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elastoplast fabric strips assorted

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20 strips/2sizes - individually wrapped STERILE. Strong flexible strips stretch with every movemen...

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Elastoplast Fabric Strips Heavy Waterproof Assorted Shapes 15 pack Only from Terry White Chemists
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Elastoplast Fabric Strips Assorted Shapes 20 pack Only from Terry White Chemists
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Non-Stick Pad: Will not stick to wound. Cushioned Pad: Protects wounds from bumps and scrapes. Greater Protection: As strip seals......

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Non-Stick Pad: Will not stick to wound. Cushioned Pad: Protects wounds from bumps and scrapes. Greater Protection: As strip seals......

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Elastoplast Heavy Duty Fabric Assorted Strips 15 47457...

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Elastoplast Assorted Fabric Strips, Flexible And Conformable, Keeps The Wound Clean....

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Maxiplast Aluminium First Aid CaseFrom $75.9
Alumium case with handle. Great for storing & transporting tape.
Maxiplast Tape LockerFrom $286
Aluminium case on wheels for easy transportation
Soft Pack Team First Aid KitFrom $31.9
20 x waterproof plasters 1 x first aid scissors 1 x disposable face mask 1 x bandaid strip 1 x 50mm hand tearble tape 10 x antiseptic wipes 1 x 75mm compression bandage 2 x eye pads 6 x disposable gloves pair 1 x 38mm rigid tape 2 x saline solution 6 x safety pins 1 x triangular bandage 1 x 12.5mm rigid strapping tape 1 x instant ice pack
Compeed Blister PackFrom $12.76
Comes in a kit of 5
Body Assist Tennis Elbow BraceFrom $35
Comfortable, effective support that incorporates a shock absorbing pad to allow pin-point pressure to the sore tendon area in the arm. Made of lightweight foam and fabric material construction. Rigid non stretch bandage incorporates a heavy duty D-Loop closure for a snug fit. One size fits most.
Boomerang Wrist BraceFrom $48.4
The Boomerang comfortably provides compression and support for minor wrist problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Sprains, strains & Bursitis. Easy application with hook & loop closures. Soft circumferential wrist strap for extra stability. Allows moisture vapors to escape. Breathable material. Applies constant compression and is lightweight. One Size fits most.
OAPL Elastic Wrist BraceFrom $44
An elasticised nylon brace with a removable aluminium palmar spoon, velcro closures dorsally and a unique non-elastic wrist strap. This together with the aluminium palmar spoon, provides a three-point pressure system to effectively control wrist motion. Great for repetitive strain injuries, minor sprains, strains & joint pain. Can be used following cast removal. Sizing Measurement as follows: (Measure around palm of your hand) Up to 190mm - Small, 190-220mm Medium, 220-240mm Large, 240mm+ X-Large. Please specify Size.
Body Assist Thumb Joint BraceFrom $35
Treatment of sprained or strained muscles and tendons of the thumb and wrist joints. Aluminum splint can be bent to desired shape. Splint can greatly restrict movement around the first Meta Carpal thumb joint in UCL type injuries. Fingers have complete freedom of movement. Suitable conditions: Trigger Thumb, Skiers Thumb, Bowlers Thumb and for general injuries to the first meta carpal joint. More comfortable for longer periods of time. Coolmax lined to help wick moisture away from the body, so you stay dry and comfortable. Sizing Measurement as follows: (Measure around Wrist) Up to 6.5 2XS-XS, 6.5-8.5 S-M, 8.5+ L-XL. Please specify Size
Body Assist Thermal Back BraceFrom $90
Thermal neoprene delivers therapeutic warmth & protection to soft tissue. Anatomically designed to fit perfectly. Includes 4 rigid medical splints & 4 flexible spiral side stays. If worn prior to activity it can assist in injury prevention by increasing blood flow and warmth to surrounding tissue. Fully washable. Includes two layers of closure. Inner layer consists of thermal neoprene delivering minimal-to-mild compression. Outer straps deliver firm, orthopedic support. The harder applied, the greater the compression & support. Perfect for use during active play, work or at home. Sizing Measurement as follows: (Measure around waist) Up to 38 - S-M, 28-42 L-XL. Please specify Size.