day is about to begin. The balloon flight takes place when the air is stable and the winds are calm, ensuring a tranquil hot air balloon flight. We meet an hour before sunrise and you will be taken to the launch site, which is determined on the morning depending on the wind direction. After a short flight briefing, you are welcome to help with the inflation, or stand back and take photographs. As the sun¹s first rays lighten the skies, the balloon swells, slowly taking its form... Soon after, the balloon silently takes off and starts drifting with the wind, controlled by the experienced pilot that will give you a brief introduction to how a balloon is controlled and flown. Mount Warning, the large volcano with its massive caldera dominates the horizon to the north and the endless blue ocean to the east. It is fascinating to be a part of all aspects of this ballooning experience. After landing in a farmer's field, relax and enjoy the early morning atmosphere over a complimentary glass of chilled Champagne, and a delicious breakfast at the airfield to celebrate. A personalized ¹Flight Certificate¹ is given to each passenger, which rounds off a fabulous morning. The pleasure of balloon flights is that you utilise the power of nature, becoming one with the wind as you travel with it, therefore balloons are weather dependant. This flight has a weight restriction of 100kgs...    
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