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If you love your MacBook Pro 15” or 17” computer, it makes sense to protect it with this AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook...

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For up to three years from your computerâs original purchase date, the AppleCare Protection Plan gives you direct, one-stop access to...

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AppleCare Protection Plan [MF218X/A] for MacBook Pro 15...

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Complete Support and Service coverage for your 15 or 17 MacBook Pro...

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Wrensoft Zoom Search Engine ProFrom $139.4
Zoom Search Pro is a package for web developers to add a powerful custom search engine to their website, or CD/DVD, in a matter of minutes. No complicated server-side setup procedures, just index and upload from the convenience of your own Windows computer. Features include: "Google-like" context descriptions, logging and statistic reports, sort by date options, spelling suggestions, and more. Available for PHP, ASP, JavaScript or CGI platforms.
PassMark WirelessMon ProFrom $69
WirelessMon enables a person to detect and monitor Access Points (AP) on any wireless (WiFi) networks within range. The program provides substantial information including whether an AP is secure (or not) and its availability for use. A live channel usage chart helps identify potential interference problems. Users of the Professional Edition can generate signal strength coverage maps by either manually plotting points or using a GPS device. WirelessMon is compatible with the Metageek Wi-Spy product line, using data collected by Wi-Spy to create interactive maps and signal strength graphs.
PassMark TestLog Web AccessFrom $70.4
TestLog is an integrated test case management system. It provides a tool for test teams to create and update effective test cases. TestLog places a large emphasis on requirements management, as inefficiencies in this area are among the most serious causes of slippages, setbacks and even failures in the software product development life cycle. It encourages a structured approach to the use of test plans emphasising the reuse of test cases. TestLog Web access allows testers who are using operating systems other than Windows or testers out in the field to access the TestLog data without having access to the TestLog application.