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Alpha Keri Oil is specifically formulated as a total body bath/shower treatment that works to revive and relieve dry… more info
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+ Shipping: $8.95
Alpha Keri Lotion is an emollient moisturising lotion which provides very effective treatment of dry skin. The… more info
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Alpha Keri Oil is specifically formulated as a total body bath/shower treatment that works to revive and relieve dry… more info
+ Shipping: $8.95
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Best Price 2 X Alpha Keri Bath & Body Oil 1l Total 2l Discount Chemsit Only $44.99 from more info
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Ameda One-Hand Manual Breast Pump With Single HygieniKitFrom $59.95
This product's exclusive system has a unique silicone diaphragm which prevents moisture and milk from entering the tubing – so under normal use there's no need to clean the pump tubing! • Sterile, pre-assembled and ready to use • Fits all Ameda electric breast pumps • Easy to clean and re-assemble• Pump into any standard-thread baby bottle or milk storage bag
a2 Platinum Step 2 900GFrom $29.99
A2 Platinum is based on a unique protein blend ideally suited to babies and toddlers, as it is the first and only infant formula and toddler milk drink where the Beta-casein protein is guaranteed to be only the naturally occurring A2 type. This protein works with your baby‘s natural digestion, so you can give your baby the chance to feel the difference. A2 step2 is specially formulated for bottle fed babies from birth or when moving on from breastfeeding within the first six months. It is nutritionally complete, providing key ingredients essential for growth and development. Tis exclusive formulation is based on the naturally occurring a2 milk made to help support comfortable digestion. Plus it is enriched with nutrients that may help support natural brain and eye development and may help support the natural immune system during development.
Vicks Forehead ThermometerFrom $64.99
Vicks Forehead Thermometer provides innovative, clinically proven technology that makes taking temperatures easy for both parents and children. The forehead is an ideal location for taking accurate, non-invasive temperature measurements. Simply swipe the thermometer over the forehead for an accurate reading instantly. Fever InSight Feature: Fever InSight Technology helps you to better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature with the colour indicated on the display. The screen displays green if there is no fever, yellow when the temperature is slightly elevated and red for possible high fever. 10 short beeps indicate temperature above 37.5°C, in order to alert the patient that they may have a fever. How the Vicks Forehead Thermometer measures temperature:The Vicks Forehead Thermometer measures infrared energy emitted from the skin above the eyebrow area and the surrounding tissue. This energy is collected through the lens and converted to a temperature value. Temperature reading is obtained by scanning above the eyebrow area which provides the greatest accuracy.The Vicks Forehead Thermometer has been clinically tested and proven to be safe and accurate when used in accordance with its operating instruction manual. How do I use the Vicks Forehead Thermometer?The Vicks Forehead Thermometer is quick and easy to use. For an accurate reading, it is recommended that several steps be taken. Firstly, for 15 minutes prior to use, avoid eating or drinking any liquids, exercising, taking showers or baths, or smoking. Before placing the thermometer sensor onto the forehead remove any hair, sweat, dirt or make up.To use, simply press the on/off button to activate the thermometer. The last reading will be displayed for 3 seconds with the <> icon. When the oC icon is flashing the unit will beep to indicate it’s ready to measure. Place the probe gently and fl
Corams Gripe Water Alcohol Free 200MLFrom $8.95
Coram’s Gripe Water Alcohol Free 200ML Coram's Gripe Water's pleasant tasting formula temporarily relieves discomfort due to wind and griping pains. Alcohol free and no artificial sweetener and colorant free. Instructions for use: 1-6 months give one 5mL metric spoon. 6-12 months give two 5mL metric spoons. Each dose may be repeated two hourly up to a maximum of 6 doses in 24 hours.   Storage & Disposal: Store below 30 Degree Celsius. Discard six weeks after opening the bottle.  Ingredients: (Each 5ml contains) Dill Seed Oil 4.5mg Caraway Oil 300 mcg Cinnamon bark oil 300 mcg Clove Bud oil   300mcg Cardamom oil 90mcg Preservatives: Methyl Hydroxybenzoate 5mg, Sodium Bisulfide 1.25 mg *Contains sucrose Warnings: Please consult a health care professional before administering any medication to infants under 6 months. If symptoms persist seek medical advice.
Avent Magic Soft spout are amazingly spill proof, easy to sip and easy to clean. Avent Magic Soft Spout can also fit the Avent feeding bottles so they become spill proof too! Avent Magic Soft Spout are the ideal first step from breast or bottle feeding to cup. Suitable from 6 months + Contains: 2x Soft spouts and valves.
Oricom SC310 Digital Baby MonitorFrom $103.99
Oricom SC310 Digital Baby Monitor Key Features • Soft comforting adjustable night light• Parent talk back• Fully portable• Sound sensitive light display• Fully adjustable digital volume control• Paging function• High definition sound• Out of range / batter y low warning• Charging cradle• Rechargeable batteries (supplied)• Belt clip included Interference Free Frequency • DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is the most widelyused worldwide digital cordless technology, offering amazingly clear sound, long rangeand maximum voice security. • DECT operates on the 1.8GHz frequency which eliminates potential interference from othercommon wireless devices such as wireless networks (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth and cordlesscomputer devices. 3 Year warranty
Cherub Standard Neck Slow Flow Peristaltic Teats - 2pkFrom $7.9
Cherub Baby 100% BPA Free Standard Neck Slow Flow Teat. Cherub Baby teats are designed and manufactured to be soft and mimic a real teat. All Cherub Baby Teats are made from 100% silicone that is free of Bisphenol A (BPA), Phthalates, PVC, Lead and Nitrosamines. Cherub Baby teats are non toxic and quality assured, meeting and exceeding industry standards.     * BPA Free silicon teat     * Phthalates, PVC, Lead and Nitrosamines Free     * Anti-colic system prevents gas     * Fast Flow teat is recommended for when baby is 6 months or over. All Cherub Baby teats also fit all Cherub Baby bottles and are compatible with most other major baby brands. The Cherub Baby anti-colic system allows air to enter the bottle when baby drinks reducing vacuum build up and provides a more comfortable feeding experience for baby. All teats are washable and long lasting, retaining their feel and shape after repeated washes and sterilisations. Storage, Cleaning and Compatibility:     * Fits most major brand standard neck bottles     * Store out of direct sunlight     * Wash in warm soapy water, rinse in clean water and sterilise in the top tray of a bottle steriliser. Included in the box:     * 2 x Standard neck Silicon Fast Flow Anti-colic Teats  The product comes with 12 month warranty.
Nuk Nurs/Pad 30 Dp 910902From $6.9
Nuk Nurs/Pad 30 Dp 910902
Avent Breast Pads Washable X6From $9.99
AVENT Washable Breast Pads have a brushed cotton lining that is soft and gentle and features an absorbent layer that draws moisture away from the skin behind a leak-proof liner. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: 1- Extra soft and absorbant: Absorbent padding draws moisture away from the skin and traps it behind a leak-proof liner. 2- Reusable with soft brushed cotton lining: Brushed cotton lining – soft and gentle against the skin. Machine washable and dryable. 3- Anti-slip lace outer layer: An attractive lace outer layer gives a feminine appearance and prevents slippage.
Wet Ones Antibacterial Be Fresh 40From $2.99
Wet Ones Be Fresh Antibacterial 40