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Get your Eee Pad Transformer Prime to display on big screen monitors, TVs, and even projectors with the instant ease of… more info
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Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female Adapter Connectors for Moto XOOM and ASUS Tablet Only from more info
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Product Name: Asus Micro HDMI to HDMI TF201/300, 90-XB3900CA00020 Manufacturer / Brand: Asus Product Type: Personal… more info
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RG59 Coax Cable Plastic JoinerFrom $3.98
RG59 Coax Cable Plastic Joiner is splashproof and suits RG59 recommended for indoor use up to 1GHz. This joiner is commonly used to extend the length of an existing piece of coax cable and will work with all types of F connectors RG-59. Features: Easy & convenient installation Suitable for RG-59 coax cable Indoor use recommended Freq. Range 1-1000 MHz
2-Way HDMI Switcher with RemoteFrom $59.98
The 2 Way HDMI Switcher with Remote is used to expand the number of HDMI slots in your HD TV or monitor.
Dick Smith 5.8GHz AV SenderFrom $129
The 5.8GHz Audio Video Transmitter is designed to transmit audio and video signals wirelessly, enabling you to watch and control movies and other programs from your source device (DVD player, PayTV, VCR or other source devices) in another room up to 10-12m away. It is also possible to use the Infra-Red (IR) remote control of your source device from the remote location with the IR extender feature, which receives the remote control’s IR signal at the remote location and transmits it to the source device using a UHF transmission. The 5.8GHz Audio Video Transmitter has two main components, the Transmitter and the Receiver. The Transmitter sends an Audio Video (AV) signal from a source device to the Reciever via a 5.8GHz radio frequency (RF) signal - which can travel through walls and floors. Transmission distance will vary depending on local conditions. The Receiver then converts the RF signal from the Transmitter back into an AV signal and provides this for use with another TV. Features: Watch and control TV and movies from your Pay TV or DVD player in an adjacent room without wires! Tranfers AV signals via wideband 5.8GHz FM wireless transmissions, with a separate wireless link for the Remote extender function. The Remote Control extender allows you to use the Remote Controller from your regular TV, VCR, DVD etc in the remote viewing location (ie. take your Foxtel remote to the bedroom and control the Foxtel box located in your lounge room). 8 selectable wireless channels Up to 20m outdoor range, approx 10m max indoor range (ie. adjacent room to room). Input?Output connections : RCA plugs for Video (composite) and Audio (line level). Supplied with: 5.8GHz Transmitter, 5.8GHz Receiver, AV Input?Output cables, SCART to RCA adaptor, 2 x AC adaptors, IR Tx?Rx leads, and a detailed User Manual
4-Way Universal Audio Video Switch SelectorFrom $29.98
The Dick Smith Universal Audio?Video (AV) switch selector has a number of extra RCA sockets that provides for connection between AV equipment such as a TV, VCR, satellite receivers, CATV, DVD and PS1?PS2, N64 video games consoles. The selector comes with nickel-plated RCA sockets to reduce corrosion and tarnishing and a slide switch for easy selection between 4 different connected devices. Features: Universal Audio?Video AV switch selector Compatible with all AV equipment such as TV, VCR, satellite receivers, CATV, DVD and PS1?PS2, N64 video games consoles. Provides for added RCA sockets for switching between different AV equipment. Nickle plated RCA parts 4 inputs sets (12 RCA sockets) 1 output set (L and R audio channels, 1 video) to your television   Slide front switch control
Dick Smith Omni-directional Digital indoor TV AntennaFrom $69.98
The Dick Smith Omni-directional Digital indoor TV Antenna is an active (amplified) indoor TV antenna that supports all digital and analog signals in FM, VHF and UHF channels with omni-directional characteristics that does away with a need to constantly adjust the direction of the antenna simply to get a better reception. It has been designed in a stylish compact form to be mounted indoors on walls or placed upright or flat down on a desk, all, without overly imposing itself in an obstrusive manner and is particularly well suited for those who do not want to have an external antenna on the roof.
Dick Smith Indoor FM Radio Ribbon Antenna 1.2mFrom $14.98
Great as an FM antenna for your tuner or even as a VHF TV antenna in good reception areas. Simply find the best reception position, and stick it up with tacks or adhesive.Features:300 ohm ribbon cable antennaStandard centre-fed "dipole" configurationSuits 300 ohm television or FM radioDesigned for FM frequencies 88 to 108MHzSpade lug connectorsIndoor use only1.2 metres length
DS Compact Outdoor Digital TV AntennaFrom $89
DS Active (amplified) Compact Digital Outdoor TV Antenna suits all Australian UHF TV Channels and VHF 6 to 12 Channels. Features and General Specifications: Frequency Range: VHF 87.5 to 230MHz                                      UHF 470 to 862MHz Gain: 30dB Maximum Output Level: 100dBu Impedance: 75 ohms Noise Figure: equal to or less than 3dB Power supply: 12V dc (via AC/DC power adaptor - supplied) Note: Pole shown in picture is not supplied
DS Indoor TV Amplified UHF/VHF Digital Antenna, WhiteFrom $69.98
Active (powered amplified) Flat Panel Digital Indoor TV Antenna, covering all Australian Digital TV Channels both UHF and VHF. Features low noise amplifier technology and a blue power 'on' LED indicator. Features and specifications: Frequency Range: VHF 87.5 to 230MHz                                       UHF 470 to 862MHz Gain: 25dB Maximum Output Level: 100dBu Impedance: 75 ohms Noise Figure: equal to or less than 3dB Power Supply: 12V dc (via AC/DC power adaptor - supplied)  
DS HDMI Mini to HDMI Cable 1.5mFrom $29.98
The DS HDMI-Mini HDMI Cable 1.5m delivers the best in audio and video performance for all your digital equipment. Features: Length = 1.5m HDMI = High Definition Multimedia Interface. Supports high definition pictures to 1080p Gold plated internal connector tips for maximum conductivity Strain relief prevents breakage Dual shielding reduces noise interference for better signal quality OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) cable for purer signal transfer High quality easy grip connectors Suits all HDMI equipped devices such as DVD players, set top boxes, game consoles, digital cameras, camcorders and AV receivers to a HDMI equipped LCD, LED or plasma televisions.
Distinct DVD Laser Lens CleanerFrom $19.98
Distinct DVD Laser Lens Cleaner improves the sound and picture quality and prolongs the life of your DVD player. Video and voice instructions guide you through the cleaning process and includes two ultra soft, micro fibre brushes.