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21st Century Houses: 150 of the Worlds Best offers a bumper selection of outstanding contemporary designs in gorgeous, glossy colour......

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This glossy hard back coffee table book offers a bumper selection of outstanding contemporary designs from all around the world....

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Joss Whedons DollhouseFrom $131.95
Though it lasted barely more than a season, Dollhouse continues to intrigue viewers as one of Joss Whedons most provocative forays into series television. The program centered on men and women who have their memories and personalities repeatedly wiped and replaced with new ones by a shadowy corporation dedicated to "fulfilling the whims of the rich." This chilling scenario was used to tell stories about big issues-power and resistance, freedom and servitude, class and gender-while always returning to its central themes of identity and individuality. In Joss Whedons Dollhouse: Confounding Purpose, Confusing Identity, Sherry Ginn, Alyson Buckman, and Heather M. Porter have brought together fourteen diverse essays that showcase the series complex vision of the future. Contributors probe deeply into the fictional universe of the show by considering the motives of the wealthy clients and asking what "love" means when personalities are continually remade. Other essays consider the shows relations to politics, philosophy, psychology, and representations of race and gender on screen.Several essays explore the shows complex relationship to transhumanism: considering the dark potential for dehumanization and abuse that lurks beneath the promise of turning bodies into temporary vessels for immortal, downloadable personalities. Though a short-lived series, Dollhouse has been hailed as one of televisions most thoughtful explorations of classic science-fiction themes. The first serious treatment of this landmark show, Joss Whedons Dollhouse will be of interest to science-fiction scholars and Whedon fans alike.
Swedish Crime FictionFrom $42.5
Swedish Crime Fiction became an international phenomenon in the first decade of the twenty-first century, starting first with novels but then percolating through Swedish-language television serials and films and onto English-language BBC productions and Hollywood remakes. This book looks at the rich history of Scandinavian noir, examines the appeal of this particular genre and attempts to reveal why it is distinct from the plethora of other crime fictions.Examining the popularity of Steig Larssons international success with his Millennium trilogy, as well as Henning Mankells Wallander across the various media, Peacock also tracks some lesser-known novels and television programmes. He illustrates how the bleakness of the countrys noirs reflects particular events and cultural and political changes, with the clash of national characteristics becoming a key feature.It will appeal to students and researchers of crime fiction and of film and television studies, as well as the many fans of the novels and dramatic representations.
Patternmaking for MenswearFrom $148.9
This comprehensive mens patternmaking text covers many different garment types and design elements, including patternmaking techniques for both woven and knit fabrics. The step-by-step format with accompanying detailed illustrations is appropriate for beginning to advanced students, as well as the industry professionals looking to sharpen their patternmaking skill. Photographs provide examples of completed garments on the dress form and clear illustrations are highlighted with color to show precisely what to do at each step of the patternmaking process. Noting the subtle difference between patternmaking for men versus women, the authors provide readers with a complete understanding of the male anatomy, how to take measurements and fitting techniques. Patternmaking for Menswear has a unique modular organization, moving from basic sloper development to detailing slim-fit versus classic-fit garments with design details grouped together to allow readers to combine them to create unlimited design variations. The text includes a section on fit problems and solutions that can be referenced after making a muslin for better fit. Instructions on how to add proper seam allowances to woven and knit patterns are also included.With many fashion-forward and on-trend patterns, this book is an indispensible resource for creating modern and professional menswear designs.
Transforming the Doctors OfficeFrom $119.5
From the parking lot to the exam room, doctors can improve the physical surroundings for their patients, yet often they do not. Given the numerous and varied duties doctors must perform, it may fall to the design profession to implement changes, many based on research, to improve healthcare experiences. From location and layout to furnishings and positive distractions, this book provides evidence-based information about the physical environment to help doctors and those who design medical work spaces improve the experience of health care. In addition to its research base, a special aspect of this book is the integration of relevant historical material about the office practice of physicians at the beginning of the 20th century. Many of their design solutions are viable today. In addition to improving the physical design of healthcare facilities, I have a personal reason for writing this book. Both of my grandfathers were physicians, as were my father and his brother. My mother and her mother were nurses. I worked in a hospital during college, and I have lived long enough to visit a good many practitioners offices in medical office buildings and ambulatory care settings. This book addresses an overlooked location of care: the doctors office suite.
The Author Who Thought He ExistedFrom $93.25
The publication of this book, desired and designed by Giulio Paolini, coincides in a certain way with his exiting the scene. Mere witness to an oeuvre that transcends and exceeds him, the artist chooses once more to remain on the fringes of the artworks stage, in an endless wait for beauty to appear. The thought processes of one of Italys leading figures on the twentieth-century art scene are revealed in over one hundred plates created exclusively for this book, and narrated by his intimate reflections and critical essays. SELLING POINTS: A genuine work of art in the form of a book, conceived and designed by the artist This work was commissioned by the Musee du Louvre for its permanent collection. Paolini is only Italian contemporary artist to have this honour AUTHOR: Among the greatest representatives of the art of our time, Giulio Paolini (1940) began his artistic career in 1960. From his first solo show in 1964 up until today he has held numerous exhibitions in international museums and galleries. His poetics deal with issues concerning the conception, the manifestation and the vision of the work of art. Since his first investigations on the fundamental elements of the picture his attention has later focused on the exhibition phenomenon, on the idea of the work of art as a catalogue of its very possibilities, as well as on the figure of the author and the lack of contact with the work of art, which pre-exists and transcends him. Trained as a graphic designer, Giulio Paolini has always shown a special interest in editorial projects. From the very beginning his research has been accompanied by considerations gathered in volumes that he himself edited. ILLUSTRATIONS: 135 colour and 11 b/w
Anthology for Music in the Medieval WestFrom $79.8
A concise anthology featuring a wide range of medieval music. Anthology for Music in the Medieval West, part of the Western Music in Context series, is the ideal companion to Music in the Medieval West. Forty-four carefully chosen works-including plainchant, the earliest experiments in polyphony, excerpts from Latin liturgical dramas, and the elaborate polyphony of the fourteenth century-offer representative examples of the music of the period. Commentaries following each score present a careful analysis of the music, and online links to purchase and download recordings make listening easier than ever.
Stage & Screen MakeupFrom $12.95
When developing looks from any period in history, skilfully applied make-up is key to capturing that times allure. But what is it that makes these faces so distinct? And how can you produce historical images by using todays cosmetics? Stage and Screen Makeup shows you how to use contemporary products and techniques to achieve a wide range of classic looks. Whether you are working on faces for films, stage productions, fashion shows, or personal looks, this book will become you most trusted companion. It considers the needs of professional make-up artists and presents designs from ancient to modern times. These selections include the defining looks from every decade of the twentieth century up to the present time. Each example is accompanied by clear, step by step instructions and stunning photographs that make this guide both informative and inspiring.
Realistic PaintingFrom $2.75
Creating a piece of artwork that might be mistaken for a photograph is the goal of many aspiring artists. With this 32-page guide, even beginners can learn methods for painting with amazing realism and accuracy. Accomplished artist Daniel Tennant explains the basics of using gouache and airbrushing and provides in-depth information on essential techniques such as gradating, using stencils, and creating a metallic effect. He also offers instruction on common elements of traditional still lifes, guiding readers from applying the initial layer of colour through adding texture to detailing with shadows and highlights. The book also features several inspiring projects, each broken down into numerous, digestible steps so artists can easily follow along.
Inspiration DiorFrom $111.95
Inspirations Dior offers an exclusive and comprehensive look into one of the worlds most successful names in fashion. Showcasing works of art, archival photographs of the gowns and of fashion shows, unpublished images specifically taken for this catalogue by Laziz Hamani, and sketches, this elaborately illustrated book also contains text from an impressive array of respected art and fashion experts-including Florence M?ller, Edmonde Charles-Roux, Jacques Ranc, Vitali Michin, Irina Antonova, Bernard Arnault, John Galliano, Daniel Alcouffe, St?phane Gu?gan, and Fr?d?ric Bourdellier. Moving from 1947 to the present day, the book defines the roots of Dior style, showcasing the distinctive lines, materials, and shapes that have been loved throughout the decades. The first section of the book, "Art and Fashion," introduces the many aspects that make Dior unique, highlighting the corollaries between art, painting in particular, with the designs. Tracing themes and sources of inspiration, the second part of the book "The Waltz of Time" reveals how elements from the past--the French eighteenth century (a particularly significant era for Dior), the Belle ?poque, Ancient Egypt, and more?have influenced the designs. Then, the global nature of Dior is explored, finding parallels with specific pieces in the art and culture of Spain, Russia, and Asia. About the Author Florence M?ller, formerly director and curator of the Union Fran?aise des Arts du Costume at the Mus?e des Arts de la Mode, is an exhibition organizer, teacher, journalist, consultant, and author of several fashion books.
Harpers Bazaar Greatest HitsFrom $59.95
Harper?s Bazaar is America?s longest-running fashion magazine, revered for its style-setting contributions to fashion, photography, and graphic design. Under the direction of Glenda Bailey in this decade, the magazine has maintained its position as a prominent cultural icon. Bailey is known for commissioning dazzling visual features that frame fashion in the context of contemporary pop culture and aesthetics. Shot by well-known photographers and featuring supermodels and supercelebrities, Bazaar?s fashion photography is always beautiful?and entertaining. Harper?s Bazaar: Greatest Hits is a collection of more than 300 photographs that chronicle the best fashion of our time. A celebration of fashion, a romp through a riotous and eventful decade, and a banquet of contemporary imagery, Harper?s Bazaar: Greatest Hits is also a glamorous object in itself.About The AuthorGlenda Bailey has been the editor-in-chief of Harpers Bazaar since 2001. By infusing Bazaars great tradition of high fashion and innovative art direction with her own irreverent contemporary sensibility, she became a leader in the worldwide fashion establishment. She has won numerous awards over a long career as a magazine editor. She was awarded an OBE in 2008. Stephen Gan is the creative director of Harpers Bazaar and a founder and creative director of the cutting-edge fashion magazine Visionaire. He has also been a fashion editor and photographer, and he has directed advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein and Dior Homme.