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Cisco SPA501G 8-Line IP Phone with 2-Port Switch PoE...

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Cisco SPA501G Business Class IP Phone - 8-Line, Full-Duplex Speakerphone, Dynamic Softkeys, PoE Support, 2xLAN (SPA501G)...

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Jabra Speak 510 PhoneFrom $128
Increase productivity and stay focused wherever you are with Jabra Speak 510, a portable speakerphone that gives you the power to literally turn any room into a conference room. Regardless of your location and your timeline, you can now join the conversation anytime, anywhere. This device plugs into any USB port or connects to a Bluetooth enabled device to allow approx 4 people (range is 1m) to join a conversation. The Speak 510 has a slim and compact design and is the perfect solution for audio conferencing on demand with a compact and lightweight design, an integrated usb cable management for quick set-up and a protective travel case.
Konftel 50 PhoneFrom $416
Let’s start by saying this conference phone connects to digital, IP phones, mobile phones, cordless phones, your computer and it even lets you use a headset too. Some of these connections require optional cables – mobile phone needs a specific cable (option) depending on which model you use and if you want to use USB for connecting to a computer, rather than the stereo cables provided you will need a USB adaptor also. That said, for a small conferencing system suitable for up to 6 participants, it offers incredible flexibility and is a great all rounder.
Konftel 300 PhoneFrom $729
The Konftel 300 conference phone connects to not only your office phone system but also your computer and mobile phone too. For a conference phone designed to cater to up to 10 participants (16 with expandable mics or more with the PA attachment) it is a very comprehensive solution and really is the only conference phone you’ll ever need.
Konftel 250 PhoneFrom $624
The Konftel 250 conference phone works the same as a Polycom unit in that it connects to your phone system via an analogue extension. And, you are only limited by how many parties you can conference to by the phone system itself and the number of lines connected to it. Unlike the smaller 50 and 60W models, the Konftel 250 conference phone offers premium sound quality with the patented OmniSound® HD audio technology. Without the expandable microphones (option) the Konftel 250 conference phone can easily accommodate up to 10 participants in a room with its omni-directional 360 degree microphone pickup. The speaker sound quality is excellent as is the microphone capabilities.
Konftel 60W PhoneFrom $273
Like it’s smaller counterpart ( the Konftel 50), the Konftel 60W conference phone connects to digital, IP phones, mobile phones, cordless phones, your computer and it even lets you use a headset too. The “w” in 60w does not denote wireless unit in the traditional sense of being able to walk around with it. It means the device is wireless because it can connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices only. With this you can now connect to any Bluetooth device (mobiles, ipad, computers, mobiles etc). If you’re looking to connect it to your computer then it comes standard with stereo jacks (the green and pink ones for a soundcard). If you’d prefer to use a USB connection then this requires an optional adaptor that must be purchased separately. It’s a phenomenal all-rounder and very hard to go past for anything but the largest conferencing requirements.
Konftel 300W PhoneFrom $182
The Konftel 300W is a completely wireless conference phone that connects to your computer, your mobile and even integrates with DECT systems if you are running a wireless DECT network in the office. This model even includes the separate DECT base station that allows you to specifically connect to your DECT environment – if you don’t need DECT compatibility then you can buy the Konftel 300w without DECT base station. The Konftel 300W supports DECT 6.0 for less interference and clearer conversations. Its embedded line mode also enables you to connect DECT, mobile phones and USB simultaneously for multi-party calls. You don’t have to worry about phone jacks and power outlets just take it to the room you need and’re conferencing.
Konftel 300M PhoneFrom $869
The Konftel 300M is perfect for companies that need mobile conferencing solutions. Getting started couldn’t be simpler:the SIM card and you are connected to the mobile Network. It’s compatible with both the 3G and GSM networks. The 300M also connects via a USB to your computer. The USB computer connection enables you to make VoIP calls, and you can use the Konftel 300M in environments with unified communications solutions. Mobile and USB connections are easy to combine and switch using the phone’s line mode.
Wild and Wolf 746 TelephoneFrom $115
The late-1960s era 746 Phone was as instantly iconic as telephone design gets. Revamped with only the slightest of modern touches, it comes with builtin handle so you can carry it from room to room as you talk - the lightweight handset is also helpful if you don’t like to be weighed down during lengthy exchanges. Also features push button dialling, redial button, and earpiece volume control. Size: 16 x 27 x 18.5 cm Material: Plastic
Wild and Wolf Trim PhoneFrom $77
Now revamped for the 21st century,this 1970s design classic has all the mod cons youd expect from a modern telephone. The glossy plastic outer is built to withstand falls, while the key features include push button dialling,redial button, ringer volume on/off switch, tone/pulse switch and earpiece volume control. Size: 9 x 22 x 11 cm
Panasonic KXTG6822ALB TelephoneFrom $88
Make calls even when the power fails Clear sound with Equalizer and Noise Reduction Smart Key and Incoming Call Blocker Stylish design with bright 1.8” LCD screen Advanced digital answering machine and Eco mode DECT / GAP: Yes / Yes Multiple Handsets Capability: 6 Number of LCD Languages: 14 Answering Machine: Yes with counter on base Answering Machine Remote Control Access: Remote operation from outside Ringer / Charger Indicator: Yes / Blue Incoming Call Barring - Black List: 30 Customised Sound System: Treble / Bass No Bluetooth Function Short Stroke Key: Yes Power Back-up Operation: Yes Smart Function Key - TOP Key: Yes Advanced Alarm Clock: Yes Night Mode: Yes Call Restriction: Yes Low Radio Power - Handset: Yes Clear Sound: Yes One Touch Eco Mode: Yes Caller ID / Caller ID Memory: Yes / 50 Stations Phonebook Memory (Name & Number): 100 Stations (16 char / 24 digits) Phonebook Copy: Handset - Handset No Speed Dial LCD Backlight Colour: White Call Share: Yes Talk Time (hours): 15 Standby Time (hours): 170 Charge Time (hours): 7 Total Recording Time (mins): 30