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Courage Under Fire - 20th Century Fox (Blu-Ray) more info
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Courage Under Fire DVD from DVDLand."In wartime, the first casualty is always the truth."January 1991. The world is… more info
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This multi pack includes Master And Commander DVD, Beach DVD, Courage Under Fire DVD, Deception DVD, and Edge DVD from… more info
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Born in 1979 in Grenada as one of eight children, living in a two-bedroom hut, surviving on meagre meals of beans and… more info
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MASTER AND COMMANDERDuring the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his ship and crew to their limits in… more info
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Courage Under Fire Blu Ray from DVDLand.The world is watching the Gulf War. Day and night, millions tune in to CNN-TV… more info
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Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrines in a Laboratory of Human Behavior Free Shipping Only from The Nile more info
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"In wartime, the first casualty is always truth." January 1991. The world is watching the Gulf War. Day and night,… more info
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"In wartime, the first casualty is always truth." January 1991. The world is watching the Gulf War. Day and night,… more info
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Lieutenant Colonel Nat Serling (Denzel Washington), suffering from guilt after destroying one of his own tanks in a… more info
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True Stories from the Front Line. more info
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2012 BLACK CAVIAR - 'COURAGE UNDER FIRE' LIMITED EDITION LITHOGRAPH 2012 Black Caviar 'Courage Under Fire' autographed… more info
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BLACK CAVIAR BLACK CAVIAR – COURAGE UNDER FIRE Product shown Framed for illustrative purposes only. Please note that… more info
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SELLING: COURAGE UNDER FIRE/MEN OF HONOR DVD The movie is brand new and sealed (if provided sealed by factory) and is… more info
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Non-fiction books Children's Books Graphic Novels Travel guides 2: Courage Under Fire Jeremy Clarkson ISBN:… more info
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Search for Faith Under Fire: Betrayed By A Thing Called Love Lajoyce Brookshire FORMAT: Paperback / softback The… more info
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Woman's Courage ... Originally Published Under the Title of Golden Lives, Etc. Frederick Wicks Title: A Woman's Courage… more info
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Welcome to This Stuff Online! We sell all kinds of products from Marvel Comics and DC Comics to ornaments and posters!… more info
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COURAGE Advanced Alchemy Complex Quality Essence 50ml Perhaps you are aware of the benefits of flower essences.Here at… more info
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Square Iron Fire Pit - Iron Steel Frame - Black. Relax, eat or socialise al fresco while keeping warm with this… more info
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Search for British Valour Triumphing Over French Courage: Under The Conduct Of The Duke Of Marlborough, ... Set Forth… more info
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Welcome to This Stuff Online! We sell all kinds of products from Marvel Comics and DC Comics to ornaments and posters!… more info
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Official eBay Store One Seed - Courage Eau De Parfum Courage is a rich floral oriental perfume. A heartbeat of… more info
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Ceramic Tile Fire Pit With Grill. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy your outdoor living… more info
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Search for Courage: A Story Ogden Ruth FORMAT: Paperback A Story Wherein Every One Comes To The Conclusion That The… more info
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Search for Women Of Courage: Inspiring Stories From The Women Who Live Them FORMAT: Paperback This text examines… more info
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Search for Founding Courage: Courage And Character In The United States Of America Kirk Ward Robinson FORMAT: Paperback… more info
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Home About us Contact us SEARCH Join our newsletter ALL ITEMS BOOTS HEELS SANDALS CASUAL MENS Keep up to date on all… more info
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Product Description:Greeting Card Graduation It Takes Courage to Grow up and Become Who You Really Are eecummings.… more info
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Aestivo Square Fire Pit W Bbq Grill/bowl/mesh Lid. Reclaim your outdoor living and entertaining space this cool season… more info
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Search for Psychological Courage Daniel Putman FORMAT: Hardback While the virtues of physical courage and moral courage… more info
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Search for Courage To Win Steve Sutherland FORMAT: Paperback / softback Sometimes in life you happen upon the perfect… more info
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Search for Courage And Country: James Shields: More Than Irish Luck J. Sean Callan FORMAT: Paperback / softback No… more info
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Search for Courage And Hope: Stories From Teachers Living With Hiv In Sub-Saharan Africa Donald A. P. Bundy, Stella… more info
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Search for Culture Of Courage A Practical Companion Book For Unfoldment Of Fearless Personality Frank Channing Haddock… more info
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Search for The Courage Companion: How To Live Life With True Power Nina Lesowitz, Mary Beth Sammons and Mary Beth… more info
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Product Description:Get cheeky with a pop of colour that brightens your face and defines your features. Our creamy,… more info
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Under Armour Mens Create Pro FG Football Boots RRP $179.99 Under Armour Create Pro FG Football Boots made by Under… more info
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The Ancient Shore: Dispatches from Naples Free ShippingFrom $25.37
Born in Australia, Shirley Hazzard first moved to Naples as a young woman in the 1950s to take up a job with the United Nations. It was the beginning of a long love affair with the city. "The Ancient Shore" collects the best of Hazzard's writings on Naples, along with a classic "New Yorker" essay by her late husband, Francis Steegmuller. For the pair, both insatiable readers, the Naples of Pliny, Gibbon, and Auden is constantly alive to them in the present. With Hazzard as our guide, we encounter Henry James, Oscar Wilde, and of course Goethe, but Hazzard's concern is primarily with the Naples of our own time - often violently unforgiving to innocent tourists, but able to transport the visitor who attends patiently to its rhythms and history. A town shadowed by both the symbol and the reality of Vesuvius can never fail to acknowledge the essential precariousness of life - nor, as the lover of Naples discovers, the human compassion, generosity, and friendship that are necessary to sustain it.Beautifully illustrated with photographs from such masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson and Herbert List, "The Ancient Shore" is a lyrical letter to a lifelong love: honest and clear-eyed, yet still fervently, endlessly enchanted.
Writing History in the Global Era Free ShippingFrom $20.93
George Orwell wrote that "history is written by the winners". Even if that seems a bit too cut-and-dried, we can say that history is always written from a viewpoint but that viewpoints change, sometimes radically. The history of workers, women and minorities challenged the once unquestioned dominance of the tales of great leaders and military victories. Then cultural studies brought fresh perspectives but those too have run their course. With globalisation emerging as a major economic, cultural and political force, Lynn Hunt examines whether it can reinvigorate the telling of history. In tandem, she proposes a sweeping re-evaluation of individuals' agency and their place in society as the keys to understanding the way people and ideas interact. Writing History in the Global Era is bound to shake up the discipline and break new ground for historical studies.
Western Civilizations, Combined Volume: Their History & Their Culture Free ShippingFrom $100.67
Master teachers and scholars, new co-authors Joshua Cole and Carol Symes integrate new and innovative pedagogical tools based on their own teaching experiences into this best-selling brief text to help students think critically, retain key information, and make connections.
The Moche of Ancient Peru Free ShippingFrom $63.97
Peru's ancient Moche culture is represented in a magnificent collection of artifacts at Harvard's Peabody Museum. In this richly illustrated volume, Jeffrey Quilter presents a fascinating introduction to this intriguing culture and explores current thinking about Moche politics, history, society, and religion. Quilter utilizes the Peabody's collection as a means to investigate how the Moche used various media, particularly ceramics, to convey messages about their lives and beliefs. His presentation provides a critical examination and rethinking of many of the commonly held interpretations of Moche artifacts and their imagery, raising important issues of art production and its role in ancient and modern societies. The most up-to-date monograph available on the Moche - and the first extensive discussion of the Peabody Museum's collection of Moche ceramics - this volume provides an introduction for the general reader and contributes to ongoing scholarly discussions. Quilter's fresh reading of Moche visual imagery raises new questions about the art and culture of ancient Peru.
My Place Free ShippingFrom $36.26
In 1982, Sally Morgan travelled back to her grandmother's birthplace. What started as a tentative search for information about her family, turned into an overwhelming emotional and spiritual pilgrimage. My Place is a moving account of a search for truth into which a whole family is gradually drawn, finally freeing the tongues of the author's mother and grandmother, allowing them to tell their own stories.
A War for the Soul of America Free ShippingFrom $59.47
When Patrick Buchanan took the stage at the Republican National Convention in 1992 and proclaimed, "There is a religious war going on for the soul of our country," his audience knew what he was talking about: the culture wars, which had raged throughout the previous decade and would continue until the century's end, pitting conservative and religious Americans against their liberal, secular fellow citizens. It was an era marked by polarization and posturing fueled by deep-rooted anger and insecurity. Buchanan's fiery speech marked a high point in the culture wars, but as Andrew Hartman shows in this richly analytical history, their roots lay farther back, in the tumult of the 1960s - and their significance is much greater than generally assumed. Far more than a mere sideshow or shouting match, the culture wars, Hartman argues, were the very public face of America's struggle over the unprecedented social changes of the period, as the cluster of norms that had long governed American life began to give way to a new openness to different ideas, identities, and articulations of what it meant to be an American.The hot-button issues like abortion, affirmative action, art, censorship, feminism, and homosexuality that dominated politics in the period were symptoms of a larger struggle, as conservative Americans slowly began to acknowledge - if initially through rejection - many fundamental transformations of American life. As an ever-more partisan but also an ever-more diverse and accepting America continues to find its way in a changing world, A War for the Soul of America reminds us of how we got here, and what all the shouting has really been about.
Must We Divide History Into Periods? Free ShippingFrom $47.33
We have long thought of the Renaissance as a luminous era that marked a decisive break with the past, but the idea of the Renaissance as a distinct period arose only during the nineteenth century. Though the view of the Middle Ages as a dark age of unreason has softened somewhat, we still locate the advent of modern rationality in the Italian thought and culture of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Jacques Le Goff pleads for a strikingly different view. In this, his last book, he argues persuasively that many of the innovations we associate with the Renaissance have medieval roots, and that many of the most deplorable aspects of medieval society continued to flourish during the Renaissance. We should instead view Western civilization as undergoing several "renaissances" following the fall of Rome, over the course of a long Middle Ages that lasted until the mid-eighteenth century. While it is indeed necessary to divide history into periods, Le Goff maintains, the meaningful continuities of human development only become clear when historians adopt a long perspective.Genuine revolutions–the shifts that signal the end of one period and the beginning of the next–are much rarer than we think.
Soldiers in a Narrow Land: The Pinochet Regime in Chile, Updated Edition Free ShippingFrom $51.79
On September 11, 1973, a military coup in Chile overthrew the socialist government of Salvador Allende, beginning an era of political repression that lasted over sixteen years. Mary Helen Spooner takes us behind the Pinochet regime's wall of censorship, silence, and propaganda and provides an inside look at a brutal dictatorship. She traces the personal histories of key political figures, explains why many Chileans supported the regime, and reveals the fate of many of its victims. The 1998 arrest of Augusto Pinochet and resulting events serve as a reminder of his harrowing legacy. In a new preface ("Paper edition") Spooner looks at how Chile has changed in the 1990s and places recent events in a larger historical context.
Riot in Alexandria: Tradition and Group Dynamics in Late Antique Pagan and Christian Communities Free ShippingFrom $86.77
This innovative study uses one well-documented moment of violence as a starting point for a wide-ranging examination of the ideas and interactions of pagan philosophers, Christian ascetics, and bishops from the fourth to the early seventh century. Edward J. Watts reconstructs a riot that erupted in Alexandria in 486 when a group of students attacked a Christian adolescent who had publicly insulted the students' teachers. Pagan students, Christians affiliated with a local monastery, and the Alexandrian ecclesiastical leaders all cast the incident in a different light, and each group tried with that interpretation to influence subsequent events. Watts, drawing on Greek, Latin, Coptic, and Syriac sources, shows how historical traditions and notions of a shared past shaped the interactions and behavior of these high-profile communities. Connecting oral and written texts to the personal relationships that gave them meaning and to the actions that gave them form, "Riot in Alexandria" draws new attention to the understudied social and cultural history of the later fifth-century Roman world and at the same time opens a new window on late antique intellectual life.
The Wehrmacht: History, Myth, Reality Free ShippingFrom $51.25
This book is a profound re-examination of the role of the German army, the Wehrmacht, in World War II. Until very recently, the standard story avowed that the ordinary German soldier in World War II was a good soldier, distinct from Hitler's rapacious SS troops, and not an accomplice to the massacres of civilians. Wolfram Wette, a pre-eminent German military historian, explodes the myth of a "clean" Wehrmacht with devastating clarity.