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Nurturing your child's health and love of foodAll too often baby and toddler food books are boring, bland and contain… more info
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$24.99 for this fantastic book!Recipes for your baby when they're ready for solids!This is a comprehensive and… more info
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Visit Our Store .Add to Favourites Infantino Fresh Squeezed Squeeze Station Baby Squeeze Food Pouch Device Infantino… more info
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Baby Born Cooking Time Outfit. Budding cooks will love dressing up their Baby Born dolls like a chef! With purple puffy… more info
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Dr Brown's Food Storage Pods Stackable Freezer Tray Dr Brown's Food Storage Pods Stackable Freezer Tray Contents: 6 x… more info
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Description 7'' TFT LCD Wireless Night Vision 2PCS Cameras Baby Monitor This monitor kit is a perfect match of a 7 inch… more info
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Description 7'' TFT LCD Wireless Night Vision 2PCS Cameras Baby Monitor This monitor kit is a perfect match of a 7 inch… more info
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JALKQ store Baby food Silicone Steamer Description - Come with spoon - Embossed designed Spoon Embossed-structure onto… more info
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Bright Starts 4-in-1 Shop 'n Cook Walker. The Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet 4-in-1 Shop 'n Cook Walker offers hours of… more info
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Cook Pro 24-piece Storage Container Set Only $102.55 from more info
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Thomas Cook Boot & Clothing Co Stretch Denim 3/4 Jean Size 8 Only $48.95 from more info
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Stainless Steel Baby Food Cooking Pot Milk Pan Stockpot Saucepan Cookware Only $99.99 from more info
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Good Cook Colander, Expandable Stainless Steel Only $68.91 from more info
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Good Cook Bake N Take Only $67.44 from more info
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Cook Pro 4 Piece Mixing Bowl Set Only $58.83 from more info
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Cook Pro 717 5-piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set Only $107.00 from more info
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Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack Only $285.88 from more info
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Cooks Standard Ceiling Mount Wooden Pot Rack, Single Bar Only $120.01 from more info
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Good Cook 3 Quart Square Ceramic Dish, Red Only $122.37 from more info
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Cook Pro 9-piece v Shape Blade Mandolin Slicer (aussie Run) Only $59.89 from more info
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Good Cook 9 Inch Ceramic Loaf Dish, Red Only $67.83 from more info
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Cooks Standard Wall Mount Pot Rack, 36 By 8-inch Only $176.14 from more info
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Good Cook 2 Quart Square Ceramic Dish, Red Only $79.67 from more info
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Good Cook Deluxe Paper Towel Holder Only $41.21 from more info
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Exotic Taste: Orientalist InteriorsFrom $71.61
Exuberant Chinese-inspired drawing rooms, Persian-style boudoirs, bulbous Mogul domes, and Turkish smoking rooms were once the rage in avant-garde circles and are undergoing a resurgence in popularity today as the global economy brings attention to the styles of the Far East, India, and the Islamic world. Emmanuelle Gaillard and Marc Walter's lavish new book traces the Asian sources of this fashion, and its transformation in late 19th- and early 20th-century Western settings. Illustrated with extraordinary vintage and contemporary interior photography, fabrics, wallpapers, patterns, decorative objects, and costumes, this volume tours the houses of writers, thinkers, business tycoons, princesses, and even the Russian empress Catherine the Great. “Exotic Taste ”is a rich treat for anyone drawn to the fantastic, elaborate style of Orientalism.Praise for “Exotic Taste: ”“Beginning in the 18th century, European tastemakers, chafing under the constraints of classicism, turned to the exotic East, swooning over the intricate patterns and scenes and lush, sensual colors found in the arts of China, Japan, India, and the Arabic world. ”Exotic Taste: Orientalist Interiors“ examines the craze for all things Eastern that resulted in such anomalies as English country houses with onion domes and the tiled fantasia, complete with trickling fountain and pool, that the Victorian painter Lord Leighton build in his London home.” -“Elle Decor”"The lengths that collectors will go to, the money and legwork they will sink into exotic antiques completely unrelated to their daily lives, can make for transporting reading. One of] the year's five best books in the genre, “Exotic Taste” makes particularly good holiday reading because of Ms. Gaillard's descriptions of jolly multicultural parties and intense shopping sprees." —“The New York Times”“”From Chinese-inspired drawin
Living Jewels: Masterpieces from Nature: Coral, Pearls, Horn, Shell, Wood & Other ExoticaFrom $46.48
Beautiful jewelry made from natural materials fill the pages of this sumptuous book. Organized by material—pearls, shells, coral, horn, wood, and much more—with an emphasis on important motifs of the jeweler's art, the book features more than 300 brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets from the collections of the Duchess of Windsor, Diana Vreeland, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace of Monaco, and Ellen Barkin, as well as from the design archives of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Verdura, Bulgari, Tiffany, and many other important jewelry designers. Every major period of jewelry of the past 200 years is covered—Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, and Contemporary. Many of the objects appear here for the first time. The chapters include a variety of entertaining profiles on subjects such as David Webb; the changing fashions of the 1960s and 70s; Chanel; Orchids and Art Nouveau; the Grand Tour; Cartier and Art Deco; Ivory and the Nude; the Baroda pearls (the most expensive pearls to sell at auction); Paul Poiret; Boivin; A Mania for Motifs; JAR; Andrew Grima; and the Duchess of Windsor (“Small Woman, Big Stones”). Helpful sidebars cover various types of wood, famous pearls, and a lexicon of imaginary beasts in jewelry. “For those of us who consider jewelry part of enduring style, ”Living Jewels" is a must. Here's a book that is welcoming and inspiring, and a tribute to the artists who have made these exquisite pieces. “Living Jewels” is a book I'll treasure.“ Kate Spade ”“Living Jewels” sends a message, loud and clear: there's more to fine jewelry than gemstones. A lot more, as it turns out. Ruth Peltason has assembled two centuries' worth of spectacular examples, showcasing materials and techniques long considered peripheral or inferior to the big rocks that have dominated the category and its history. Th
Lars Bolander's Scandinavian DesignFrom $40.32
Clean, elegant lines, delicate color schemes, well-proportioned, light-filled spaces, and natural materi-als—the hallmarks of Scandinavian design are unmistak-able. As the trend in residential design continues to move toward pared-down, comfortably elegant, environmentally friendly homes, the Scandinavian aesthetic has become a global influence in interior design. Lars Bolander, one of Sweden's foremost interior designers, has been creating the Scandinavian look in homes all over the world for decades. In this impressively illustrated volume, he and author Heather Smith MacIsaac, a former editor of "House & Garden "magazine, share their expert knowledge of the very best in Scandinavian design, past and present, offer-ing guidance on how to achieve the Scandinavian look, incorporate the trademark elements into any decor, and mix and match traditional and modern, humble and grand.Praise for Lars Bolander's Scandinavian Design: “A private, exclusive tour of the best of Scandinavian design. . . . This book is a new treasure for my design library, one I will refer to over and over.” Bunny Williams “A sophisticated volume . . . an in-depth, intelligent, and informative look at the design sensibilities found in Scandinavian domestic furniture and decoration. . . . Lars Bolander surveys all of this with his keen . . . eye and finely honed historical knowledge, and the results are breathtaking.” Martha Stewart “From his captivating shops in New York and Palm Beach, Lars Bolander has won an army of converts to his seductive vision of Scandinavian design, antique and modern, rustic and urbane. In this book, he brings that world of style vividly to life with images of some of the most magical and inspiring environments to be found there, from the light-dappled elegance of Gustavian interiors to the inventive purity of the very best in contemporary archit
TheatreFrom $12.25
If theatre were a religion, explains David Mamet in his opening chapter, “many of the observations and suggestions in this book might be heretical.” As always, Mamet delivers on his promise: in “Theatre,” the acclaimed author of “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Speed the Plow ”calls for nothing less than the death of the director and the end of acting theory. For Mamet, either actors are good or they are non-actors, and good actors generally work best without the interference of a director, however well-intentioned. Issue plays, political correctness, method actors, impossible directions, Stanislavksy, and elitists all fall under Mamet’s critical gaze. To students, teachers, and directors who crave a blast of fresh air in a world that can be insular and fearful of change, “Theatre” throws down a gauntlet that challenges everyone to do better, including Mamet himself.
The Death of Bunny MunroFrom $15.86
Set adrift by his wife’s suicide and struggling to keep a grip on reality, Bunny Munro does the only thing he can think of: with his young son in tow, he hits the road. To his son, waiting patiently in the car while his father peddles beauty wares and quickies to lonely housewives in the south of England, Bunny is a hero, larger than life. But Bunny himself, haunted by what might be his wife’s ghost, seems only dimly aware of his son’s existence.When his bizarre trip shades into a final reckoning, when he can no longer be sure what is real and what is not, Bunny finally begins to recognize the love he feels for his son. And he sees that the revenants of his world—decrepit fathers, vengeful ghosts, jealous husbands, and horned psycho-killers—are lurking in the shadows, waiting to exact their toll.At turns dark and humane, “The Death of Bunny Munro ”is a tender portrait of the relationship between a boy and his father, with all the wit and enigma that fans will recognize as Nick Cave’s singular vision.
The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized HistoryFrom $16.4
“The Simpsons” is one of the most successful shows to ever run on television. From its first moment on air, the series's rich characters, subversive themes, and layered humor resounded deeply with audiences both young and old who wanted more from their entertainment than what was being meted out at the time by the likes of “Full House,” “Growing Pains,” and “Family Matters.” Spawned as an animated short on “The Tracy Ullman Show”—mere filler on the way to commercial breaks—the series grew from a controversial cult favorite to a mainstream powerhouse, and after nineteen years the residents of Springfield no longer simply hold up a mirror to our way of life: they have ingrained themselves into it.  John Ortved's oral history will be the first-ever look behind the scenes at the creation and day-to-day running of “The Simpsons,” as told by many of the people who made it: among them writers, animators, producers, and network executives. It’s an intriguing yet hilarious tale, full of betrayal, ambition, and love. Like the family it depicts, the show's creative forces have been riven by dysfunction from the get-go—outsize egos clashing with studio executives and one another over credit for and control of a pop-culture institution. Contrary to popular belief, “The Simpsons” did not spring out of one man's brain, fully formed, like a hilarious Athena. Its inception was a process, with many parents, and this book tells the story.
Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma FlacksFrom $15.9
Have you ever wondered how one day the media can assert that alcohol is bad for us and the next unashamedly run a story touting the benefits of daily alcohol consumption? Or how a drug that is pulled off the market for causing heart attacks ever got approved in the first place? How can average readers, who aren't medical doctors or Ph.D.s in biochemistry, tell what they should be paying attention to and what's, well, just more bullshit?Ben Goldacre has made a point of exposing quack doctors and nutritionists, bogus credentialing programs, and biased scientific studies. He has also taken the media to task for its willingness to throw facts and proof out the window. But he's not here just to tell you what's wrong. Goldacre is here to teach you how to evaluate placebo effects, double-blind studies, and sample sizes, so that you can recognize bad science when you see it. You're about to feel a whole lot better.
You Must Go and WinFrom $14.9
In the wickedly bittersweet and hilarious “You Must Go and Win,” the Ukrainian-born musician Alina Simone traces her bizarre journey through the indie rock world, from disastrous Craigslist auditions with sketchy producers to catching fleas in a Williamsburg sublet. But Simone offers more than down-and-out tales of her time as a struggling musician: she has a rapier wit, slashing and burning her way through the absurdities of life, while offering surprising and poignant insights into the burdens of family expectations and the nature of ambition, the temptations of religion and the lure of a mythical Russian home. Wavering between embracing and fleeing her outsized and nebulous dreams of stardom, Simone confronts her Russian past when she falls in love with the music of Yanka Dyagileva, a Soviet singer who tragically died young; hits the road with her childhood friend who is dead set on becoming an “icon”; and battles male strippers in Siberia.Hailed as “the perfect storm of creative talent” (“USA Today”), Simone is poised to win over readers of David Rakoff and Sarah Vowell with her irresistibly funny and charming literary debut.