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Join Barbie and her best friends in this magical colouring book. Full of sparkling scenes from the movie you will be… more info
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Barbie Princess Coll. 2 (Barbie and the Three Musketeers / Barbie and the Diamond Castle / Barbie as - DVD Only from Done Dirt Cheap DVD more info
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Barbie & The 3 Musketeers / Barbie Diamond Castle / Barbie Island Princess - DVD Only from Done Dirt Cheap DVD more info
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Barbie And The Three Musketeers DVD | Diamond Castle DVD | Island Princess DVD from DVDLand.Barbie As The Island… more info
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Barbie And The Secret Door Play 'n Store Castle. Relive the magic of the Barbie and the Secret Door film with this… more info
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Barbie 13-piece Fashion Design Plates Refill Kit. Now aspiring fashion designers can mix and match more plates, colours… more info
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One Week Friends Series Collection DVD from DVDLand. This is the subtitled edition.It is said that one of the qualities of a true friendship is to understand and be understood. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done, particularly when it comes to being friends with someone that has no recollection of being your friend the week after befriending them. To become friends over and over, again and again… that is the goal of Yuki Hase when approaching schoolmate Kaori Fujimaya. You see, things aren’t so simple when your memory disappears. And that’s exactly what happens with Kaori – she’s always alone because she can’t commit anything to memory, even if that commitment is as special as a memory of one of her friends. No matter how cherished her memories are, they vanish by the time Monday rolls around. But Yuki won’t give up in the fight for friendship as he embarks on a new mission every week to befriend a person he already knows. In this friendship, everything that’s old is new again in ONE WEEK FRIENDS!
Patlabor The Mobile Police OVA Series 2 the New Files DVD from DVDLand.Every cop has a story to tell, but not all of them are safe to show on television. That's especially true in the crazed world of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police's Special Vehicle Section, because when you toss giant robots into the mix almost anything can happen. A teddy bear holding people hostage and a search for albino alligators may just be typical days on the job, but what about an undercover mission into a public bathhouse looking for suspicious moles? What happens when the only place where you and your coworker can wait out a typhoon is a room in one of Japan's notorious "Love Hotels"? Then there's that drunken weekend at the hot springs and the infamous "underwear incident." But not every story has a humorous edge, and what begins as a battle for corporate survival turns into a melee in the streets as the makers of the deadly Griffin return for the ultimate exercise in urban combat! Noa Izumi and the men and women of the SV2 reveal the stories that couldn't be told before! Contains episodes 1-16.
Rozen Maiden Zuruckspulen Collection DVD from DVDLand.Each decision we make in life leads us down a different path. Have you ever wondered what would be if the path not chosen weren't lost to the chaos of the universe? For Jun Sakurada, just such an opportunity is presented to him in his darkest hour: a chance to communicate with a future version of himself who did not win the key and bring forth the Rozen Maidens, and a chance to fix the shattered remains of his own world. For Jun-who-did-not-win, the messages from his younger self represent a beacon of light in his mediocre and disappointing existence. When the adult Jun discovers a box with parts and building instructions for a familiar red-dressed doll, the goal becomes clear: revive Shinku in his world to save both worlds from succumbing to the evils of Kirakisho, the seventh Rozen Maiden in a desperate search for a body and master. The Alice Game will become a war of dimensions as two worlds hang by the threads of fate. Contains episodes 1-13.
Fairy Tail Collection 15 DVD from DVDLand.The most epic magic tournament in history continues as Fairy Tail attempts to snatch victory from the strongest guilds in the Grand Magic Games. The competition heats up as the guilds in the competition start playing dirty, Erza takes it upon herself to challenge one hundred deadly opponents, and four dragon slayers battle it out in an epic fight unlike anything the Fiore Kingdom has ever seen - one that threatens to rip the entire arena apart. But as the spells fly in the games, a conspiracy targeting one of Fairy Tail's members plays out behind the scenes, and a dark, familiar magic permeates the air. With the magical world completely focused on the competing guilds, a looming threat gains power - but will anyone notice before it's too late?
Unbreakable Machine Doll Series Collection DVD from DVDLand.Raishin Akabane and his beautiful companion Yaya enroll at Walpurgis Royal Academy to study Machinart: a dangerous blend of magic and technology. Raishin is a puppeteer capable of using magic to power up Yaya, his automaton, for ruthless battles no mere human could survive. In the wrong hands, Yaya is a deadly weapon, but the honorable Raishin, despite his mysterious quest for vengeance, takes no pleasure in killing for sport. Instead, he joins forces with a harem of gorgeous classmates to unmask those responsible for a rash of heinous human experimentation. If new enemies and terrible grades don't spell doom for Raishin, he and Yaya might live long enough to conquer the school where magic meets machine!
Bleach Collection 25 DVD from DVDLand includes episodes 330-342.In their bid to assume control of the Soul Society, Kageroza's Reigai imposters turn out to be as powerful as their Soul Reaper originals. A weakening Ichigo and the others attempt to train Nozomi to reach Shikai, possibly their key chance to defeat Kageroza. But there is still more to the mod soul Nozomi than meets the eye... Head Captain Genryusai Yamamoto joins the battle, but when Nozomi is taken captive and Ichigo's powers become increasingly unstable, the outcome is anybody's guess!
Coppelion Series Collection DVD from DVDLand.In 2016, a catastrophic nuclear meltdown annihilated 90% of Tokyo's population. 20 years later, the high levels of radiation have kept the ruined city a ghost town. From those ruins, a distress signal suddenly emerges. The Self Defense forces dispatch three girls from their special 'Coppelion' unit to search for survivors. But, hang on... why aren't they wearing any protection against radiation?
009 RE:CYBORGFrom $27.95
009 Re:Cyborg DVD from DVDLand.Nearly thirty years ago, nine weaponised cyborgs disappeared after they were forced to turn on their creators in the name of justice. Now, as a number of seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks occur in locations throughout the world, the cyborgs have returned to battle against the devastating force and restore order to the globe once more. An exciting feature length reboot of the famous manga from the 1960s, 009 RE: CYBORG is produced by Production I.G. (GHOST IN THE SHELL) and directed by Kenji Kamiyama – series director for GHOST IN THE SHELL: STAND ALONE COMPLEX and EDEN OF THE EAST.
A Certain Magical Index Season 2 Part 2 DVD from DVDLand.
A Certain Magical Index Movie Endymions Miracle DVD from DVDLand.Welcome to Academy City, a futuristic metropolis populated with super-powered students. As the brightest intellectual minds in the city work to complete the world's first space elevator--a towering spire capable of taking citizens into the heavens--perpetually unlucky Kamijo and nun-in-training Index befriend a talented street musician named Arisa. When the beautiful singer lands a big break, her miraculous voice attracts unwanted attention, making the songstress a target for magicians and scholars alike. As the battle between sorcery and science blasts into space, Kamijo, Index, and their allies in Academy City are rocketed to a psychedelic stadium thousands of feet above Japan in a desperate attempt to keep Arisa--and the rest of the world--safe