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Men, here's the audiobook for you to listen to as you commute! A companion to A Woman After God's Own Heart! -- written… more info
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According to early yogic teachings, your breath is a direct means of unifying and purifying consciousness. On Chakra… more info
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Listen to an audio sample online in MP3 format--click here Fear and guilt are two of the greatest challenges we face… more info
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Awaken Your Bodys Energy System for Complete Health Happiness and Peace. . more info
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?Wellness' is a concept that has taken hold in recent years, emphasising the importance of nurturing our physical,… more info
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Dr Gillian Ross guides the listener through deep relaxation practices bringing peacefulness and calm. De stress and… more info
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A very young man with muddied hair, a pierced ear and a blue tattoo lies cradled in Phryne’s arms. But sadly it’s not… more info
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In 1787 Lieutenant Daniel Rooke sets sail from Portsmouth with the First Fleet and its cargo of convicts, destined for… more info
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Yoga nidra is a life-changing technique practiced by sages and yogis for thousands of years. Available for the first… more info
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This extraordinary music helps listeners to assess and cultivate their energetic health. Composed and performed by… more info
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This companion workbook from the author of "The 7 Healing Chakras, is filled with hands-on exercises anyone can use to… more info
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Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist traditions. more info
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For thousands of years, the yogic technology of kundalini was veiled in secrecy and passed only from master to chosen… more info
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DISCOVERED INTUITIVELY AND PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY. "In 1980 I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk, I drew… more info
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Chakras are a series of seven energy centers running from the base of the spine to the top of the head. Each one… more info
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This high quality hypnotherapy CD combines powerful clinical hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital… more info
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Balance. 52 cards in a build-in card-holder. more info
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In Indian healing philosophy, chakras are the seven energy centres running from the base of the spine to the crown of… more info
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Join Us for English is a fully updated new edition of the highly successful Join In. This five-level course for young… more info
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Tai Chi Meditation, Disc 1: Life Force Breathing by Jerry Alan Johnson - Audio Book on CD Only from Audio Books Direct more info
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Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's clinically proven audio system helps you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling rested and… more info
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Breathing can transform your life and make you a healthier, more relaxed human being. Dr. Bruce Frantzis has developed… more info
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Imagine achieving physical fitness and spiritual growth simultaneously. Roger Joslin's step-by-step program is an… more info
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Feel better, healthier, and more relaxed...with the audiocompanion to the #1 Bestseller “You: Staying Young”Nothing is… more info
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The same ability that helps ordinary men and women achieve extraordinary success is also the secret to optimizing your… more info
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The liberating practice of insight meditation. more info
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The answers to the most profound spiritual questions lie within us-but how do we gain access to our deepest wisdom?… more info
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Let this audio book help to enrich your life as you learn the foundations of Tai Chi Meditation. You'll find the… more info
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Uniting the natural spirit and human spirit is the ultimate goal of spiritual enlightenment. In order to reach this… more info
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Capcom Breath of Fire 3 PSP Game
A re-release in Japan of the third edition of Capcom's RPG series, originally released in 2003 for the PS one. This… more info
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Gemstone Chakra Spin Ring Click to see supersized image This spin ring has been created to represent the seven major… more info
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Gemstone Chakra Spin Ring Click to view supersize image This spin ring has been created to represent the seven major… more info
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1x Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Geode Clusters Healing Chakra Meditation Yoga Quantity : 1 pcs Size:(approx) 5x3.5x1… more info
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Berk - Inner Worlds Crown Chakra Meditation Cushion Only $102.54 from more info
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Berk - Inner Worlds Throat Chakra Meditation Cushion Only $102.54 from more info
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Chakra Pendant Hand Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver Chakra Pendant Hand Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver Measures approx:… more info
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