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JANE EYRE - Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) and Academy Awardwinner Judi Dench (Shakespeare in Love)...

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Keira Knightley (Love Actually) and James McAvoy (The Last King of Scotland) star in this extraordinary film from the Director of Pride &...

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This 18 disc box set of the Complete Veronica Mars DVD Box Set available for a limited time only.Veronica Mars takes the best and brainiest of the American culture of crime solving and adds a unique vision of its own, brooding, edgy, and darkly funny, to become one of the hottest, sleekest series ever. Season one introduces teenage sleuth Veronica Mars, a social outcast in a trendy SoCal beach town obsessed with finding out who murdered her best friend. New characters and shocking revelations envelop the town of Neptune in Season two. Veronica and her friends begin Hearst College in Season Three, where they discover their new campus is just as deadly as high school. If you\re searching for seething mystery and sardonic with, then look no further, welcome to the world of Veronica Mars.
Republic Of Doyle: Season 1 - DVDFrom $34.46
In a private investigation agency in a small coastal town, former cops Jake Doyle and his father Malachy have their own way of solving cases. With the help of Malachys live-in love Rose (who has her own secrets), Tinny the rebellious teenage niece and the troubled layabout Des, the Doyles form the perfect crime fi ghting unit, but their methods arent always on the right side of the law. Besides tackling the local crims, Jake also fi nds himself fending off the ladies: his crazy ex-wife, the new sexy local constable and a client or two... or three... Jake Doyle is not tortured, all-knowing or tragically fl awed. Hes just an ordinary guy trying to get by solving crime.
Pilot Guides Middle East - DVDFrom $25.83
At the junction of Africa, Europe and Asia, the Middle East is rightly known as the cradle of civilisation. Populated by genuinely hospitable people and boasts some of the worlds most beautiful and mystical scenery. Included in this set, is Egypt and Turkey with their own rich history and culture, and sites like nothing else on earth!
Sarah Silverman Collection, The - DVDFrom $34.46
Join Sarah Silverman and friends for 22 episodes of her critically acclaimed Comedy Central show, featuring Seasons 1 & 2 in this box set.Watch all her adventures, from getting high for the first time, driving into Osama bin Laden (or at least people she believes looks like him), joins a radical abortion clinic and licks her dogs anus. Had enough yet? Well she also dons black face and brings God to her high school reunion. Disgusted? Offended? Think were lying? Then watch now and see for yourself!
Reno 911! Most Wanted - DVDFrom $21.52
Roll with Renos finest deputies as they stumble through their favourite mishaps and misadventures in this compilation of the very best of Reno 911!Seven Most Wanted Episodes!
Sarah Silverman Program, The: Season 1 - DVDFrom $28.08
In the first season of the critically acclaimed The Sarah Silverman Program, Sarah gets hepped upon cough syrup, takes in a homeless man and poops her pants. With her unique perspective on life and her ability to turn just about everything into a song, find out why Sarah Silverman is an American treasure. An offensive, filthy-mouthed treasure.
Ladies Of Letters - DVDFrom $34.46
When Irene Spencer (Lipman) meets Vera Small (Reid) at her daughter Lesleys wedding reception they embark on a correspondence unlike any other in the history of letter-writing, with exchanges about ungrateful children, quarrelsome holidays, and some rather dubious recipes. As the pensioner pen-pals keep their spirits up with Sherry and shared recipes, their attempts at long-distance one-upmanship are strained by fractious families, misfiring romance and personal misfortune. In reality they are both lonely and taken for granted by their families and their correspondence is a lifeline for the two of them.
Take, The - DVDFrom $25.83
An exciting an uncompromising four-part adaptation of the best-selling crime thriller by Martina Cole, The Take stars Tom Hardy (RocknRolla) as Freddie Jackson, and Brian Cox (The Escapist) as Ozzy. Freddie is a free man after spending a considerable stretch at Her Majestys Pleasure, and now he plans to take the underworld by storm. As events unfold, his wife Jackie (Kierston Wareing - Leaving) becomes increasingly unstable, not helped by the actions of her younger sister, Maggie (Charlotte Riley - Easy Virtue, who is in love with Freddies cousin, Jimmy (Shaun Evans - Boy A). If you are a Jackson then you trust no one, because everyone in the criminal world is on The Take.
Not Going Out: Season 2 - DVDFrom $17.2
Meet Lee, a man who has a problem. His flatmate Kate has moved out for good and his best mate and landlord, Tim, has put the apartment up for sale.Face with the prospect of losing the flat, not to mention his well-meaning but utterly useless cleaner, Barbara, Lee rents the spare room to Tims ambitious younger sister, Lucy.Lees new domestic set-up leads him to discover the art world, the underworld, and the lengths one man will go for tickets to an England football match
Stingray - DVDFrom $25.83
2065, Marineville. The World Aquanaught Security Patrol (WASP) fight against the evil Titan and the Aquaphibians, grotesque undersea warriors, in the quest for world peace. Wasps most powerful asset is the sleek and deadly underwater craft STINGRAY, captained by intrepid Troy Tempest. Helping him are Phones, the brave radio expert, Commander Sam Shore, his daughter Atlanta and Marina the voiceless, tailless Mermaid.