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Bali has long been a creative inspiration for the world—providing exciting new design ideas that are emulated today in… more info
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Discover how visionary architects and designers are pioneering a new, environmentally sustainable style of tropical… more info
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'This is a strange and wonderful book, simultaneously a meditation on the nature of making and a reflection on time. It… more info
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Bone Carving by Stephen Myhre Only from Mighty Ape more info
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This contemporary collection consists of both Floral and Abstract designs. These attractive designs are available in a… more info
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This contemporary collection consists of both Floral and Abstract designs. These attractive designs are available in a… more info
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Retro Style Flower Vine Carving Design Women s Alloy Bracelet more info
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Vintage Faux Gemstone Embellished Carved Design Wide Lace Charm Bracelet For Women more info
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Pair of Vintage Style Stereo Carve Design Alloy Cufflinks For Men more info
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Exquisite Diamante Carved Design Cross Pendant Necklace For Men more info
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Unique Design Hand Carved Solid Mango Wood Vase more info
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Round Shape Salad Bowl with Carved Floral Design more info
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Bikini top by Raisins Bandeau design Detachable halterneck strap Macrame fringing Open weave design to reverse Hand… more info
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Traditional Balinese compound architecture is evident throughout, but most are contemporary structures that reinterpret… more info
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"Balinese Art" is the first comprehensive survey of Balinese painting from its origins in the traditional Balinese… more info
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"Asian Hotels" showcases the best boutique hotels and resorts in Bali, Java, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.… more info
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Bali Houses is a beautiful introduction to the contemporary Asian design movement know as 'Bali Style'. With visually… more info
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New in paperback, landscape and architectural designer Made Wijaya draws on his photographic archives, compiled over… more info
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This is a book about passion, obsession and discovery in an amazing land, but also about the voyage of a highly… more info
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Bali Essence is an uplifting book depicting the diverse and unique island of Bali. Captivating images transport you… more info
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technical terms and a gallery of finished examples for further more info
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This title features twenty pumpkin carving patterns with full-colour photographs. It includes instructions for using… more info
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Carve lifelike animal-handled canes and walking sticks with power tools. Over 180 clear color photos and concise,… more info
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Legend has it that the forest of the world are inhabited by elusive creatures known as "Wood Spirits". Tom Wolfe finds… more info
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This title covers the full process and all techniques needed to create superb, miniature carvings reflecting Japanese… more info
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The human figure is the most important subject in sculpture, and this book offers a thorough grounding in the skills… more info
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"A primer for woodcarvers in the vocabulary of classical ornamentation, and the practical skills needed to carve… more info
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Watching the form of a living creature — such as a bird, fish, or butterfly — gradually emerge from a piece of… more info
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This volume brings together new research by some of the world's leading experts, exploring the artistic production and… more info
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Grinling Gibbons (1648 - 1721), the greatest of decorative woodcarvers, is seen in this study through the eyes of a… more info
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A comprehensive explanation of Swiss wood carving, known as Black Forest, from 1820-1940. Written by experts on the… more info
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Bone carving is as old as civilisation itself. Even some of the oldest bone artifacts have decorative features that are… more info
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Instructions include gold leaf application as a finishing detail. more info
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This 1880s-style Western Train woodcarving is part of the effort of The Caricature Carvers of America to promote the… more info
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See what a gourd and a chisel can make and learn that chip-carving has never been so easy. The advanced techniques… more info
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Learn all the steps necessary to create unique carved wooden Christmas tree ornaments. 132 clear color photos… more info
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Ultimate Coloring Book Treasury by Valentina HarperFrom $30.25
Inside this big coloring book for grownups are 96 ready-to-color art activities that will unleash your inner artist. Each vibrantly detailed illustration is designed to help you relax and unwind while you exercise your creativity. Beautifully colored finished examples are provided, along with a handy guide to basic art techniques, from patterning and combinations to shading and color theory. This therapeutic coloring book is perfect for decorating with markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or watercolors. Printed on high-quality, extra-thick paper that won't bleed through, all of the pages are pre-perforated for easy removal and display.
Homeland Revealed by Matt HurwitzFrom $11.95
An American soldier presumed killed in Iraq returns home eight years after disappearing. This is the premise of the award-winning and highly addictive Homeland. Known for its heart-pumping plot and phenomenal acting, Homeland has garnered fabulous reviews and legions of devoted fans.This richly visual book unpacks the complex show, delving into favorite characters, plot lines, and behind-the-scenes detail, while also examining how real-world technology and techniques inspire and inform Homeland. Hundreds of photos capturing the intense onscreen action complement veteran writer Matt Hurwitz's narrative as he weaves in and out of the past three seasons using interviews with the creators, cast, and crew. An engrossing read in a deluxe hardcover package, Homeland Revealed is the ultimate gift for any fans of the series.About the Author Matt Hurwitz is a Los Angeles-based entertainment journalist for a number of outlets, including Variety, International Cinematographers Guild, Reuters and more. His work places readers behind the scenes in the production of movies and television.
The LEGO Architect by Tom AphinFrom $37.95
The LEGO Architect is your guide to creating amazing LEGO buildings.Travel through history and explore Neoclassical, Art Deco, Brutalist, Modernist, and other famous architectural styles.Each chapter includes a discussion of the architectural movement, photographs of famous real-life buildings, a gallery of exemplary LEGO models, as well as step-by-step building instructions for your very own mini models.Snap together some bricks, and learn all about architecture the fun way!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollFrom $26.4
?Down,down,down.Would the fall never come to an end!'Since its publication in 1865, Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has delighted the world with a wildly imaginative and unforgettable journey, inspiring children of all ages to suspend disbelief and follow Alice into her fantasy worlds. This new gift edition presents Carroll's tale fully unabridged with a unique visual interpretation by renowned artist Camille Rose Garcia.
Hooked Hats: 20 Easy Crochet Projects Free ShippingFrom $34.54
Crocheted hats are in style on everyone from sophisticated urbanites to women of a certain age. They are seen on hip skateboarders and happy babies. No wonder the hat is such a popular crochet project. "Hooked Hats" presents 15 easy crochet designs bursting with colour, textures, and fashion style. The projects feature a variety of yarns from bright cottons to novelty yarns and offer extras like linings, edgings, and embellishments. For the many beginners, an illustrated basics section teaches the stitches. There are rare alternative instructions for lefties and a handy ruler. "Hooked Hags" is part of an exciting new series of crochet project books.
Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Puzzle Book Free ShippingFrom $33.18
Don't let that brain get flabby Flexing the frontal lobes keeps them in shape, and when better to do it than when the body is otherwise occupied? Flush with the success of Number One and Number Two, the Bathroom Readers' Institute tapped into the talents of puzzle maven Stephanie Spadaccini to compile entry Number Three in the popular "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Puzzle Book" series. The book includes crosswords, cryptograms, crostics, word searches, anagrams, trivia quizzes, and other popular puzzles suitable for both quick trips and extended stays.
Richard Learoyd: Day for Night Free ShippingFrom $153.16
This deluxe, oversized monograph offers the most comprehensive collection of Richard Learoyds color studio images to datemostly portraits, but also including a handful of exquisite still lifes. The color images are made with one of the most antiquarian of photographic processes: the camera obscura, literally translated from Latin as dark room. Learoyd has created a room-sized camera in which the Cibachrome photographic paper is exposed. The subject is in the adjacent room, separated by a lens. Light falling on the subject is directly focused onto the photographic paper without an interposing film negative. The result is an entirely grainless image. The overall sense of these larger-than-life images redefines the photographic illusion. Learoyds subjects, composed simply and directly, are described with the thinnest plane of focus, recreating and exaggerating the way that the human eye perceives not without a small acknowledgement to the paintings of the Dutch Masters. The 150 images in this volume have been reproduced with utmost care to capture the luminosity of the original materials.Includes an artist statement by Learoyd and curatorial statement by Martin Barnes, who is organizing the first solo exhibition of the artists work at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Art & Today Free ShippingFrom $49.73
Targeting the same audience as Phaidon's highly successful and long-selling Art Today by Edward Lucie-Smith, Art & Today surveys contemporary art from 1980 to today, discussing over 450 of the most important artists of the last 25 years. Each of the 16 chapters in Art & Today tackles a major theme of contemporary art. This emphasis on broad, thematic relationships defies the narrow, now-tired classifications of medium, period, genre, or geographic region so often regurgitated in contemporary art surveys of this ilk. Instead, Art & Today posits fresh, thought-provoking juxtapositions of artists from different regions, periods and mediums. For instance, in the chapter "Art and the Body," one might find performance discussed alongside figurative painting, sculpture and photography alongside video, and North American artists alongside Asian artists. Internationally renowned art critic and scholar, Eleanor Heartney is respected for her clear language and pragmatic approach to contemporary art. Her straightforward, engaging descriptions and explanations will appeal to both experts and newcomers alike.
Four Seasons: A Coloring Book Free ShippingFrom $17.95
This interactive activity book of beautifully detailed black-and-white illustrations will inspire you to bring each scene to life through colouring. There are pages and pages of charming images for each season that promise to delight everyone-with rambling rose gardens and whimsical garden critters; wreaths and alphabets composed of fruits and flowers; butterflies and seashells; intricate falling leaves and cozy cat-occupied living rooms; ribbons and Christmas trees; and lots and lots of empty spaces, just waiting for you and your coloured pencils to complete. The Four Seasons Coloring Book will help you keep colour and joy in your life all year round.
Fantastic Fashion Free ShippingFrom $29.26
Over 300 varieties of snowdrops, photographed in their natural setting.