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Guess For Man 75ml EDT Mens Cologne
Guess Man by Guess is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for men. It boasts notes of nutmeg, white pepper, ginger and lavender. more info
Do your part for the environment and give your garden a hand too with the BiG BUYS Heavy Duty Compost Tumbler Bin. With… more info
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A widely-recognized fashion design teacher presents a series of step-by-step tutorials and exercises, and offers… more info
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"The Design Book" brings together the best in contemporary design for the home, presenting a huge range of striking new… more info
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This completely updated edition of an industry classic shows a new generation of editors and designers how to make… more info
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Completely updated in a new edition, this highly illustrative and affordable book covers practical points of the design… more info
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Helps develop curls & waves Enhances hair's resiliency, bend & fullness Gives a firm & durable hold without chipping or… more info
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A smoothing treatment for blonde/highlighted hair with cold tones & natural gray/white hair Prevents hair from… more info
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(Guitar Method). Guitar for Kids is a fun, easy course that teaches children to play guitar faster than ever before.… more info
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"Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw, Second Edition" is a newly expanded version of the wildly popular pattern book that… more info
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This striking publication presents highlights from the V&A's outstanding collection of embroidery designs for fashion,… more info
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In the 1990s, MIT began a billion-dollar building program that transformed its outdated, run-down campus into an… more info
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Over the last fifty years, the process of community building has been lost in the process of city building. City and… more info
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The role of designers in communication and visual culture is evolving, from designers serving as commercial 'hired… more info
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Tools for the Design Revolution critically examines the history and influences on current designs trends, giving… more info
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This is both a practical and theoretical guide to the visualization techniques used by contemporary product designers,… more info
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This book is aimed at students of architecture and young practising architects. It gives detailed descriptions of… more info
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The debate surrounding hand drawing versus computer-generated imagery has become a hot topic. Having grown up with… more info
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This book is structured to encourage a diversity of techniques, allowing each student the means to find and put into… more info
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This book explores the ways in which the organization of interior space can be developed from the initial concept… more info
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This book shows those embarking on an illustration or graphic design career how best to put together an effective,… more info
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This comprehensive guide explores the fundamental sewing methods fashion designers need and teaches professional… more info
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Design-Tech is an indispensable, holistic approach to architectural technology that shows you in hundreds of drawings… more info
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Design Games for Architecture teaches you how to create playful software tools based on your architectural design… more info
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Sustainability is a powerful force that is fundamentally reshaping humanity's relationship to the natural world and is… more info
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Theatre and Performance Design: A Reader in Scenography is an essential resource for those interested in the visual… more info
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Sound is just as crucial an aspect to your animation as your visuals. Whether you're looking to create a score, ambient… more info
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In the second edition of Designer Drafting and Visualization for the Entertainment World, world-class Hollywood… more info
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A truly unique visual delight offering insight into the development of animation classics like Bambi, Beauty and the… more info
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Learn how to integrate green strategies into your building design. This practical handbook provides an essential… more info
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The visualization process doesn't happen in a vacuum; it is grounded in principles and methodologies of design,… more info
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More versatile than a puzzle and more fun than a brain teaser, the "Ball of Whacks" comes with a 96-page illustrated… more info
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Coiling is a basketry technique used as decoration in gourd art. Step-by-step coiling techniques, as well as pattern… more info
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This fully updated Fifth Edition builds on the classic text widely recognized as one of the most valuable primers on… more info
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Do you enjoy watching birds? Do you like coloring and designing? Then here is a book that will provide hours of… more info
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Today, a new generation of designers continues that tradition, creating pieces that are functional, comfortable, and… more info
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Renowned for its comprehensive coverage, exceptional illustrations, and clear instructions, Patternmaking for Fashion… more info
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(Reh). Expand your playing and your imagination with these revolutionary intervallic lines by jazz great Joe Diorio… more info
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This fundamental resource for all textile and fashion designers explores over 70 production techniques and over 60… more info
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Creating the Illusion by Jay JorgensenFrom $65.95
Marilyn Monroe made history by standing over a subway grating in a white pleated halter dress designed by William Travilla. Hubert de Givenchy immortalized the Little Black Dress with a single opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. A red nylon jacket signaled to audiences that James Dean was a Rebel Without a Cause. For more than a century, costume designers have left indelible impressions on moviegoers’ minds. Yet until now, so little has been known about the designers themselves and their work to complement and enrich stories through fashion.Creating the Illusion presents the history of fashion on film, showcasing not only classic moments from film favorites, but a host of untold stories about the creative talent working behind the scenes to dress the stars from the silent era to the present day. Among the book’s sixty-five designer profiles are Clare West, Howard Greer, Adrian, Walter Plunkett, Travis Banton, Irene, Edith Head, Cecil Beaton, Bob Mackie, and Colleen Atwood. The designers’ stories are set against the backdrop of Hollywood: how they collaborated with great movie stars and filmmakers; how they maneuvered within the studio system; and how they came to design clothing that remains iconic decades after its first appearance. The array of films discussed and showcased through photos spans more than one hundred years, from draping Rudolph Valentino in exotic “sheik” dress to the legendary costuming of Gone with the Wind, Alfred Hitchcock thrillers, Bonnie and Clyde, Reservoir Dogs, and beyond.This gloriously illustrated volume includes candid photos of the designers at work, portraits and wardrobe tests of stars in costume, and designer sketches. Drawing from archival material and dozens of new interviews with award-winning designers, authors Jay Jorgensen and Donald L. Scoggins offer a highly informative, lavish, and entertaining history of Hollywood costume design.
Myth + Magic by National Gallery of AustraliaFrom $42.5
Papua New Guinea's mighty Sepik River has been home to many communities for over a thousand years and yet how much do we, as outsiders, as Australians with our long history of involvement with PNG, really know and understand the culture and visual arts of this region?Myth + magic: art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea provides a rare opportunity to encounter masterpieces from the Sepik, works of art that speak of a time and place where spirits and ancestors were integral to daily life. These works come from the rich collections of the National Gallery of Australia, other Australian museums and art galleries, and the Papua New Guinea National Museum and Art Gallery. This publication celebrates the unique cultures of a country that has been so closely linked to ours, a country that is now celebrating its fortieth anniversary of independence.
Sight Singing Complete Free ShippingFrom $271.91
Designed for the sight singing component of the Freshman and Sophomore music major curriculum, "Sight Singing Complete" presents the essential components of this sometimes difficult skill in a practical and effective manner. "Hearing music with one's eyes" has served as the theme of "Sight Singing Complete" since the first edition. In order to reach this goal, the sequence of instructional material is designed to help students develop the aural skills that will enable them to reverse the compositional process of sound into symbol to one of symbol into sound. The comprehensive and systematic approach employs literature, drawing most of the examples from actual pieces instead of devising contrived melodies. The abundant new exercises in this edition refresh the text, even as the proven exercises continue to educate students.
The Oboe Free ShippingFrom $92.68
The oboe, including its earlier forms the shawm and the hautboy, is an instrument with a long and rich history. In this book two distinguished oboist-musicologists trace that history from its beginnings to the 21st century, discussing how and why the oboe evolved, what music was written for it, and which players were prominent. Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes begin by describing the oboe's prehistory and subsequent development out of the shawm in the mid-17th century. They then examine later stages of the instrument, from the classical hautboy to the transition to a keyed oboe and eventually the Conservatoire-system oboe. The authors consider the instrument's place in Romantic and Modernist music and analyse traditional and avant-garde developments after World War II. Noting the oboe's appearance in paintings and other iconography, as well as in distinctive musical contexts, they examine what this reveals about the instrument's social function in different eras.Throughout the text they discuss the great performers, from the pioneers of the 17th century to the travelling virtuosi of the 18th, the masters of the Romantic period and the legends of the 20th century such as Gillet, Goossens, Tabuteau and Holliger. With illustrations, technical appendices, and a discography, this comprehensive volume should be of use to woodwind students and performers.
Calligraphy for the Beginner Free ShippingFrom $21.75
As an introduction to calligraphy, the author, himself a past master of the art, supplies many different alphabets and shows how each may be applied by drawing, painting, carving or writing with a broad lettering pen. He also gives advice on materials that are most suitable. This is one of the classic books in the field.
New Philosophies of Film Free ShippingFrom $31.64
This title gives a critical exploration of analytic and Continental philosophies of film, which puts film-philosophy into practice with detailed discussions of three filmmakers. The relationship between film and philosophy has become a topic of intense intellectual interest. But how should we understand this relationship? Can philosophy renew our understanding of film? Can film challenge or even transform how we understand philosophy? "New Philosophies of Film" explores these questions in relation to both analytic and Continental philosophies of film, arguing that the best way to overcome the mutual antagonism between these approaches is by constructing a more pluralist film-philosophy grounded in detailed engagement with particular films and filmmakers. Sinnerbrink not only provides lucid critical analyses of the exciting developments and contentious debates in the new philosophies of film, but also showcases how a pluralist film-philosophy works in the case of three challenging contemporary filmmakers: Terrence Malick, David Lynch, and Lars von Trier."New Philosophies of Film" thus puts interdisciplinary inquiry on film and philosophy into practice, and should be of great interest to students and researchers working across the disciplines of philosophy, film theory, and cultural studies.
Designing a Knitwear Collection: From Inspiration to Finished Garments Free ShippingFrom $212.1
Knitwear is becoming increasingly significant in the fashion industry because it meets the contemporary consumer's demand for ease, flexibility, and comfort as well as attractive patterns of color and texture. Designing a Knitwear Collection is an essential tool for students wishing to enter this area of fashion design and a comprehensive reference for professionals already active as knitwear designers. Featuring an inspiring gallery of work by knitwear design icons, such as Sonia Rykiel, Missoni, and Chanel, with profiles of their careers, this text covers the history of the industry from the earliest handknit garments to apparel seamlessly knit by computerized equipment. Students learn the basics of yarn selection and stitch patterns and the capabilities of general and industry-specific CAD programs. By following the creation of a simple pullover sweater from initial concept to instructions to execution on a hand loom, they come to appreciate the design process. A chapter on preparing a design development package teaches students how to communicate their design ideas so that sample garments can be executed accurately.Another chapter offers guidelines for presenting one's work, whether in a portfolio for employment or as a collection in a showroom.Full color photos, diagrams, and drawings and sample design documents complement the text to give visual learners a fuller understanding of the scope of knitwear design. FEATURES- Book will instruct students on how to develop their own knitwear line- Introductory message to readers from Sonia Rykiel- Full color illustrations including the work of students and knitwear design professionals- Glossary of technical terms- Appendix of templates for spec sheets and other business documents as well as graph paper in an array of sizes for preparing patterns- Appendix of knitwear resources including reference book and trade publications, directories of suppliers and service providers, and lists of trade shows an
Players Free ShippingFrom $85.78
His models have an exhibitionistic tendency. Photos are worked over to give the bodies a strong and special glow. 'I wanted to blur the lines of sexuality with this project. Men and women should be able to turn the pages and lose themselves in beauty and lust' - Rick Day.
Color Me Creative - Pre-order and receive an exclusive signed print!* by Kristina WebbFrom $16.95
Part autobiography, part creative inspiration from one of the most followed artist on Instagram, Kristina Webb. From Instagram sensation Kristina Webb (@colour-me-creative) comes a completely original and unique book to inspire and unlock your creativity. Color Me Creative gives readers a firsthand look into Kristina's personal life, including her exotic upbringing and the inspirational story of how, at nineteen years old, she has become one of the most popular artists of her generation, with a following in the millions. Readers can then go on their own journey by completing the fifty creative, art-inspired challenges designed by Kristina herself. This is the perfect gift not only for artists but for anyone wanting to awaken their inner creative. Featuring Kristina's beautiful custom art throughout, Color Me Creative will help readers escape the ordinary and unlock their imagination. This book offers readers the chance to download the free Unbound app to access interactive features and bonus videos by scanning the customized icon that appears throughout the book, including never-before-seen home videos and videos of Kristina drawing.
Contemporary Installation Art by Li AihongFrom $99.99
Viewed as a genre of newly emerging art, installation art has endowed artists with ultimate creative freedom thanks to its distinctive characters of creation materials and forms. In recent years, installation works have been frequently showcased in a wealth of various exhibitions, becoming an indispensably vital part in the history of contemporary art.In a bid to meet the demand of times, Modern Installation Art assembles the topmost installation art works from across the world, including detailed pictures as well as graphic design patterns and hand-drawn sketches.