Bissell - BS23B6F - Lift Off Steam Mop
2 machines in 1Cleans hard floorsCleans sinks, grout, tiles and moreDetachable steam pod with hoseVariable steam control100% chemical free
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Includes: Microfibre Washable Pad, Sabco Mop Head and 4-Piece Handle Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaner Features: Complete Starter Kit that is safe and effective on timber floors Streak-free and residue free clean Trapezoid shaped swivel head for ease of use and getting into corners, tight spaces & under furniture Looped Ultra-fine Microfibre pad Hardwood Floor Cleaner cleans and protects floors adding lustre and shine Suitable for all hard floor surfaces Hardwood Floor Care Cleaner also sold seperately Refills also available This Sabco Hardwood Floor Cleaning Kit is the complete kit for total floor care. It‘s suitable for all hard floor surfaces. You can purchase the hardwood cleaner separately. All our products are available online or through our toll-free number 1800 193 713.
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If you have dirty floors, wet or dry and you want to clean without much hurdle, don‘t worry Sabco Premium Grade Microfibre Round Mop Head cleans your floor by covering a large area with its unique butterfly construction and it doesn‘t even tangle while cleaning. All our products are available online or through our toll-free number 1800 193 713. 100% Microfibre Butterly construction for maximum floor coverage Looped to prevent tangling Can be used wet or dry Can be used with or without chemicals Features H/D plastic ferrule Includes adaptor to suit 25mm wooden or metal handles Available in a range of colours MOP HEAD ONLY
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Comfortable wooden hand grip, this all purpose scrub is ideal for corners and crevices Amazingly cheap Timber All Purpose Scrub available with tough hard wearing bristles and heavy duty cleaning. Best for hard to reach areas with its long front bristles. All our products are available online or through our toll-free number 1800 193 713.