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This special collection is a celebration of 50 years of the world-famous Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition… more info
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10,000 Years of Art brings an innovative, global perspective to the presentation of art history. All periods and… more info
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This book brings together the very best images from the first five years of the International Garden Photographer of… more info
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Original designs by Annis ClappEasy-to-follow instructionsEach block is pieced and quilted separatelyWashing machine… more info
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Year in the Life of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes Only from Mighty Ape more info
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Wooden Garden Plaque - Gardener of the Year Only from Mighty Ape more info
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The State101A is one of MadgeTech’s newest data loggers. It is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art data… more info
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The Process101A is one of MadgeTech’s newest data loggers. It is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art… more info
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175 Years of the Royal College of Art Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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The Artistic Ape : Three Million Years of Art Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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The memoir of a young diplomat’s wife who must reinvent her dream of living in Paris—one dish at a time more info
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Engaging and accessible, 30,000 Years of Art provides a thorough chronological survey of artistic move­ments, major… more info
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Pixar is 25 years old in 2011. This gorgeous, expansive book features the complete colour scripts and a selection of… more info
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"Conceptual art, for me, means work in which the idea is paramount and the material form is secondary, lightweight,… more info
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NASA is special among agencies of the United States government in that its mission - to explore space - is to be… more info
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30,000 Years of Art is an accessible, chronological introduction to art history from 28,000 BC to the present day.… more info
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30,000 Years of Art Free Shipping Only from The Nile more info
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This is book is celebrating the greatest cover art over Marvel Comics' 75-year history. Showcasing the most striking,… more info
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For 100 years the Contemporary Art Society has played a unique and pivotal role in the formation of the UK's art… more info
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Thousands of artistic graphic illustrations, from motorcycles to health food and including rock posters, surf, and… more info
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10,000 Years of Art is a compact guide to world art, offering a fresh perspective on the whole of art history from… more info
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A complete and accessible history of Egyptian artEasy-to-use chronological orderInvaluable as a source bookWritten by a… more info
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In "Six Years" Lucy R. Lippard documents the chaotic network of ideas that has been labeled conceptual art. The book is… more info
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An exquisite volume devoted to a distinguished collection of masterpieces from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery… more info
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Ten Years of Contemporary Art: The James C Sourris AM Collection is a snapshot of art from the first decade of the new… more info
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This brand new and exquisitely illustrated book introduces one of the great collections of jewellery, with examples of… more info
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This major exhibition brings together the greatest treasures of botanical art including over 80 botanical… more info
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Airfix has been commercially producing plastic kits since 1952 and its models have been made by successive generations… more info
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In this text Donald Spotto describes and analyses every film made by Hitchcock, each one illustrated with scores of… more info
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A gallery from "Sideshow Collectibles, " renowned specialty manufacturer of collectible figures, showcasing intricately… more info
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Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have spent 30 years and travelled more than 270,000 miles to create this collection.… more info
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This stunning volume showcases the winners and best entries for the International Garden Photographer of the Year… more info
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Presenting the year's very best wildlife images, Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 21 is the latest memorable… more info
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The remarkable chess sets featured in this volume span time and history, chronicling the story of the game and its… more info
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This beautiful book brings together 300 of the best architectural drawings from the last century by the world's most… more info
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Famous not only for his passion for antiquities but also for his much-lauded and internationally famous interior design… more info
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The New York Transit Museum, in partnership with Metro North Railroad and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, is… more info
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This new publication shows remarkable pieces from more than 60 photographers, tracing the history of photography and… more info
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Heartland is a commemorative photographic book of around 200 photographs celebrating fifty years of the Australian… more info
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Presenting the year's very best wildlife images, this powerful collection of pictures represents the work of many… more info
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Alibis: Sigmar Polke, 1963-2010 Free ShippingFrom $95.9
Sigmar Polke (1941 - 2010) is widely regarded as one of the most influential and experimental artists of the postwar generation. Working across such diverse mediums as painting, photography, film, drawing, and sculpture, he sought to contaminate reputedly pure artistic conventions. His works act like alibis, making it impossible to circumscribe the artist's methods and meanings - a strategy Polke also used to confront the evasions of responsibility so common in Nazi Germany. Containing over 500 illustrations and published in conjunction with the first comprehensive Polke retrospective (organized by MoMA with the Tate Modern), this catalogue examines the full range of his exceptionally inventive oeuvre. Four essays trace its broad themes and twelve others focus on single works or motifs
The Science and Psychology of Music Performance: Creative Strategies for Teaching and Learning Free ShippingFrom $112.75
Music educators and practicing musicians have failed to benefit as much as they could from the past two decades of music psychology research. In this volume, Parncutt and McPherson propose to improve the situation by describing new approaches, informed by recent psychological research, to teaching music, learning music, and making music at all educational levels. Each chapter represents the collaboration between a music psychologist and a music educator. The articles begin by outlining music-psychological issues that are probably unfamiliar to musicians and music educators. Then, they propose teaching strategies and materials inspired by the psychologists' findings. The volume's twenty-one articles cover the broad issues of "the developing musician", "subskills of musical performance", and "instruments and ensembles".
American Popular Music: The Rock Years Free ShippingFrom $119.51
Rock, country, pop, soul, funk, punk, folk, hip-hop, techno, grunge—it's all here. In American Popular Music: The Rock Years, Larry Starr and Christopher Waterman take readers on a fascinating journey through the rich historical and stylistic landscape of American rock. An abridged version of the authors' acclaimed American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MTV, this volume includes chapters 8-14 of the longer book along with new introductory and concluding chapters.American Popular Music: The Rock Years traces the development of rock from its roots in the mid-1940s to its current state in the twenty-first century, integrating in-depth discussions of the music itself with solid coverage of the attendant historical, social, and cultural circumstances. It strikes a balance between musical analysis and social context, showing how rock and American culture have continuously influenced each other over time. Using well-chosen examples, insightful commentaries, and an engaging writing style, the authors highlight the contributions of diverse groups to the development of rock music, explain the effects of advancements in recording technology, and chronicle the growth of rock music as an industry. The book is enhanced by a rich illustration program; boxed inserts on significant individuals, recordings, and intriguing topics; and well-organized listening charts for recordings that are discussed in detail in the text. Remarkably accessible, American Popular Music: The Rock Years is ideal for introductory courses in the history of rock and roll and will encourage readers to become more critically aware listeners of rock music.
Absorption and Theatricality Free ShippingFrom $61.91
With this widely acclaimed work, Fried revised the way in which eighteenth-century French painting and criticism were viewed and understood."A reinterpretation supported by immense learning and by a series of brilliantly perceptive readings of paintings and criticism alike. . . . An exhilarating book."—John Barrell, "London Review of Books"
Anthology of Classical Music Free ShippingFrom $99.1
For this carefully selected anthology, the author of Classical Music has chosen representative works from the eighteenth and early-nineteenth centuries. All seventy-six selections–complete pieces, movements, or integral sections–are discussed at length in the companion text.
Analytic Approaches to Twentieth-Century Music Free ShippingFrom $114.91
Designed to introduce the reader to a variety of analytic techniques applicable to music of our century, this valuable new book is written in a straightforward, clear style and includes abundant music examples, practical exercises, and reinforcing overviews.
Derek Boshier Free ShippingFrom $49.23
Taking as his subject icons of consumerism and American popular culture, Derek Boshier made his name in the 1960s as one of the key proponents of British Pop Art, along with contemporaries David Hockney, Peter Blake and Pauline Boty. Since then, his output has been exceptionally diverse, including collage, book design, set design and illustration, as well as photography, film and sculpture. Rethink/Re-entry traces Boshier's formidable career. Beginning with his rise to prominence in the early 1960s, it then follows his abandonment of painting in the 1970s and his experimentation with new modes of expression, such as collage and illustration, as exemplified by his iconic sleeve design for David Bowie's album Lodgerand his drawings for Clash 2nd Songbook. In this decade he formed the Artists Union with Bridget Riley and Robin Klassnik and produced politically inspired banner, poster and flyer designs, as well as curating public events such as the Smith/Novak Event. The chapters on the 1980s detail Boshiers return to painting.This move coincided with his departure to Texas to teach, where he adopted the iconic figure of the Texan cowboy as the subject for his 'Cowboy' series as well as producing a prolific number of landscape paintings. The 1990s saw him relocate to Los Angeles, where he encountered a culture and iconography that provided rich source material for his later works.
Antony Gormley on Sculpture Free ShippingFrom $49.65
Antony Gormley occupies an unusual position as a highly populist sculptor - known chiefly for his Angel of the North (1998), a national landmark in the UK - who is also widely regarded as one of the most intellectually challenging artists working internationally. He is grounded in archaeology and anthropology, and looks to Asian and Buddhist traditions as much as to Western sculptural history, which he believes reached a punctuation point with Rodin. This is the first book to focus on Gormley's thoughts on sculpture, positioning his career and artistic philosophy in relation to its history. The book is structured thematically over four chapters: the first explores Gormley's thoughts on the body, time and space in relation to major works including European Field (1993) and 'Still Standing' (2011), Gormley's rehang of the classical rooms at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.The second chapter, 'Sculptors', was first delivered as a series of five lectures for the BBC; in each, Gormley discusses a sculpture he considers to be of huge creative importance: Epstein's The Rock Drill (1913-15), Brancusi's The Endless Column (1935-38), Giacometti's La Place (1948-49), Joseph Beuys's Plight (1985) and Richard Serra's The Matter of Time (2005). In the third chapter, Gormley outlines the influence of Buddhist and Jain sculpture on his work and ideas, and the fourth showcases the artist's most recent sculptures.
Art and Religion in the 21st Century Free ShippingFrom $52.75
Contrary to the expectations of 20th-century rationalists, religion has not faded away in the 21st century, but roared back onto the scene with renewed vitality. This survey shows how religious themes and images continue to permeate the work of contemporary artists from across the globe. Some exploit the shock potential of religious imagery, but many also reflect deeply on spiritual matters. The introduction outlines the debates and controversies that the art-religion connection has precipitated throughout history. Each of the ten chapters opens by introducing a theme, followed by a selection of works of art that develop that theme. The book encompasses a wide range of media and genres, from sculpture to street art, and considers faith in its broadest sense from Islam and Christianity to Aboriginal mythology and meditation.
Fashion and the Art of Pochoir Free ShippingFrom $77.5
The 1910s and 1920s witnessed an outpouring of luxury publications that used a hand-stencilling technique known as pochoir (French for stencil). The highly refined and painterly technique, which consists of applying layers of gouache paint or watercolour to achieve bold blocks of saturated colour, produced works of visual artistry formerly unrivalled in the history of illustration, and it became the medium of choice for avant-garde couturiers seeking to stand apart and cultivate an elite readership. Organized chronologically by publication and showcasing a carefully curated selection of the most exceptional illustrations from couture albums and high-end magazines, Fashion and the Art of Pochoir is the definitive tribute to the artists and couturiers who first united to redefine luxury, inaugurating the enduring alliance between fashion and art, from Schiaparelli and Dali to Vuitton and Murakami today. Closing with biographical notices of illustrators and fashion designers, it offers a unique chance for illustrators, artists, designers and fashion enthusiasts to discover the rarely seen images that defined a short but magnificent golden age.