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This is a timeless and comprehensive collection of essential recipes that will save you trawling through lots of… more info
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Slow Cooking: Delicious Recipes for Your Electric Slow Cooker Only from QBD The Bookshop more info
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This title explores the authentic taste of Italy, with 130 classic and regional recipes shown in 270 stunning… more info
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You'll love this book, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are easy to get and they don't take long to make.… more info
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Jude Blereau’s name is synonymous with wholefood cooking and her recipe books are well-loved and sought after. Coming… more info
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Cooking for dietary restrictions can be tough, but when you have the best recipe books to help you, you can whip up… more info
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Prestige Cooker Recipe Book more info
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Nw-106 - New Wave Thermochef International Recipe Pack more info
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Zoku Quick Pops Recipe Book. Create your very own gourmet pops with this help of this Zoku Quick Pops recipe book.… more info
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It's Easier Than You Think: Delicious Recipes from the Cook School by Jo Seagar Only from Mighty Ape more info
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The Cook School Recipes by Jo Seagar Only from Mighty Ape more info
+ Shipping: $4.90
Vegetables have moved from the side dish to the main plate, grains celebrated with colour and flair. It's a revolution… more info
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Featuring vibrant, evocative food photography from acclaimed photographer Jonathan Lovekin, and with Yotam's voice and… more info
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Buddy Valastro not only makes extraordinary cakes but exquisite Italian meals. Kitchen Boss brings viewers into the… more info
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Stewed albatross, rat casserole, turtle soup, breadfruit and gruel: such was the fare of the 18th-century sailor as he… more info
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From the co-host of Australia's popular Today show comes this easy to use cookbook full of delicious recipes for any… more info
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Food has a direct impact on the symptoms of many arthritis sufferers. Some foods are beneficial and reduce… more info
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Mrs Cook's Book of Recipes For mariners in distant seas By John Dunmore Stewed albatross, rat casserole, turtle soup,… more info
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Save time while still getting that same delicious taste with the Women’s Weekly Pressure Cooking Recipe Book. Now you… more info
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Create beautiful and flavorsome meals with the Australian Women's Weekly More Slow Cooking Recipe Book. The sequel to… more info
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Life, Love & Cooking Recipes Only from Catch Of The Day more info
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Cook spicy and fragrant dishes with this innovative and easy-to-follow Malaysian Cookbook. Carol Selva Rajah, a well… more info
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Cooking made easy: this title offers 90 techniques and 50 recipes in 525 photographs. You can learn how to fry, poach,… more info
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Maria Gentile's classic 1919 cookbook is a practical guide for creating economical, nourishing, and delicious Italian… more info
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Pam Anderson grew up watching her parents and grandparents make dinner every night by simply taking the ingredients on… more info
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This book offers 150 delectable ideas for cooking with herbs, shown in over 500 photographs. It is a fabulous… more info
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During her long life, Elizabeth Cook (1741-1835) had many opportunities to hear about the voyages undertaken by her… more info
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As a registered dietitian, diabetes educator, and blogger, Nicole Morrissey has created a wide variety of recipes for… more info
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Master fisherman and chef John Manikowski offers seafood lovers 150 succulent recipes for cooking just about anything… more info
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The cast iron Dutch oven is a classic workhorse for any camp cook, perfect for whipping up one-pot meals for breakfast,… more info
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A vegetarian cookbook everyone in the family can love From the most trusted name in America comes an all-purpose… more info
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With over 400 recipes in total, there is something for every occasion and time of day. All the favourites are featured,… more info
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Mary Karlin's enticing recipes explore the diverse flavor characteristics of hardwoods and live-fire cooking methods… more info
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"Thai Cooking Made Easy" brings over 60 magnificent Thai treats into your kitchen. From fiery hot soups to tangy… more info
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Reading Between the Wines: With a New Preface Free ShippingFrom $34.02
Acclaimed importer and wine guru Terry Theise, long known for his top-notch portfolio and his illustrious writing, now offers this opinionated, idiosyncratic, and beautifully written testament to wine. What constitutes beauty in wine, and how do we appreciate it? What role does wine play in a soulful, sensual life? And can wines of place survive in a world of globalized styles and 100-point scoring systems? In his highly approachable style, Theise describes how wine can be a portal to aesthetic, emotional, even mystical experience - and he frankly asserts that these experiences are most likely to be inspired by wines from artisan producers.
Breakfasts & Brunches Free ShippingFrom $12.82
A good, nourishing breakfast is vital if you are to get the best out of your day. This book features traditional dishes, such as Egg, Bacon and Wild Mushroom Fry Up, Scotch Pancakes, and Smoked Fish Kedgeree, as well as new ideas including Egg Crostini with Rouille, Orange & Coriander Brioches, and Cannellini Bean & Rosemary Bruschetta.
Edible Gifts Free ShippingFrom $12.82
Features over 30 ideas for cooking with seasonal produce. This book contains classic recipes, such as Lemon and Mint Curd and Spicy Mustards, as well as more unusual gifts, including Turkish Delight and Peach Wine. It also includes recipes for preserves and drinks, spreads and cookies, oils and vinegars, and candies and sweet delights.
Classic Cocktails Free ShippingFrom $12.82
A collection of sophisticated concoctions for every occasion. It features traditional cocktails such as Mint Julep and Harvey Wallbanger as well as excitingly different Coffee & Chocolate Flip and Chilli Vodkatini. It also includes information on a wide variety of cocktail ingredients and useful equipment.
Best-Ever Muffins & Quick Breads Free ShippingFrom $14.86
There is nothing quite like the smell of home baking and few things more delicious than muffins or tea breads served straight from the oven. In this book, the quick bread recipes feature Banana Bread and Orange and Honey Tea Bread while the more traditional scone recipes include Wholemeal Scones and Cheese and Marjoram Scones.
Quick & Easy Pizzas Free ShippingFrom $12.82
Originating in Naples as a quick and inexpensive snack, the ever-popular pizza has never looked back since leaving its native city. This book shows you how to make the tastiest pizzas, from simple classics such as Quattro Formaggi and Fiorentina to stunning party pieces like Smoked Salmon Pizzettes and Spinach and Ricotta Panzerotti.
Sugar Dogs Free ShippingFrom $9.58
Frances McNaughton shows how to make adorable sugar dogs for cake decorating using sugarpaste and a few simple tools and techniques. First we learn about the materials and tools that are needed. Then it is straight on to making twenty popular breeds of dog including a border collie, dachshund, bichon rise, bassett hound, dalmatian, King Charles Spaniel, poodle, shitzu, St Bernard and yorkshire terrier. The models are all recognisable as particular breeds but with plenty of humour and character built in. The constituent parts of the animals are shown with the step by step instructions, and annotated for clarity, then each finished dog is pictured in all its splendour. Cake decorators will want to making these appealing pooches as cake toppers that dog lovers will adore.
Crepes and Galettes Free ShippingFrom $34.37
The culinary offering from Breizh Cafe is a cut above typical Breton crepes and galettes. Working with exceptional raw materials is the principle at the heart of Bertrand Larcher's culinary enterprise. Using only the best products - including the highly regarded Bordier butter - all his core ingredients are locally sourced and made by Brittany's top farmers and artisans. His singular approach forms the driving force behind this book, where he has gathered over 60 original crepe and galette recipes. Simple yet premium-quality Breton products are combined with unique flavours for an authentic and surprising result: Breizh roll with goat's cheese tartare, smoked salmon and ikura galette, chicken and cider sauce galette, honey and saracen ice cream crepe. Creating enhanced traditional recipes that become exceptional dishes is what Breizh Cafe stands for - the perfect balance between simplicity and excellence.
Lucky Peach Free ShippingFrom $21.53
"Lucky Peach" is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.