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Free Delivery Worldwide : Candice Olson Family Spaces : Paperback : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Candice Olson Family Spaces : Paperback : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Candice Olson Family Spaces : Paperback : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company :… more info
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Free Delivery Worldwide : Candice Olson Family Spaces : Paperback : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company :… more info
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Edible Flower GardenFrom $20.29
“The Edible Flower Garden” is a beautiful collection of flowers that can be used for cookery: from candied violets and roses to decorate appetizers and cakes, to nasturtiums for a colorful shrimp salad, to day lily buds, pink clover, and wild mustard flowers that are tossed together in a spectacular stir-fry.
The Edible BalconyFrom $34.39
Journalist and broadcaster Indira Naidoo has always been passionate about food and, teaming this with her increasing desire to live a sustainable life, has transformed her tiny 13th floor apartment balcony into a herb and vegetable garden that provides her with fresh produce all year round. The Edible Balcony charts a year in the life of her kitchen garden, giving a season-by-season account with delicious recipes appearing throughout that make the very best of the produce. A practical how-to section at the front of the book guides novice gardeners and green thumbs alike on the best way to garden in small spaces.
Annie's Garden to TableFrom $39.14
'I'm not quite sure what possessed me to start a kitchen garden, but there is no doubt that my cooking has developed a real spring in its step since then...' Annie Smithers is a great believer in using fresh organic produce with minimal food miles. In most cases, this means just a few steps, for Annie has an acre of garden from which she sources the majority of the produce for her highly successful restaurant in Kyneton, Victoria. Writing in a diary format, Annie shares the ups and downs of setting up her garden, interspersed with simple, seasonal recipes that allow her star crops to shine.
Organic Vegetables & Fruit Growing & Preserving Month by MonFrom $22.96
Written by two acclaimed organic gardening experts, this is a book to trust, with its information presented in a clear, concise and logical way, including useful nutritional data. This organic kitchen garden manual enables first-time gardeners or green-fingered old hands to grow and eat wonderful fresh organic produce all year round. It begins with general advice on organic gardening practice, including information on choosing tools, planning the plot, selecting the best varieties, preparing the soil, combating pests and diseases, harvesting, and more. It then advises the reader on what jobs to do when, in a well laid out 'Month-by-Month' section, which also contains special features and insights, hints and tips. This is followed by an alphabetic 'Crop-by-Crop' section, listing 70 individual vegetables, fruits and herbs, each with its own particular information on sowing, planting, harvesting, specific pest control techniques and a selection of the most reliable varieties.Next comes a 'Storing and Preserving' section, including storing crops like onions carrots and apples; making jams, chutneys and special oils and vinegars; freezing all sorts of vegetables and fruits; bottling a variety of crops; and drying herbs and fruits. This absorbing book can be enjoyed on the sofa, or taken into the kitchen or garden for instant reference. It is one of the most useful tools a gardener could ever wish for.
Pocket Guide to the Edible GardenFrom $25.99
The Pocket Guide to the Edible Garden takes its readers through the fruit and vegetable gardening year, listing month-by-month the tasks to be done and showing in original hand-drawn illustrations exactly how to do them. It answers those awkward but essential questions regarding how deep, how far apart, how to tend and care, and how - and when - to do this and that. This handy book is a practical manual that wants to spend most of its life in your pocket or in the garden shed, and to be consulted regularly throughout the seasons, just as you might turn to an experienced old friend for guidance and advice on edible gardening matters. The Pocket Guide to the Edible Garden holds in its pages the knowledge and the experience of author Joe Hashman (aka 'Dirty Nails' of the Blackmore Vale Magazine) condensed into clear, concise language and amplified by Helen Lanchbery's meticulous drawings.
Queen of CraftsFrom $24.79
Feeling the itch to stitch and the urge to preserve? Well then, get your craft on with crafter-about-town Jazz Domino Holly. As the daughter of rock-royalty and founder of the Shoreditch Sisters Women's Institute, Jazz is the perfect guide. Have fun and impress your friends and family with your crafting skills as you learn how to: unravel the mystery of knits and purls and whip up a Girlie Bow Headband; fix your stitches and sew a string of Heart-Felt Bunting; feel the heat in the kitchen and bake a batch of Queen of Crafts Jam Tarts; preserve tradition and fill your empty jars with delicious Oh My Darling Clementine Marmalade; get green-fingered and plant a Herbal Tea Garden; become your own beauty expert and mix up a pot of Get Lippy Lip Balm. Jazz will show you how to make all these things and many, many more. You'll be hosting the perfect tea party, organising a bake-off and setting up your own knitting circle in no time (and having a lot of fun along the way).
The Spirituality of GardeningFrom $41.74
Sinclair's expansive and beautifully crafted vision honours the blessings of sunlight, earth, water, and air found in our own gardens, and, in so doing, awakens us to a deep love and compassion for planet earth, the original garden paradise.
Yard Full of Sun: The Story of a Gardner's Obsession That Got a Little Out of HandFrom $32.74
Yard Full of Sun: The Story of a Gardener's Obsession That Got a Little Out of Hand is the perfect guide to extreme gardening and shows that a little dedication can go a long way. If you have ever lived in the desert, or are planning to relocate, Yard Full of Sun will explain: The ins and outs of building your own bungalow Water conservation and collecting rain water in a homemade cistern Soil conditions and how to treat your dirt The importance of landscaping plans and how to make them Plants that thrive in an arid landscape Colors and flowers Cactus: love it? hate it? Creative gardening techniques And most importantly: There is no shame in scavenging along the side of the road for the perfect seeds. Yard Full of Sun is a full-bodied gardening adventure meant to inspire you to think beyond the turf and queen palm landscape. This humorous and easy-to-read book chronicles the struggles and triumphs of one family as they design and construct a home and garden in the desert. Exploring gardens from southern Sonora, Mexico to Utah's Great Basin, Southern California to Texas, this is the book to have before creating your own retreat.