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Get the perfect way to play music straight from your Bluetooth device with the Behringer MPA40BTPRO All In One Portable… more info
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Get the perfect way to play music straight from your Bluetooth device with the Behringer MPA40BT All In One Portable PA… more info
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A compact powerhouse of clinical information, Portable RN, Fourth Edition provides practical guidance on today's most… more info
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1 YEAR WARRANTY! Click on the image below to get zoomed view of the item Product Description:This 2-Way portable sound… more info
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amp;amp;lt;div style=text-align:centeramp;amp;gt;amp;amp;lt;img src=… more info
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All In One High Speed Portable Usb Mouse Scanner Translator Editor 400dpi A3 Th Only $76.99 from more info
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All In One High Speed Usb Mouse Scanner Translator Editor 400dpi A3 Portable Only $76.99 from more info
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Usb Mouse Scanner 400dpi A3 Portable High Speed For Pc Laptop All In One Only $77.19 from more info
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dodosales store Product Description:Vee Bee Commuter Cot Plus - Includes Carry Bag Toy Bar with Toys - Carbon/Black -… more info
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Coleman All In One Portable Camping Kitchen Sink Only $47.50 from more info
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Hot 1x Usb Mouse Scanner 400dpi A3 Portable High Speed For Pc Laptop All In One Only $76.55 from more info
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After payment,Please EMAIL us Your CONTACT Mobile NUMBER for delivery.FREE BONUS GIFT WITH THIS PURCHASE Multifunction… more info
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Title : BRAND NEW Kumyoung KHM-600 Portable All-In-One Wireless Karaoke System w/ MIC2ea 100% BRAND NEW Condition :NEW,… more info
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This is a brand new and unopened Vans Portable Shoe Box Speaker.Connects directly to your phone or mp3 device via the… more info
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Port A Pet Plus - Dog & Cat Portable Bed / Carrier - All In One - Medium Only $99.99 from more info
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My Carts - 2014 New Design Deluxe All-in-one Baby Travel Cot/ Playpen/ Playyard/ Bassinet/ Storage/ Changing station My… more info
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All-in-One Portable Active PA System with 8 Professional Speaker, Amplifier Built-in, iPod/iPhone Dock, USB/SD Card… more info
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OzAuctionBroker DVD PORTABLE SYSTEM WITH IPOD DOCK AND 7 LCD An all-in-one Compact DVD Component System for vertical… more info
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Yamaha P7000S 3200 Watt Power AmplifierFrom $1199
Yamaha's audio engineers have specifically designed the new P-Series power amplifiers to be perfect companions to the popular Club Series loudspeakers. To achieve this, they made sure that the amplifiers are capable of delivering power that matches the power handling capabilities of the Club Series Speakers, and equipped them with YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing) to deliver a signal that will result in optimum system performance. Power is plentiful, ranging from 3200 watts from the P7000S to 1300 watts from the P2500S in 4 ohms bridged mode. If you want the perfect power amplifier for pair of Club S115s with a 500-watt program rating, for example, the P5000S with 500-watts per channel into 8 ohms is the obvious choice. Further matching precision is afforded by Yamaha's proprietary YS Processing circuit. Each P-series amplifier is equipped with this specially designed circuit so that it delivers output tailored to the specific response of the Club Series speakers. All models feature both XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs, and Neutrik Speakon, phone plug, and 5-way binding post outputs. Other features include Yamaha's exclusive EEEngine technology for high performance with exceptional efficiency, sweepable high and low pass filters for matching output to any loudspeakers, a compact and durable 2U chassis, and variable speed cooling fans. Features 3200 watts Big Power with Outstanding Efficiency The Perfect Match for Your Club Speakers Versatile connectivity EEEngine (Energy Efficient Engine)  YS Processing (Yamaha Speaker Processing)
Yamaha MOXF8 88 Key Workstation SynthesizerFrom $1929
The MOXF series combines a MOTIF XF sound engine and Flash memory expandability, a MIDI keyboard controller with extensive DAW and VST control, USB Audio/MIDI interfacing, onboard sequencing, and an extensive DAW / VST software bundle. Yamaha have updated the popular MOX Series with the latest MOTIF XF technology by adding more sounds, more effects and even a Flash board option slot. Because it’s compatible with MOTIF XF and MOX data, MOXF has a huge collection of sound and sample libraries and optional software available right away. Expandable, portable, affordable, and compatible with a wide range of other products, these instruments brings MOTIF music production power to a whole new generation of musicians and producers. The MOXF boasts a rich collection of instrument voices that includes pianos, electric pianos, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums, as well as a wide variety of vintage and modern synth sounds. Of special note are the detailed digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos (a 9-ft CFIIIS and a 7-ft S6) that only an acoustic piano manufacturer could achieve. The finely-detailed reproduction of even very subtle nuances has resulted in exquisitely crafted piano voices that will satisfy even the most demanding players. Now containing a huge total of 741 MB of waveforms, and featuring all-new content, the MOXF offers 136 new voices including the superb S6 grand piano, keyboard sounds such as clavinets and organs, and a range of new sounds from genres as diverse as orchestral and hip-hop. Yamaha’s proprietary VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology simulates the effects of vintage EQs, compressors, and phasers at the circuit level. This technology has enabled Yamaha to improve the quality of the instruments in the MOXF by modelling the sonic texture of vintage analog compressors, EQs and stomp boxes right down
Yamaha MOTIF XF7 Music 76 Key Workstation SynthesizerFrom $3599
Soon after the original MOTIF was released in 2001, it was recognised as the best sounding, top selling and most requested music workstation on the market. Over time, it has continued to evolve and improve its expressiveness and functionality. At the same time, the online community of end users, sound programmers, software developers and product support specialists at has expanded into a vibrant online music production community. The MOTIF breathes new life into live performances with its expressive sounds and intuitive control. In music creation, the MOTIF not only offers its own music creation capabilities, it also offers a system for integrating those capabilities with a variety of software applications. And now, the next generation XF builds on the decade-long heritage of MOTIF, and provides groundbreaking expansion capabilities with flash memory that will set a new standard for keyboard workstations for years to come. The MOTIF XF boasts a rich collection of instrument Voices that includes piano, EPs, strings, wind instruments, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, and drums, as well as a wide variety of vintage and modern synth sounds. Of special note are the detailed digital re-creations of two Yamaha grand pianos (a 9' CFIII and a 7' S6) that only an acoustic piano manufacturer could achieve. The reproduction in minute detail of even very subtle nuances results in exquisitely crafted piano Voices that will satisfy even the most demanding players. New waveforms have been added to the MOTIF XF, which now contains a huge total of 741 MB of waveforms. Starting with the S6 piano, the 136 newly-added Voices include keyboard sounds such as those of clavinets and organs as well as a wide range of new sounds from orchestral to hip-hop. This huge internal wave memory ensures that the MOTIF XF is the best sounding and most versatile keyboard w
Yamaha CBR10 Passive 10" 2-way LoudspeakerFrom $399
The CBR Series is a new lineup of passive loudspeakers developed by adopting the extensive knowledge of speaker design and acoustic technologies that Yamaha has accrued over a long and storied history of making speakers of every kind. Combining a meticulous materials selection process, thorough customisation of the audio components, and a fresh, innovative approach to speaker design, our engineering team's primary focus was to deliver high-power, high-definition sound in a highly portable and versatile design that is equally at home in front-of-house, floor monitoring, or rigged configurations. The CBR10 is the most compact model in its series. While delivering astonishing power for its size and weight, the CBR10 is ideal for both portable and installed applications. CBR Series speakers come equipped with carefully selected and customised transducers that feature a highly responsive woofer and a precise 2.5” compression driver (CBR15) or 2”compression driver (CBR10 and CBR12), ensuring consistent high-definition sound with minimal distortion even at high output levels. Additionally, a newly designed wide-dispersion constant directivity horn minimises the radiation pattern deterioration in oblique directions that more conventional horns are prone to, allowing sound to expand in a more rectangular pattern, evenly dispersing wide-frequency sound to the outer-most edges of the coverage area. Have you ever blown your speakers by cranking up the output levels beyond your speakers capabilities? CBR Series speakers employ a protection function that limits excessive input to the HF unit. This valuable protection circuit affords you worry-free operation of your speakers when you need them most. Combined with a highly responsive LF unit, CBR Series speakers reliably deliver clear, precise sound at any output level. CBR Series speakers feature a very compact, durable,
Yamaha C115V Premium 15" Passive PA SpeakerFrom $599
Developed and manufactured in the United States, the Concert Club series speakers have earned acclaim around the world. The new Mark V series represents a complete redesign of the previous Concert Club IV lineup, introducing three front-of-house models, three subwoofers, and three monitor models. While maintaining the superb portability and ease of placement that characterized previous generations, as well as the same design concept and stunning sound, the Mark V series represents a new level of performance overall. Club V loudspeakers with the C prefix are finished with a heavy-duty elastomer spray coating. Designed as an installation alternative to the carpeted S versions, they are an excellent match for any décor. The finish is very tough, and can be repainted to match any interior. The steel grilles are foam-lined with acoustically transparent material to provide a more unobtrusive appearance. This comprehensive speaker lineup includes three models for front-of-house use, three models for monitoring, and three sub-woofers. The front-of-house speakers are available with 12 inch, 15 inch, or dual 15 inch woofers, giving you a range of choices to suit your needs. For monitor speakers you have a choice of 10 inch, 12 inch, or 15 inch models. The subwoofer lineup has also been expanded and enhanced: in addition to a new 15 inch model, the previous twin-driver model (15 inch x 2) has been upgraded to an 18 inch × 2 configuration for even more commanding lows. The Concert Club V series and Concert Club VC series speakers provide dual phone jacks as well as dual Speakon™ connectors for input and parallel connection. A high-performance PA system can conveniently be created simply by connecting a pair of speakers to an EMX series powered mixer using the phone jack outputs on a box-type model, or the Speakon™ connectors on a console model. When used in conjunc
Yamaha A10 10" 2-Way Passive PA SpeakerFrom $269
The A10 is a 10" 2way Speaker System. From solo entertainers to touring bands, jazz clubs to houses of worship, for any situation that needs a quality sound system, Yamaha’s A Series speakers are worth a good look and listen. In addition to sounding superb and being capable of handling serious power, these speakers are light, compact and easily manageable when the system needs to be moved or reconfigured. They feature durable metal handles that will withstand nightly transportation, and are pole-mountable for optimum positioning in any room. Robust carpet covering and metal grilles are pluses, too, minimising damage while looking downright handsome. But, of course, practicality isn’t the only issue. You want great sound, too. The A Series speakers feature optimally matched high-power woofers, compression drivers, and constant-directivity horns that deliver your sound to every corner of the room with every subtle nuance intact. There’s also a range of five models to choose from, so you can create the system that is perfect for your touring or installation needs. One possible system is shown in the example below: a pair of A15 and A15W’s for the house and a<br /> pair of A12M’s on the floor or wherever you need them to hear precisely what you’re playing or singing. The all new A Series speakers are specifically designed and voiced for those who care about their sound. With sound quality, durability, and affordability set as design priorities, this new range of speakers delivers powerful sound output with great clarity, and does it all at a great price.<br /> Yamaha has combined understanding of acoustics and advanced computer controlled woodworking to create the A series. With high-power woofers and real, dynamic compression drivers and constant directivity horns, they’ll provide performance you didn’t think you could afford! Features<br />
Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synthesizer (White)From $649
Offspring from a noble house - the little synthesiser machine with the big and evil sound. Waldorf is back in the game. With the Blofeld. This synthesiser offers all the unique qualities that made Waldorf a truly legendary brand. The engine inside the heavy duty, full metal chassis of the Blofeld delivers the same fat and rich sound that so many Waldorf users worldwide love when they play their Pulse, Q, Q+, Micro Q, Microwave, Microwave II/XT, or even the flagship Wave. Yes, you've heard it right. The Blofeld is not only capable of producing these warm, organic analog sounds known from the Q synthesiser line, it also sports a wavetable engine like its predecessors with "Wave" in their names. This unique synthesis system is based upon the revolutionary PPG Wave synthesisers of the early 80s. So when you listen to the Blofeld for the first time, you will instantly recognise those edgy, hard-hitting and bell-like timbres that have been an integral part of so many world hits from the PPG era on, and become increasingly popular once more. In fact it is amazing to realise that nowadays this complex technology fits into such a slim and elegant device. And for a price no-one would have imagined a couple of years ago. Features <ul style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Sturdy metal enclosure 7 endless stainless steel dials More than 1000 Sounds 3 Oscillators per voice Frequency Modulation between the oscillators All Q oscillator models All Microwave II/XT/XTk Wavetables 2 independent Multi Mode Filters per voice Filter FM 2 Drive stages per voice with selectable drive curves 3 fast LFOs per voice 4 fast Envelopes per voice powerful Arpeggiator freely programmable Arpeggiator Pattern with up to 16 Steps per Sound
Decksaver for Roland TR-8From $45
This Decksaver cover is designed and engineered in the UK specifically for the Roland TR8. It is made of high quality smoked-clear polycarbonate that is lightweight and super strong. Decksavers reduce the risk of accidental impact. This is essential hardware for the protection of expensive equipment – on the road or in the venue. Professional look compliments existing design. Fits like a glove. Protects like armour. Leaves all cables in place. Features Custom made from super strong polycarbonate Achieves the best fit, leaving cables in place Fits Roland TR8
Decksaver for Native Instruments Kontrol S2 mk1 & 2From $69
Smoked/Clear dust cover designed specifically for the NI KONTROL S2 mark1 and mark2.<br /><br />The cover fits securely around the controller ensuring its sexy design is not hidden. The Decksaver range is precision-made to fit each piece of DJ kit in their range, to protect it from everything bar large meteorite strikes! It's made from a tough polycarbonate materiel so it's not brittle and won't go funny colours with age while it does its job ensuring your console equipment is protected from dust, liquid or heavy objects that can fall from a great height. Even taking just wear & tear into consideration, they'll pay themselves back when its time to sell your kit on & upgrade... Let's not think about that spilled drink or nasty knock! Weighing in at just 0.5 kg it won't hurt your equipment, but it will keep your gear looking and acting as sexy as the day you bought it! If you don't believe us, check the Youtube video on Decksavers site below, and watch when happens when they drive a car over a Decksaver... Nothing! <br />Shipping weight 0.65 kg
Decksaver for Pioneer DJM900 Mixer (Also Fits DJM900SRT)From $65
Smoked/Clear dust cover specifically for the Pioneer DJM-900 and DJM-900 SRT. Shipping weight 0.60 kg