BLAST OFF Oven Cleaner - 400g
Cleaning your oven is as easy as BLAST OFF Oven Cleaner. Just spray on and wipe off. No scraping, scrubbing, or chiselling. Its powerful grease cutting formula works quickly, even on crusted-onfoods. It has a pleasant light lemon scent too. 400g Aerosol....    
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The Laundress Delicate Wash 475mlFrom $26
The Laundress' cleaning products are not your average cleaning products for many, many reasons. The story of these suds begins in New York with two fashion students called Gwen and Lindsay. Naturally, living in one of the best-dressed cities in the world, Gwen and Lindsey had to keep up with the trends.but soon, frustration occurred. Their glamorous clothing was ageing prematurely, and they were spending hundreds on dry cleaning bills. Solution? Yep: the fabric care products you see before you! These products take care of you, the things you love, and perhaps most importantly, the environment; The Laundress' products are biodegradable, non-toxic and free from common allergens. They'll also save you a lot of money, being more concentrated than ordinary cleaners, and cheaper than a trip to the dry cleaners. Made especially for the clothing you love, The Laundress is here to save the day - and your little black dress! Delicate Wash features: Made in the USA. Made with non-toxic, biodegradable and allergen free materials. Ideal for silk, synthetics and delicates (and many materials labelled "dry clean only"!) Removes perspiration, body oils and stains while cleaning and preserving fabrics. Lady scent blends herbal and citrus notes with amber, bergamot, lavender and musk. Free from petroleum, phthalates, phosphate and dye. No animal by-products, and not tested on animals! Volume: 475ml.
Windex Glass Cleaner Original 750mlFrom $4.5
- Perfect Streak-Free Shine - 750ml
Nilfisk Smart Cloth - 2 Pieces - 81943055From $29.95
Smart Cloth to suit Nilfisk window cleaner
Nilfisk Smart Extension - 81943057From $49
Extension to suit Nilfisk window cleanerExtends from 100cm to 180cm
Nilfisk Smart White Window Cleaner - 18451198From $89
Ergonomic handleLithium BatteryDelivered ready to use (full package)Belt ClipDetergent sample - ShineSprayer with ClothColour: WhiteBattery voltage: 3.6Battery capacity (mAh): 1600Charging time (HRS): 2.5Running time (min): 25Working/suction width (mm): 280 & 170Tank capacity (l): 0.1
Chef'N DishGarden Dish RackFrom $42
Don't you just love Chef'N around? Why wouldn't you? With so many fun gizmos and gadgets in the Chef'N range, you'll be spoilt for choice. Taking pride in tasteful ingenuity, Chef'N tend to look at the tools in your kitchen and say "that's nice - but we can make it better!" The DishGarden. It sounds like a strange place where one cultivates spoons, but it's in fact a smart dish rack that fits right in or beside your sink to drain water away effectively. Its angled design and drain spout pours water directly in to your sink, while removable utensil holders adjust to your drying needs. With its unique crown-like design, the DishGarden Dish Rack is perfect for large pans and cutting boards - and because it drains so well, there's nowhere for dirty water to hide, reducing the build-up of germs. You'll be surprised how much this dish rack can hold - it will certainly laugh in the face of those that came before it! DishGarden Dish Rack features: Designed in the USA. Made from sturdy plastic, with a silicone drainer. Fits in most kitchen sinks, or sits to one side to take up less room than conventional dish racks. Drain spout opens and closes for draining needs, and directs water right in to the sink. Meanwhile, an angled design drains excess water. Removable utensil holder adjusts to drying needs. Holds large cutting boards and pans. Dimensions: 33 x 16cm.
Trap it TRPT001 Mosquito and Midge TrapFrom $119
Postage:Free Shipping. Delivery:7-10 Business Days. Trap it TRPT001 Mosquito and Midge TrapProduct Description TIRED OF MOSQUITO S AND MIDGES Are Mosquito s and Midges destroying your family barbeque Get rid of Mosquito s and Midges for good with our cutting edge technology Repel it is proud to Introduce our new Mosquito and Midge Trap The TRAP IT TRAPT001Mosquito and Midge Trap The new Mosquito and Midge Trap Trap it by Repel it and Jakmax offers the latest in cutting edge technology including a new and improved long lasting single UV
E-Cloth Washing Up Pad YellowFrom $7
Cleaning can be a pretty horrible experience. There are all those nasty chemicals you have to use - smelly, harsh on your skin and probably completely lethal to breathe in (especially when you're on your hands and knees scrubbing the grout in the bottom of the shower). But if you don't use any harsh cleaning agents, most of the time you get really average results. You can't cut through grease and grime, your polished surfaces look awful, and you spend twice as long trying to do the same cleaning job. The solution? The E-Cloth! This ingenious, environmentally-friendly range of cleaning cloths is designed to make cleaning much easier and completely chemical free - all you need to do is add water and wipe! The secret is in the special fabric blend that breaks up and holds all dirt and grease to remove smears, grime and grot from whatever you're cleaning. With the E-Cloth, you can clean your whole home with just water. It's great for allergy sufferers, and people who want a healthier home for their family and pets. It has even won Good Housekeeping's Green Living Award.and those guys know their stuff! Energy saving? Easy? Environmentally friendly? It has to be the E-Cloth! Washing Up Pad features: Made from a polyester and polyamide blend. Double sided cloth with scrubbing fibres for tough cleaning jobs. Non-scratch cleaning. Removes over 99% of bacteria. Spotless cleaning with just water - no cleaning chemicals required. Guaranteed for 300 washes. Ideal for cleaning pots and pans! Saves time, saves money and cares for the environment. Machine wash at 60˚C recommended, or wash at 90˚C for a more thorough clean. Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 2cm.