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NB: LVEP trainers should be used by professional educators or psychologists who already have existing skills in… more info
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In this volume, David Geary provides a comprehensive theory that brings children's education into the 21st century, and… more info
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Featuring the colourful characters from Disney's Frozen, the ProArt Frozen An Act Of True Love Half Wall Mural is easy… more info
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Declare your allegiance to the Marvel Avengers with this super fun I Am An Avenger Door Mural. Key Features Built to… more info
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Australian Housewives Manual is a facsimile version of a publication written in 1883 by an Old Housekeeper. The book… more info
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Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction by John Storey Only from Mighty Ape more info
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RYA - An Introduction to Navigation Only from Adventure Safety more info
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Being an Early Childhood Educator : Bringing Theory and Practice Together Only from TheCampusBookstore more info
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Exceptional Learners is an outstanding introduction to the characteristics of exceptional learners and their education,… more info
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Urban and rural collide in this wry, inspiring memoir of a woman who turned a vacant lot in downtown Oakland into a… more info
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In this riveting and surprising personal history, John Lithgow shares a backstage view of his own struggle, crisis, and… more info
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An Education DVD from DVDLand.Its 1961 and attractive, bright 16-year-old schoolgirl, Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is poised… more info
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An Education Blu Ray from DVDLand.Everything in Jennys Mellors life was dedicated to getting accepted to Oxford… more info
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The French Educator Celestin Freinet is a complete overview of the influence of this seminal figure. Although Celestin… more info
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This guide explains the importance of developing the habit and skills of reflective practice in order to meet student… more info
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This textbook seeks to explore the purpose and values of the philosophy of education, and specific issues of… more info
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Accessible literature for struggling readers" Jamestown Adapted Literature "provides grade-specific collections of… more info
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Education is fundamental to every aspect of development and there is widespread support across the world for policies… more info
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Making the transition from pre-service teacher to professional can be challenging. From field experience placements, or… more info
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This reference tool for mastering reflective practice and initiating it in your school offers ideas for reflective… more info
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Eugene Provenzo, a nationally recognized scholar in the social and cultural foundations of education, has edited this… more info
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This second edition provides strategies to increase student engagement, develop cognitive skills, and empower students… more info
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Shows how to promote character growth and discernment of right from wrong amongst schoolchildren of all age groups. more info
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This text offers a fresh perspective on developing research skills for educators whose career will be in the classroom.… more info
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Curriculum mapping initiatives are started with the essential goal of improving student achievement, yet the mapping… more info
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The Difficult Parent will give any educational professional the nuts-and-bolts approach to dealing effectively with… more info
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This updated guide helps youassess your chances for derailment and offers practical strategies for promotion or… more info
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This book is truly a ground-breaking text in the field of health education teacher preparation. Inter-woven with… more info
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Human Diversity in Education: An Integrative Approach is a research-based, comprehensive text designed to provide an… more info
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Accessible literature for struggling readers" Jamestown Adapted Literature "provides grade-specific collections of… more info
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In recent years, students and practitioners of educational administration have expressed concern over the increasing… more info
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Extensively revised, this new edition provides the theoretical underpinnings of practitioner action research as well as… more info
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This practical book encourages and guides early education students through the process of organizing and creating a… more info
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The Profession and Practice of Adult Education is a timely book and an excellent introduction to the field. Drawing… more info
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An accessible introduction to real analysis and its connection to elementary calculus Bridging the gap between the… more info
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Jonathan Tummons has sensitively updated Curzon's long-established Teaching in Further Education, ensuring that not… more info
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With a foreword by Professor Erwin H. Epstein. A unique introduction to this important field, providing a comprehensive… more info
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Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer Free ShippingFrom $14.42
Nancy Clancy returns in New York Times bestselling team Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser's second Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy chapter book all about love! In the sequel to Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth, Nancy and Bree decide to play matchmaker, but nothing works out as planned. Will love conquer all in the end? Fans of Fancy Nancy will delight in joining Nancy Clancy as she takes on love in the second chapter book in the series. As always, the central theme of all the Nancy Clancy books shines through, showing the beauty of friendship and love.
My Five Senses Free ShippingFrom $42.54
How do you learn what the world is like?Through your five senses Each sound and taste, each smell, sight, and touch helps you to discover something new. So find out more about your senses-what they are and what you can learn through them about the exciting world.The world awaits
Everyday Troubles Free ShippingFrom $147.29
From roommate disputes to family arguments, trouble is inevitable in interpersonal relationships. In Everyday Troubles, Robert M Emerson explores the beginnings and development of the conflicts that occur in our relationships with the people we regularly encounter-family members, intimate partners, coworkers, and others - and the common responses to such troubles. To examine these issues, Emerson draws on interviews with college roommates, diaries documenting a wide range of irritation with others, conversations with people caring for family members suffering from Alzheimer's, studies of family interactions, neighborly disputes, and other personal accounts. He considers how people respond to everyday troubles: in non-confrontational fashion, by making low-visibility, often secretive, changes in the relationship; more openly by directly complaining to the other person; or by involving a third party, such as friends or family. He then examines how some relational troubles escalate toward extreme and even violent responses, in some cases leading to the involvement of outside authorities like the police or mental health specialists.By calling attention to the range of possible reactions to conflicts in interpersonal relationships, Emerson also reminds us that extreme, even criminal actions often result when people fail to find ways to deal with trouble in moderate, non-confrontational ways. Innovative and insightful, Everyday Troubles is an illuminating look at how we deal with discord in our relationships.
Kwanzaa and Me: A Teacher's Story Free ShippingFrom $45.5
"All these white schools I've been sent to are racist," Sonya says. "I'd have done better in a black school. I was an outsider here." These are hard words for Vivian Paley, whose own kindergarten was one of Sonya's schools, the integrated classroom so lovingly and hopefully depicted by Paley in "White Teacher." Confronted with the grown-up Sonya, now on her way to a black college, and with a chorus of voices questioning the fairness and effectiveness of integrated education, Paley sets out to discover the truth about the multicultural classroom from those who participate in it. This is an odyssey undertaken on the wings of conversation and storytelling in which every voice adds new meaning to the idea of belonging, "really" belonging, to a school culture. Here are black teachers and minority parents, immigrant families, a Native American educator, and the children themselves, whose stories mingle with the author's to create a candid picture of the successes and failures of the integrated classroom. As Paley travels the country listening to these stories, we see what lies behind recent moves toward self-segregation: an ongoing frustration with racism as well as an abiding need for a nurturing community. And yet, among these diverse voices, we hear again and again the shared dream of a classroom where no family heritage is obscured and every child's story enriches the life of the schoolhouse."It's all about dialogue, isn't it?" asks Lorraine, a black third-grade teacher whose story becomes a central motif. And indeed, it is the dialogue that prevails in this warmly provocative and deeply engaging book, as parents and teachers learn how they must talk to each other, and to their children, if every child is to secure a sense of self in the schoolroom, no matter what the predominant ethnic background. Vivian Paley offers
Textiles Free ShippingFrom $42.66
Written for students on courses for textile production in technical schools, colleges and other vocational training institutions, this work provides information about the properties of natural and man-made textiles, and gives a detailed description of manufacturing processes.
Meaning of the Library Free ShippingFrom $60.94
From Greek and Roman times to the digital era, the library has remained central to knowledge, scholarship, and the imagination. Generously illustrated, The Meaning of the Library examines this key institution of Western culture. Tracing what the library has meant since its beginning, examining how its significance has shifted, and pondering its importance in the twenty-first century, significant contributors–including the librarian of the Congress and the former executive director of the HathiTrust–present a cultural history of the library. Whether relishing an account of the Alexandrian Library or a look at the stylish railway libraries of nineteenth-century England, readers will find a sparkling survey of the library through time. Here, too, are the imagined libraries of fiction, poetry, and film, from Scheherazade's stories to The Name of the Rose and beyond. In an informative introduction, Alice Crawford sets out the book's purpose and scope, and an international array of scholars, librarians, writers, and critics offer vivid perspectives about the library through their chosen fields.Contributors to this collection include David Allan, James Billington, Robert Crawford, Robert Darnton, Stephen Enniss, Richard Gameson, Edith Hall, Laura Marcus, Andrew Pettegree, John Sutherland, Marina Warner, and John Wilkin. A landmark collection, The Meaning of the Library addresses the significance of the library–both physical and virtual–in the past and present, and will appeal to readers, librarians, and all who are interested in this vital institution's heritage and ongoing legacy.
Into the Great Forest: A Story for Children Away from Parents for the First Time Free ShippingFrom $28.14
A child often experiences separation from his or her parents – whether it is to go to a playgroup, to school, to camp, or a stay with relatives – with a mixture of anticipation, fear, and anxiety. This book, a fairy tale dream, describes and elaborates in the character of a young boy the various feelings that many children experience when they begin school. It gently suggests ways that children can resolve their conflicts about separating from their parents and offers children, through their identification with the boy, an opportunity to realize their own inner strengths and capabilities.
Fundamentals of Calculus Free ShippingFrom $131.81
<p><b>Features the techniques, methods, and applications of calculus using real-world examples from business and economics as well as the life and social sciences</b></p> <p>An introduction to differential and integral calculus, <i>Fundamentals of Calculus</i> presents key topics suited for a variety of readers in fields ranging from entrepreneurship and economics to environmental and social sciences.</p> <p>Practical examples from a variety of subject areas are featured throughout each chapter and step-by-step explanations for the solutions are presented. Specific techniques are also applied to highlight important information in each section, including symbols interspersed throughout to further reader comprehension.</p> <p>In addition, the book illustrates the elements of finite calculus with the varied formulas for power, quotient, and product rules that correlate markedly with traditional calculus. Featuring calculus as the &ldquo;mathematics of change,&rdquo; each chapter concludes with a historical notes section.</p> <p><i>Fundamentals of Calculus</i> chapter coverage includes:</p> <ul> <li>Linear Equations and Functions</li> <li>The Derivative</li> <li>Using the Derivative</li> <li>Exponents and Logarithms</li> <li>Differentiation Techniques</li> <li>Integral Calculus</li> <li>Integrations Techniques</li> <li>Functions of Several Variables</li> <li>Series and Summations</li> <li>Applications to Probability</li> </ul> Supplemented with online instructional support materials,<i> Fundamentals of Calculus</i> is an ideal textbook for undergraduate students majoring in business, economics, biology, chemistry, and environmental science.
Genuine School Leadership: Experience, Reflection, and Beliefs Free ShippingFrom $46.6
There is a form of spirituality inherent in leading school districts and schools. That spirituality is embedded in human engagement and in the mission of formal education, which is to help students develop their potentiality to the fullest extent possible. Within this process of leading, superintendents, principals, and other administrators encounter this same transforming opportunity. This book explores the spiritual basis of educational leadership. Organized in three parts, the author answers the following questions: - What does it mean to be a spiritual education leader? - How should spiritual education leaders engage others? - How should spiritual educational leaders organize their schools and school districts? The author offers a framework for readers to analyze their own leadership styles through reflective practice and provides different lenses through which to observe, articulate, andaimprove the values-based underpinnings of their individual work.