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15hp airless paint sprayer

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Electric Airless Paint Sprayer 240V more info
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This sprayer features 12 litres of tank capacity and 1.3L of fuel tank capacity. This unit is perfect for gardening and… more info
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Subjects:People; Artists:Other Artists; Sizes:24 x 24 (60 x 60cm); Color Scheme:Multicolor; Material:Canvas; Hang… more info
+ Shipping: $24.41
Paint type: acrylic emulsion, acrylic, alkyd, enamel, and water solublePeak flow rate of 3.8L/minIntegrated inlet… more info
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Paint an entire room with ease using this incredible Dynamic Power Electric Airless Paint Sprayer Forget about … more info
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Get a flawless paint job in those hard to reach places with this Dynamic Power Airless Paint Sprayer Extension Wand… more info
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2X 50cm Extension Wand and 2X Swivel Connection for Airless Sprayer more info
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Big Fish Games Drawn The Painted Tower PC Game
In Drawn, you are pulled into a dark and mysterious tale. Legend tells of a child queen who will one day rise to give… more info
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3.5 Hp 4495 Psi Airless Paint Sprayer Spray Gun+2 X 600mm Wand 5/15 /17/ 19 Only $420.00 from more info
+ Shipping: $49.00
Dynamic Power Airless Paint Sprayer Only $415.00 from more info
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In/Deflate 240V Electric Air PumpFrom $21.95
In/Deflate 240V Electric Air Pump
20m Auto Retracting Wall Mountable Pro Air Hose ReelFrom $69.95
This 20 metre air hose reel is perfect for most air tool applications. Automatic retraction into the reel prevents kinking and keeps your work area tidy. The UV resistant hose is built to last. Steel ball bearings in the reel make retraction smooth. 180 degree swivel allows you to set the perfect angle for your work.
5 X Nitto Type Female Air Hose Tool CouplingFrom $27.95
5 X Nitto Type Female Air Hose Tool Coupling
10 X Nitto Type Male Air Hose Tool Coupling FittingFrom $32.95
10 X Nitto Type Male Air Hose Tool Coupling Fitting
"10x NITTO Type Male Coupling Air Tools "From $14.4
" Nitto Type High Flow Steel 1/4" AIR INLET"
Portable Mini Air Brush Compressor for Spray Tan/Nail/Art Kit with 3L TankFrom $124.95
This highly lightweight and portable mini airbrush compressor is versatile.Whether you need power source for airbrushing, spray tanning or nail artwork, the compressor will deliver. Delivering an output of 20 to 23 L/min, the compressor offers optimum performance for most jobs. The 3L air tank is designed to offer zero pulsation and deliver a smooth air flow for an even and precise application. Packed with safety features, the compressor is well insulated and thermally protected. The compressor works almost soundlessly and weighs only 5.2 Kg, making it extremely easy to carry and work with. The air compressor comes with a user manual and a set of accessories. Features Lightweight and Portable Air Tank provides smooth air flow and zero pulsation Auto Start/Stop Function Ability to Work Continuously Thermally protected to prevent overload or overheat Piston Type with Oil-free and Non-air-contaminated Design Low Noise Level: 47db Weight: 5.2kg Power Cord Length: 183cm Type Single Cylinder Piston Power: 1/6 HP Speed: 1450/1700 rpm Air Output per min./litres: 20~23L/min Auto Stop, Start at 3bar (43psi), stop at 4bar (57psi) Pressure Adjust Range: 0~4bar Suitable for airbrush: 0.1mm to 1.0mm Connections: with 1/8" BSP Dimension : 31cm x 14cm x31cm Cable: 183cm Paint is not included Package Content 1 x Air Brush Compressor 1 x Pressure Regulator 1 x Pressure Gauge 1 x Air Filter 1 x Air Tank 1 x User manual
Airbrush Spray Booth for Crafts Models w/ Air Brush Extractor Hose FilterFrom $86.21
When you’ve spent hours assembling your models or hobby kits, don’t waste time painting your models by hand. With this airbrush spray booth you can not only apply a professional paint job with precision accuracy but do it without paint spray drift and fumes. It comes with it’s own extractor hose and filter so you can paint at your leisure without headaches using high quality paints and a range of finishes. You’ll just love the turntable which makes accessing all parts of your model or craft effortless. Spin and spray your model today! Features Voltage: AC100-240V Frequency: 50/60HZ Working Voltage: DC12V Power: 25W Air flow: 4m³ /Min Noise: 47db Hose length: 0.7-1.7m Foldable and portable Comes complete with user manual Package Contents 1 x Air Brush Booth 1 x Exhaust Hose 1 x Air Hose 1 x Turntable 1 x AC Adaptor 1 x User Manual
Dual Action Suction Feed Gravity Air Brush Gun KitFrom $52.95
Dual Action Suction Feed Gravity Air Brush Gun Kit
Seal KitFrom $25
Compatible with UNIMAC's cordless framing nail guns, this powerful battery bears the hallmarks of the latest Ni-MH technology: superior energy density; little to no memory effect; and a very slow loss of charge when not in use. So hit the nail on the head and order your Unimac Ni-mh battery today!Genuine Unimac Ni-mh batterySuperior energy densityCompatible with Unimac cordless framing nail gunNegligible memory effectUltra-slow loss of charge when stored away Quick 70 minutes recharge time
Staple Gun ManualFrom $39
Your Unimac Multifunction Manual Staple gun shoots both staples and brad nails making it the perfect partner for upholstery, screening, and craft jobs. The unique design offers a class-leading three operating modes; Normal Mode for everyday stapling and super-smooth countersinking, Safety Press Mode for ultimate precision entry and Hammer Stapling Mode for maximum penetration.Genuine UNIMACIdeal for household jobs, crafts and upholsteryThree operating modes!Normal Stapling for effortless everyday staplingSafety Press Stapling for ultimate precisionHammer Stapling for maximum penetrationSupports both 6-14mm staples and 15mm brad nails Comfortable gripAdjustable Power Drive allows use with 0.68 g/cm3 woodChamber mechanism allows easy loading of up to 100 staplesDesigned for simple unload of jammed staplesVisual Refill Window allows easy checking of staple levels100 staples included12 month warranty