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Annabelles Wish DVD from DVDLand.A heart-warming tale about a young boy and his loveable calf Annabelle and their… more info
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Slugterra - Slugs Unleashed - DVDFrom $14.99
To be the best slugslinger, you’ve got to be the fastest. But you’ve also got to be the smartest. That’s where Eli Shane comes in. Growing up, Eli always dreamt of joining his father beneath the surface and becoming the greatest slugslinger in Slugterra. Now, the time has come. But Eli’s father is missing and it’s up to Eli, his Shane Gang, and his favorite slug — a faithful little Infernus called Burpy — to protect Slugterra from its foes until his father can be found.
The Wallflower - Collection 2 - DVDFrom $54.99
We're halfway through the series and the boys have barely made a dent in Sunako's impenetrable shield of unattractiveness. They KNOW there's a beautiful girl in there some place; she's just not going to come out without a fightStill, there are hints of hope. After all, Sunako HAS inexplicably managed to bond with Noi, the most beautiful girl in the school, despite the fact that the latter has kidnapped her one or two times. And, maybe just maybe the guys are starting to get a little feeling as to what it's like for people who're not a beautiful as they are. Well, a little teeny tiny bit perhaps.It's almost as if Auntie ways really trying to change ALL of them by bringing them together or more likely, it's all just an incredible coincidence
Maya The Bee - Night Blooms - DVDFrom $9.99
A young bee named Maya has left her hive to discover the beauty and mysteries of nature. As she explores the meadow where she lives, she meets other insects living there, plays to her heart's content and shares her joy with her friends.
Footrot Flats - The Dogs Tail - DVDFrom $24.95
This is the Dog’s Tale: his first encounter with the sexy Jess, his loyal devotion to Wal Footrot, whom he saves from a fate worse than death; his adventures with Horse, the cat with the barracuda jaw and fishhook claws; his brilliant cowardice and mighty nose, pitted against the dastardly schemes of the villainous Murphys, their hell hounds and the Croco Pigs.Will Wal become an All Black? Will Cooch recover his stolen Stag? Will the Dog win your hearts and funnybones? Rated: PGDuration: 71 minsReleased: 2005PAL Format - Region 4 DVD (for use on Australian DVD players)Click here for World DVD Standards