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Category:Protective Gear; Color:Black; Net Weight (kg):0.055; Position:Ankle more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
Application:Foot; Function:Stimulate the blood recycle; Dimension(cm)(Length×Wide×Height):31x10x0.5; Net Weight… more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
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OPPO 2004 Ankle Support Elastic more info
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Category:Protective Gear; Color:Black; Net Weight (kg):0.065; Position:Ankle more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
Category:Protective Gear; Color:Black; Net Weight (kg):0.054; Position:Ankle more info
+ Shipping: $17.00
Category:Protective Gear; Net Weight (kg):0.05; Position:Ankle more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
Category:Protective Gear; Color:Black; Net Weight (kg):0.039; Position:Ankle more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
Application:Foot; Type:Manual; Function:Stimulate the blood recycle; Dimension(cm)(Length×Wide×Height):16x11x2; Net… more info
+ Shipping: $16.64
OPPO 2204 Ankle Support Elastic more info
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Elastic Ankle Wrist Palm Support Case Of 36 Only $75.33 from more info
+ Shipping: $10.49
Elastic Ankle Support Large 10? 11? Only $41.10 from more info
+ Shipping: $10.49
24 X Elastic Knee Ankle Wrist Calf Knee & Elbow Sport Injury Sprain Support Only $36.00 from more info
+ Shipping: $11.75
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Crazy Catch Vision Ball Level 2From $7.99
Features: Color: GreenWeight: 95gramsDiameter: 72mm ( cricket ball) diameter - Hollow centre
4 Tiles EVA Fitness Home Yoga Gym Interlocking Floor Puzzle Mat - BlackFrom $29.94
Use our fantastic interlocking floor mat set and you’ll work out in comfort with no worries about damaging the floor! This tough and sturdy floor mat set has long-lasting durability. The floor mats are light in weight and easy to transport. You can instantly turn anywhere you go into your private gym or kids’ playroom. Connected together the mats are generous in size, covering a 1.5m square area. The interlocking mats allow you to link additional sets making your workout area as large as you need.  There are four separate pieces to each set and assembly is a snap. The mats are 1.3cm thick and can stand up to the heaviest home gym equipment including ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes and weight benches. And, there won’t be one mark on the floor when you’re done! These versatile floor mats are perfect for the home gym, martial arts training and for temporary play areas for kids.  Features: •    Four interlocking EVA rubber floor mats •    Provides comfort while protecting your floor •    Portable and easy to store •    Water resistant non-skid foam •    Versatile – connect up multiple sets Specifications: •    EVA rubber •    Black in colour •    Package weight: 1.8kg (approximately)
Roman Hyper Extension Bench Chair Exercise Fitness Workout Core AbdominalFrom $230.34
Get off the floor and strengthen and stretch your core muscle groups!   Use this great fitness enhancement to improve your physique while you strengthen your core abdominal and back muscles. The Roman/Hyper Extension Bench is designed to last! The bench is a well-constructed sturdy chair that is easy to assemble and simple to use. Get the maximum results with the minimum effort. The Extension Bench provides you with a more comfortable and convenient way to get to those hard to reach core muscle groups. The  Hyper Extension Bench features padded handles and two-foam leg holders that are adjustable to size. This terrific piece of equipment is a must-have for your workout routine. It will give you the independence of controlling your own training. You’ll be able to perform the most difficult of exercises without the assistance of a personal trainer. You will be able to hyperextend your abdominal muscles because your legs will be held firmly in place by sturdy yet comfortable supports. The Extension Bench can stand up to years of use because of his heavy-gauge steel-tube frame construction. This compact unit will never be in the way at home. You can tuck it away and out of sight when not in use. The high-density deluxe boxed upholstery is designed to hold up to the most rigorous of workout routines. This outstanding Extension Bench will help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether your aim is to build and maintain a fabulous six-pack or strengthen your core to improve your posture and eliminate aches and pain, this bench is the safest and surest way to success. Features:    Safe for all ages Padded handles for comfort Deluxe upholstery Heavy gauge steel tube construction Sturdy adjustable two-foam leg holder 
Netball Ring with StandFrom $65.94
Perfect for netball “stars” of all levels, sizes and ages!   This fun enhancement for your netball training is portable and height adjustable. This sturdy netball ring and stand is constructed from high-strength steel tubing. Its durable plastic base promises stability and durability. The powder-coated metal components prevent and resist rust.   The height is adjustable up to ten feet tall (approximately three meters). It can accommodate any height and skill level making it ideal for kids as well as adults. To increase stability the plastic base can be filled with up to 19kg of water. For training and practice, the ring can be lowered so children can make their shots and hone their skills.    Features: •    Powder-coated finish resists rust •    Durable and stable molded plastic base •    Sturdy steel tube •    Built to last in all conditions •    Wielded steel net hooks •    All-weather nylon net included •    Portable and storable   Specifications: •    Height adjustable from 2.44m to 3.05m (8.0 ft to 10 ft) •    Rim inner diameter: 38cm •    Pole diameter: 4.5cm  •    Base dimensions: 50cm x 13cm •    Package weight: 7.2kg  •    Package dimensions: 50cm x 15cm 7 60cm (L x W x H) Some measurements are approximate
Foldable Incline Sit Up BenchFrom $129.54
Great foldable incline sit-up bench is a multi-functional fitness enhancer for the home gym!   The incline workout bench not only accommodates your sit-up routine it provides the perfect spot for your ab and dumbbell workouts. You’ll love the results from this fantastic all-in-one home gym. Enjoy the benefits of increased fitness and a marked weight loss when you make this incredible workout bench part of your fitness routine.   The incline sit-up bench is curved to ensure an intense core and upper body workout. The two 1.5kg dumbbells and pair of rubber cord resistance expanders will bring new strength and tone to your muscles. This must-have sit-up bench adjusts for height to enable maximum intensity and features adjustable knee, leg and foot foam roller bars to accommodate all body sizes.   Storage is not a concern with the sit-up bench. It can be easily folded and stored away behind furniture or the door or even under your bed. This sit-up workout bench is strong and reliable. It features high-grade steel construction and will serve you for years. The bench seat and leg support bars are padded with thick foam for comfort and safe use. The five steps for easy assembly outlined in your use and maintenance manual will have you ready for sit-ups in less than 30 minutes.   If you want a full-body workout, muscle toning and weight loss… or any of the above… order the incline sit-up bench today. It is the multifunctional home gym of your dreams!   Specifications:   High-grade steel construction ensures reliability and durability Multifunctional 3-in-1 home gym 1.5kg dumbbells and rubber cord expanders included Adjustable height and foam rollers Curved ergonomic padded bench for comfort Maximum capacity up to 110Kg Use and maintenance manual included
Kicking PadFrom $74.34
This heavy-duty large curved strike shield will help make you fitter, stronger and more focused! This tough and durable strike shield provides reliable performance and stands up to the most rigorous workout routines. Training regimens in many sports will benefit with the addition of this important fitness accessory. Whether you"re into boxing, martial arts, rugby or AFL training, you will benefit from workouts with this boxing bag. This large, curved strike shield is constructed from 1200D Rip Stop Vinyl. It features canvas-backed sides, industrial quality webbing, thread and zippers. The strike shield has two air release eyelets that make the accessory mildew resistant. The filling is Australian medium density foam. The doubled-tubed handles ensure safety and a sure grip. This fitness accessory will take your strength and flexibility training to a new level. Its unique design provides impact resistance. The heavy-duty construction is shock absorbing and ideal for cardio training. Work alone with the strike shield or with a training partner. Benefit from the speed, focus and strength you will gain from strike shield workouts. Specifications: Overall size: 70cm x 40cm x 16cm (approximate) Colour: Blue/black Add fun and challenge to your workout routine. Strike shield workouts will put you on the path to a leaner, fitter and stronger you.
GHR Glute Ham Raise Developer MachineFrom $710.34
Glute Ham Raise (Developer) Bench This essential part of any serious fitness training is made at a commercial gym equipment factory. At this stage of development, a brand name will not be displayed on the machine therefore making it ideal for commercial gyms. Fitness experts have regarded the Glute Ham Raise (GHR) as one the best movements for the posterior muscle chain (lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves). All GHRs are effective at the start of the movement but lose the impact reaching the top. In many cases, it was impossible for a user to pull himself into the peak position without falling off the machine! The design of this machine puts an end to that concern by the drastic angling of the pad. Specificiations: · Heavy duty 11 gauge steel construction (lower gauge = thicker steel) · Black upholstery with neutral grey power coating · Made comfortable from split pad design · Angled pad design with heavy duty foam · Distance adjustable between the foot plate and pad · Desired tightness from independently adjustable foot holders · Wide handles to eliminate interference with bands · Wide, checkered foot plate for easy mounting
Lat PullDown Low Row Fitness MachineFrom $326.34
Fitness Plate Loaded Low Row / Lat Pull Assembled: 75cm x 45cm x 213cm This new Fitness Plate Loaded Low Row / Lat Pull has a heavy duty steel construction. The solid unit has a dual guide rod system which provides the ultimate in safe, smooth and easy range of motion. The foot plate can be quickly flipped up in place for low rows. Lat Pull Down, Straight Row Bar and Standard and Olympic Weight Plate Adapters are included. Its "no cable change" design allows for easy adjustment from lat pull down to low rows. Features: · Padding · Adjustable seat and foot bracing · Heavy duty steel construction · Sewn seats · Assembly required Specifications: · Weight Rating: 150kg   NOTE: Weights NOT included. Assembly required.
Triceps Press Push Down BarFrom $31.14
Our Triceps Push Down Bar is made for everyday gym use due to its solid construction and effective design. Its clever design makes it compatible for use with all cable exercise equipment. The Triceps Push Down Bar features heavy duty steel construction and is built to stand up to the punishment of the most rigorous fitness routines. This piece of equipment is a must for your workout regimen. It will help you expand your range of exercises and help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. The Triceps Push Down Bar is unmatched in its field and is the ultimate in reliability and durability. It will help you enjoy solid and intense workouts far into the distant future. While maximizing the effectiveness of your training, an intense isolated workout focused on a variety of muscle groups is one of the benefits of the The Triceps Push Down Bar. Enjoy the best and most effective cable exercises you have ever experienced with the addition of this product to your workout regimen. The cable attachment is versatile and can be used at the gym or at home. Take your fitness training to the next level with the Triceps Push Down Bar. It will expand your workout routine to include a wider range of exercises that will help build that rock solid body you want! Product Specifications: Built to last - high quality heavy-gauge steel design supports even the most rugged workout Solid contoured handles with knurling Allows for a huge range of exercises Solid and fixed design A popular cable attachment in private gyms Slippage limited by steel hands Exercises: Standing Cable Curls Seated Cable Curls Triceps Pushdowns Overhead Cable Curls And Many More Exercises
37kg Punching Bag Filled Heavy DutyFrom $136.74
For boxing, for martial arts, or just for a terrific workout, the 37kg Punching Bag can deliver for you. All of our gym products can take a pounding, and in this case, it's literally true! The first thing you want in a punching bag is durability. This bag is crafted with a high-quality and thick PU leather. The chain apparatus features four heavyweight welded chains with triangle swivels, along with a galvanised finish zippered top. Inside, only shredded textile cuttings are used, a material which allows the bag to always return to its original shape and absorb plenty of impacts. The bag weighs approximately 37kg and measures 115cm long by 38cm wide. Whether it's cardio kickboxing, MMA and more, the 37kg Punching Bag is ready to be your sparring partner. Features of the 37kg Punching Bag: *Perfect for martial arts, boxing, and kicking/punching workouts *Weight: approximately 37kg *Made from a high-quality thick PU leather *Colour: black *Dimensions: 115 x 38cm *Four heavyweight chains and swivels are included *Carton dimensions: 118 x 40 x 40cm